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  • Scott Greig
    Not all of the North Shore s wood car parts went to Wheaton with the cars...one of IRM s early members found a large quantity of wood car parts still on the
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      Not all of the North Shore's wood car parts went to Wheaton with the cars...one of IRM's early members found a large quantity of wood car parts still on the stockroom shelves at Highwood in the 1950s.  (He says that, yes, they did subsequently make their way over to the Museum!)

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      The CA&E Cars that were leased from the North Shore were painted in the CA&E brown colors at Highwood before going down south.

      Then in the so-called return in 1946, this was not because of not needing them, but more of an "accounting thing". It happened when the CA&E came out of bankruptcy in 1946. To clear the lease, the cars went back. And the other exchanges made were technically undone, too. Until then, the two lines were under common ownership, but in bankruptcy. After that the CA&E was totally independent with separate management.

      But then there transpired under the new corporation "first things". Among them was the "purchase" of the cars and parts, as well as "selling" the 500 to NSL who had previously borrowed it. (also, the CA&E retired line car 45 and replaced it with the 11 at this time).

      The CA&E was still in desperate need of equipment, and needed the NSL cars, even though it had acquired ten St. Louis and eight WB&A cars. But the lack of a steel underframe on the NSL cars doomed their use when traffic dropped in the early 1950s. They were on the list of "just rush hour trains" to Wheaton as locals

      Julie Johnson

      On 9/29/2010 9:34 PM, rhicks308 wrote:

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      > Yet another color inquiry....
      > The North Shore Line leased 6 of the 128-137 class cars to the CA&E.
      > At some point, the cars were painted in the CA&E blue/red colors, and after being returned to the North Shore for a short period, operated on the North Shore in that scheme.
      > Did the cars operate on the CA&E in North Shore colors (which I would presume to be the orange/maroon scheme ?), or were they painted as part of the equipment changes and other work needed to make them CA&E compatible. When they went back to the North Shore, did they simply operate in the red/blue with CA&E lettering, or ???
      > Thanks as always...
      > John C


      The evidence indicates that the CA&E repainted the cars immediately after they were acquired, into the coffee and cream paint scheme. They were later painted blue. When they went back to the NS in 1946 (for less than a year, I believe) they remained in CA&E paint.

      See the Julie Johnson photo album here:

      In particular, the second photo of 134 shows it during rebuilding, but before it was repainted by the CA&E. Of course, all mechanical work would be completed before painting started.


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