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1938Long Time No See!

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  • happycamperbeth
    Jul 21, 2013
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      Wow! I haven't posted here in a while; life has just been so demanding that I've had little spare time for fun things like this!

      You may have noticed the new photo on the Home page, it features my new (to me) camper; a 1977 Chinook 18+ which I've named Parnassus, in honor of one of my favorite books Christopher Morley's "Parnassus on Wheels". Since I telecommute to work and don't need a gas-efficient commuter car, it's my sole source of transportation and does a fine job of getting me around town for the little bit of driving I do every month. I bought her in April and I've been working on fixing her up, both inside and out. It would love to gradually get her totally rebuilt so that I could feel comfortable taking her anywhere. For right now, she's in pretty good shape- in fact, both my mechanic and the RV shop that went over her have used the word "remarkable" and the RV shop went on to add; "You can tell that this vehicle was somebody's baby- it's been well-loved." Lucky me! I'm so excited to have a camper, again! I've missed RVing so much!

      Now comes the hard part- getting time off and good camping weather! I'm guessing that I may have to wait for late summer or early fall to try her out at a camp ground. Work has just been crazy and the weather has been brutally hot and humid here in New England. Parnassus has air conditioning and all, but who want to go camping and sit inside the whole time?

      Has anyone else gone camping this summer? I hope that some of you have made it out to enjoy some adventures! I can't wait to embark on my first trip!

      In the meantime, I'm going to make a concerted effort to revive the group here... I'm sorry I've neglected it for so long!

      ~ Beth
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