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1945Re: [thehappycampers8-D] Re: Long Time No See!

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  • anne chlovechok
    Jul 22, 2013
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      Hope it works out. I know you can get a satellite hook-up for your computer. It is pricey.

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      Subject: [thehappycampers8-D] Re: Long Time No See!


      I really am enjoying my little Parnassus- even just driving it around town! I telecommute on the computer (writing/research) and I have thought of getting Internet service through my cell phone, but it's very expensive to get the amount of service I'd need and I'd have to be staying in places where I would have a good signal. (I wonder how satellite compares?) It is in the back of my mind, though! Also, I babysit three granddaughters overnight when my daughter works the 11 to 7 shift at a nursing home a few nights a week, so that makes going away a little trickier, too, but not impossible. All the same, it IS the plan to be able to work while on the road at least occasionally! :-)

      ~ Beth

      --- In thehappycampers8-D@yahoogroups.com, anne chlovechok <anne_chlovechok@...> wrote:
      > Sounds like a great camper, Beth. So, if you work from the phone or computer, why not get yourself a satellite hook-up for your camper, and work from a lovely camping spot somewhere? Coffee breaks would be taken outside on your bag chair looking at nature instead of in your living room.
      > Anne

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