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Railroad Record Club Redux (OT)

This is incredible, Thanks Eric. Has any of William Stevenston works been remastered and reissued as CD’s and is there a place where they can be parched? If
Alan Fishel
Apr 14

Railroad Record Club Redux (OT)

Thanks to the generosity of Eric Bronsky, we have appended scans of a complete Railroad Record Club catalog from 1971 to the blog post I put up last night.
David Sadowski
Apr 13

A Railroad Record Club Discography (OT)

FYI, our latest blog post tells the story of the Railroad Record Club of Hawkins, Wisconsin and its founder, William A. Steventon. The RRC issued about three
David Sadowski
Apr 12

No poll question, just a request.Does anybody in the group have a so

Does any member of the group have the source for 2 photos (I would enjoy reliving my youth.): The inside of the narrow Aurora station between Broadway and the
Mar 14

Re: CA&E Slide on eBay

And the description is slightly different now: This photo was not taken by the seller. But I stood there a thousand times as my father operated a drug store
David Sadowski
Mar 5

Re: CA&E Slide on eBay

... It is here now....
Bill Bolton
Mar 5

Re: CA&E Slide on eBay

I see this listing has been taken down. However, there are others just like it such as:
David Sadowski
Mar 5

CA&E Slide on eBay

Take a look at this listing:
David Sadowski
Mar 5

Re: Digest Number 992[2 Attachments]

A year ago we heard that the building was being put to uses other than a railroad club, not that it faced destruction.? What is new? ... From:
Feb 23

Prince Crossing Station

The future of the Prince Crossing Station is at stake. Historical landmark status or rubble? Any suggestions for securing its future is appreciated. Jerry
Feb 19
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Re: The CTA, CA&E, and "Political Influence"

This is interesting. Your post is appreciated. John In Tucson ... From: "David Sadowski dsadowski@... [thegreatthirdrail]"
Feb 18

The CTA, CA&E, and "Political Influence"

Our latest blog post features a review of the 1961 book Politcal Influence by Edward C. Banfield. The author devoted a chapter to the failed efforts of Mayor
David Sadowski
Feb 18

The Westchester Branch - What Remains

FYI, our latest blog post follows up on our last one. Traces of the old CTA Westchester branch are still visible, and you can find them here:
David Sadowski
Feb 1

CTA's Westchester Branch - What Might Have Been

FYI, our latest blog post profiles the CRT/CTA Westchester branch, which ran between 1926 and 1951:
David Sadowski
Jan 26

Re: The Story of the Chicago Aurora & Elgin Railroad ...

I did and please leave him alone. Regards, Tom In a message dated 1/25/2015 4:23:44 P.M. Central Standard Time, thegreatthirdrail@yahoogroups.com writes:
Jan 25
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