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  • Beth & Lorne
    May 14, 2007
      I'll get us started. The photo on the group home page is a picture
      of our rig, a 35' Georgie Boy Cruise Air with a large screened in
      room and our Ford Ranger, which we tow behind the RV. The dog in the
      foreground is our 7 month old puppy, Sammy, who is now just turned 8
      months old, but he is already over 80 pounds in the photo! (He's a
      Bernese Mountain Dog.) Our cat, Triton, also lives in the motor home
      with Hubby & I and we have two elderly Zebra Finches that stay in the
      screened porch when we're parked.

      Hubby and I are full-timers- what I call "Professional Campers" in
      that we live at a State Park in Florida and work there as well. The
      deal is that we exchange 20 hours a week labor for a free site and
      utilities- although we end up putting in more than 20 hours because
      the park is so short-handed. Not that we mind- this is living our
      dream.... almost.... hubby still maintains his job for now, so we can
      eat and buy fuel, etc., but I'm hoping that we'll be able to get paid
      work at the park so he can eventually quit his job.


      It's my hope that we can exchange info on travel, campgrounds,
      camping activities, recipes, helpful hints and anything else anyone
      can think of to make our camping experiences better. Please feel
      free to also share your camping stories and start a photo album with
      your favorite camping photos!