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  • Ed
    For the Modeling Insull s Empire in O scale http://modelinginsullsempire.blogspot.com/ blog, the subject of
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 25, 2012

      For the Modeling Insull's Empire in O scale http://modelinginsullsempire.blogspot.com/  blog, the subject of upgrading the Sunset NSL Silverliner models should be completed by the end of March.

      The next subject will be scratch building a model of Aurora Elgin and Fox River Electric Company #49. This model was "near and dear" to John Cloos. It's a nice model to have on a small trolley layout much like the AE&FRE Co. was. John and I exchanged many emails regarding the prototype and constructing a model. He had sent me several photos which will help with the construction of the model.

      Next will be a 2-car AE&C train. The train will be made from an overhauled old scratch built brass model of a 311 series Kuhlman car and a custom scratch built model of the Florence. The 2-car train will be completed circa 1915. The custom scratch built Florence is being constructed now. The power trucks are are order.


      In the future will be other CA&E related items.


      The only fly is the ointment is my 89 year old house which is in need of some repair work Keep your fingers crossed.



      Ed Halstead

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