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3094CERA Bulletins 1-76 (OT)

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  • David Sadowski
    Jul 23, 2014
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      FYI, to celebrate Central Electric Railfans' Association's 76th anniversary, we are issuing our first 76 Bulletins on a DVD data disc:


      This follows on the heels of our very successful Complete ERHS Collection release.  The disc, called the "Spirit of 76," includes all the CERA publications from 1938-47, plus bonus features.

      There were several issues of Trolley Sparks that were put out with a separate numbering system, and these are included as well.  We have even tracked down a few of the 11 Trolley Sparks issues put out by Barney Neuberger in 1944-45, prior to when this newsletter became part of the CERA family.

      CERA publications gradually evolved from just a few pages to the book-length volumes of today.  This is but the first in what we hope will be a gradual series of Archives releases, making all out-of-print CERA bulletins available once again.  This DVD data disc can be read on any computer that has a DVD drive and the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.