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Whereabouts since the 70s cancellation

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  • thefreedomfighters
    continued from Captain comics site: Here s what we know about their current whereabouts: -Sandra Phantom Lady Knight has been revealed to be a
    Message 1 of 322 , Mar 23, 2000
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      continued from Captain comics
      site:<br><br>"Here's what we know about their current
      whereabouts:<br><br>-Sandra "Phantom Lady" Knight has been revealed to be a
      cousin of Jack "Starman" Knight and sometimes appears in
      Starman. I believe she is the daughter of the original,
      who was a cousin of Jack's father, Ted.<br><br>-
      Black Condor had his own short-lived series that lasted
      12 issues in 1992-93, and seems to have roosted in
      Opal City as well.<br><br>-Uncle Sam starred in a 1997
      Vertigo eponymous two-parter.<note from FF: this I
      dispute, its my understanding that this Uncle Sam had
      nothing to do with the one we know from the
      series><br><br>-DC published 28 issues of The Ray in 1994-96,
      starring the son of the original. He is still a reserve
      member of the JLA, and sometimes appears in that
      title.<br><br>- All the Freedom Fighters, including The Human
      Bomb and Dollman, appeared in JLA: Year One in 1998.
      As that was a flashback tale that starred many older
      characters, I am assuming that the Bomb and Dollman are
      retired."<br><br>All info from www.captaincomics.com Check it out, its
      an AWESOME site. Updated Weekly!
    • mbryanbook
      Thanks for the info and the links. I ve always liked PL s costume, and thought it was unusually daring, especially the blue version. I ve also wondered how it
      Message 322 of 322 , Jun 2, 2002
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        Thanks for the info and the links. I've always liked PL's costume,
        and thought it was unusually daring, especially the blue version.
        I've also wondered how it "stays in place"!

        --- In thefreedomfightersfoundation@y..., "markymark261"
        <barkmowers@a...> wrote:
        > --- In thefreedomfightersfoundation@y..., thefreedomfighters wrote:
        > > Hey Welcome to the Foundation. I haven't
        > > forgotten your question, I've just been way busy and out of
        > > town too. Will try and research it when I get back
        > > home. Perhaps someone elsle has an "off the top of
        > > their head" answer in the meantime.<br><br>:)
        > I was recently doing a photo manipulation of Phantom Lady and,
        > too lazy to search through my comic collection for a costume
        > reference, decided to search the internet. Anyway, whilst doing so
        > found the following web page that contained exhaustive information
        > on Phantom Lady's costumes over the years:
        > http://www.toonopedia.com/phanlady.htm
        > Basically (to save those with little interest having to look at the
        > web page) she originally started out in a green and yellow costume,
        > then changed to the blue costume. When brought back by DC in the
        > her costume took its colours from the original version but took its
        > design more from the blue version.
        > By the way, if anyone's interested in seeing my photo manipulation
        > of Phantom Lady you can see it in the photomanips group (which is
        > viewable by the public, but with an age limit of at least 18 years)
        > at
        > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/photomanips/message/504.
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