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r2003-05-18 (0.19): ListView fixed, Custom Properties fixed

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  • Johan Lindstrom
    Release theme: It works... well, now it does * Joel Rickets sent an e-mail about getting Custom Properties to work with fonts, and even I couldn t get it to
    Message 1 of 1 , May 18, 2003
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      Release theme: It works... well, now it does

      * Joel Rickets sent an e-mail about getting Custom Properties to work with
      fonts, and even I couldn't get it to work. Turns out it was slightly
      broken. So anyone who failed to get Custom Properties to work (like
      Gabor/szorgitorp) should give it another try now.

      I also added a Demo program to demonstrate how to use a custom property
      FontName to set the font face (I know, badly named property).

      So, I hear you ask, why didn't you just implement fonts support in the
      first place? Well, to begin with I wanted to get this Custom Properties
      thing working, and this way I didn't have to go the extra mile to get it
      right(tm). Kind of like the existing color support, which is something of a
      hack which also should be done right some day.

      * Stuart Arnold e-mailed all the wrong mailing lists (i.e. not the TGL
      mailing list :) complaining about the ListView -showselalways option not
      working. And right he was, I remember not getting it to work way back when
      I did the ListView, but I just assumed that it was broken at the time. It
      turns out it works in vanilla Win32::GUI, and now it works in The GUI Loft
      as well.

      Thanks Stuart for spotting it, and providing a working example! (I
      eventually tracked it down to the options order being important: -style
      can't be set when the other option was already set.)

      * A Win32 API symbols file is provided in the resource/win32 directory for
      your reference. Very useful. Should probably be shipped with Win32::GUI as

      * Jeremy White showed me an alpha release of a program he's working on, and
      while I understood absolutely nothing about what it does (investment,
      trading, something), it looks extremely cool. I'm sure he'll be happy to
      announce it here when it's time.


      Bug fix: -showselalways of a ListView doesn't work, because the -style is
      sometimes set again after that option takes effect. Fixed by always putting
      -style and -exstyle options first in the otptions list. Don't know if this
      is the way Win32::GUI is intended to work. Maybe it shouldn't be.

      Bug fix: Custom Properties doesn't make it properly into a loaded Design.
      Don't know how I missed that when implementing that feature, but I
      obviously wasn't quite done when I finished. Fixed by auto-vivifying
      properties not ``native'' to a control.

      Added new Demo program to demonstrate home grown font support using Custom
      Properties + ControlInspector.

      The WIN32API.TXT is shipped in the ./resource/win32/ directory. It's the
      Win32 API Declarations for Visual Basic, and the copyright says it can be
      redistributed, so... great, thanks Microsoft! It covers most of the symbols
      and values you may need when coding the Win32 API so it's really useful
      (although I prefer the actual header files, but they can't be redistributed
      just like that).

      Download here:

      [As always: Remember to upgrade the PPM modules before you try to run demos
      or build your own windows.]

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