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Perl2Exe [Gui Loft] Compiled Programs

Has anyone had difficulty running compiled Perl programs (using perl2exe) that utilize the GUI Loft on machines other than the one it was compiled on? I have
Aug 16, 2007

RichEdit box

Hi folks Seems if it's not one question it's another from me. Sorry to hog the floor but hopefully this is the last one - for awhile at least. I'm wanting to
Jun 19, 2007

Font changes to a textfield

Hi people Can anyone help me as to how I can change the font (size, name and boldness) for a textfield please in TheLoft gui I've just made. I've tinkered
Jun 19, 2007

Re: [The GUI Loft] slow loading in win32-gui v.1.05

... I've also seen this problem. For that reason, I've stopped using TGL on the project I'm currently working on. I hope someone picks up on the development
Brian Millham
Jun 2, 2007

slow loading in win32-gui v.1.05

hello i have noticed that using the Loft with win32-gui v 1.05 even a small perl program with just a window and a button or any one of the examples in the
Jun 2, 2007

Is this a bug? Color/Center caused.

Hey I was in this group a couple years ago and still use GUI Loft. When I set a text field background color, and assign the alignment as CENTER, the color
May 12, 2007

Testing signup - please ignore

-- Regards John McMahon lists@...
Mar 30, 2007

Re: The future of GUI programming in Perl?

Has anyone checked with the win32::gui team to see if someone over there could be interested in folding TGL into win32::gui? - Peter Buck [Non-text portions of
Buck, Peter M
Jan 12, 2007

Re: [The GUI Loft] The future of GUI programming in Perl?

... is aware ... it made ... another ... Komodo and ... I am considering it. I will take a look into the guts and let the list know in a week or two.
Jan 10, 2007

Re: [The GUI Loft] The future of GUI programming in Perl?

... Nice to hear that. Well, I guess that one is also up for grabs if you feel the need to add more features or editors. /J - with limited net connectivity atm
Johan Lindstrom
Nov 1, 2006

Re: [The GUI Loft] The future of GUI programming in Perl?

Johan, Not about TGL, but how about OASIS? We use it heavily to review our fellow developers code(docs). thanks. ... From: theguiloft@yahoogroups.com
stuart arnold
Nov 1, 2006

Re: [The GUI Loft] Loft and Win32::GUI 1.04 problems

Hi Dave, Sorry for the late reply. Did not check my email for some days. However, I'm sad to say that I'm using 1.03 Win32:GUI and also trying to find another
Ng Kock Leong
Oct 26, 2006

Re: [The GUI Loft] The future of GUI programming in Perl?

I would love to, but it’s way out of my league…. I’m lucky to be able to use the tools, let alone create them! Dave From: theguiloft@yahoogroups.com
Oct 23, 2006

Re: [The GUI Loft] The future of GUI programming in Perl?

... If anyone is interested in taking over as maintainer of The GUI Loft, that's fine with me. /J ... Johan Lindström Sourcerer @ Boss Casinos johanl AT
Johan Lindstrom
Oct 23, 2006

GUI Loft and Cygwin

GUI Loft: Is it possible to run GUI Loft on Cygwin? I've checked the web site, the Yahoo! group, the mailing list archives, Cygwin Setup, and Google. It looks
David Christensen
Oct 23, 2006
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