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Re: Sirius on Asc

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  • celestejamerson
    Dear Diana, I love reading your information on the stars on this list. You mention a book that you wrote. I went to Amazon, but couldn t find it. Would you
    Message 1 of 11 , Mar 4, 2005
      Dear Diana,

      I love reading your information on the stars on this list. You
      mention a book that you wrote. I went to Amazon, but couldn't find
      it. Would you mind giving the information on where to purchase your book?

      Best regards,


      --- In thefixedstars@yahoogroups.com, "Diana K. Rosenberg"
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      > > Date: Thu, 03 Mar 2005 03:16:01 -0000
      > > From: "Judy" <judomom47@y...>
      > >Subject: Sirius on Asc
      > Judy wrote:
      > >I haven't paid much attention to the fixed stars because they don't
      > >seem to do much for me.
      > >I have Sirius conj. my Cancer asc. (13*24 Cancer in 1955)
      > >DOB Dec 04, 1955, Quebec City Canada 6:05 pm
      > >Supposidly an important star, but no wonderful stuff and I haven't
      > >even been attacked or bitten by dogs (yet)
      > >I'll be 50 this year, when would the stuff manifest?
      > >I've had an interesting life, I guess, married twice, first husband
      > >died when I was 25, left with 2 kids, miserable second marriage,
      > >left him and now with decent fellow (except for benign alcoholism)
      > >for over 20 years (not married) and 2 more kids. I work full time in
      > >a non-traditional job (blue-collar) but that's about it.
      > Judy, the actual rising point of your chart is at the star
      > Omega Geminorum, where the Twins' hips join; the Twins are
      > involved in sibling issues, as well as concepts of the
      > brother-sisterhood of humankind. And this entire sky-area,
      > with the Dogs and the Twins, is very much involved in issues
      > of fidelity, both personal and spiritual. although Sirius is
      > almost 40 degrees south of the ecliptic, I think it probably
      > has some application in your life.
      > Sirius is the "calendar star" and thus is often found in
      > astrologers' charts, because we are time-keepers.
      > This is from my book:
      > Sirius is the calendar star--throughout history all major
      > calendar changes have been tied to the Dog Star: the Sothic
      > Calendar of ancient Egypt, ca 2773 BC, was based on the
      > heliacal rising of Sirius, which marked the annual flooding
      > of the Nile. The 1st Olympiad, basis of the ancient Greeks'
      > calendar, was held in 776 BC after a Mercury-Venus cnj at
      > the Dog Star; it culminated at the February, 747 BCE Solar
      > Ecl when the Babylonian Era of Nabonassar began. The Young
      > Avesta Calendar of Persia was instituted in 502 BC, a year a
      > Solar Eclipse aligned with Sirius; in 441 BC the Young
      > Avesta Calendar was corrected; Sirius was on the MC of a
      > Solar Eclipse that year, and Saturn stationed in the
      > longitude of the Dog Star. In 503 BCE Babylonian astronomers
      > adopted the 19-year cycle (later called Metonic) followed by
      > a 502 BC Solar Ecl with the SNode at Sirius, and in 432 BC,
      > 1st Hecatombaeon (Metonic Cycle) Calendar, Athens: Admetos
      > (cycles) was at Sirius. In 311 BC the Seleucid Era Calendar
      > of Babylon was created; there was a Lunar Eclipse aligned
      > with Sirius, and it was the MC at the Vernal Equinox. In 46
      > BC, the year the Julian Calendar was established in Rome, a
      > Solar Eclipse aligned with Sirius. In 524 CE Uranus
      > Stationed at the star, in 525, Scythian monk Dionysius
      > Exiguus invented the AD system (now called CE) starting from
      > what he thought (mistakenly) was the date of Christ's birth.
      > Julian Day Numbers, created in the 16th century to
      > facilitate calendar calculations, start at January 1, 4713
      > BCE: on that day, Saturn was aligned with Sirius! Because
      > the Julian Calendar had slipped severely from its original
      > seasonal markers, Pope Gregory XIII sponsored a calendar
      > correction: in 1582 CE the new Gregorian Calendar was
      > adopted by Catholic nations; a Solar Eclipse aligned with
      > Sirius that year, and the Sun was eclipsed as it was rising
      > at Rome. In 1677, with Pluto aligned with Sirius, Turkey
      > adopted the Julian Calender. When a 1750 Solar Eclipse
      > occurred in the longitude of the Dog Star, Lord Stanhope
      > pressed for a calendar change; as a result, in September
      > 1752 England and her colonies changed to the Gregorian
      > Calendar; at noon on that day a Moon-Jupiter conjunction
      > aligned with Sirius. In January 1912 a Full Moon aligned
      > with the star: in February China adopted the Gregorian
      > Calendar. In 1917, with the Sun at a Lunar Eclipse at
      > Sirius, Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria and the Balkans changed to
      > the Gregorian Calendar. On January 1, 1925, when astronomers
      > adopted 0 hour as the international fiducial; Pluto was in
      > the longitude of Alpha Canis Majoris.
      > >I do have a weird thing about the number 47, which I will probably
      > >explain in due time, and belong to a Society of people who also like
      > >47 (there are a bunch of us worldwide) but other than that I'm
      > >pretty ordinary. There ARE connections to astrology and 47, BTW.
      > >Besides the fact that there was an eclipse on my 47th birthday, and
      > >will be another one in 2021, which is a multiple of 47 (43x47)
      > Interesting!
      > Love, Diana
    • Diana K. Rosenberg
      ... The book is written, but I have not been able to find a publisher (it s very fat and publishers worry about cost vs earnings). I m looking into
      Message 2 of 11 , Mar 5, 2005
        > Date: Fri, 04 Mar 2005 23:43:19 -0000
        > From: "celestejamerson" <celestejamerson@...>
        >Subject: Re: Sirius on Asc

        Celeste wrote:

        >Dear Diana,

        >I love reading your information on the stars on this list. You
        >mention a book that you wrote. I went to Amazon, but couldn't find
        >it. Would you mind giving the information on where to purchase your book?

        >Best regards, Celeste

        The book is written, but I have not been able to find a
        publisher (it's very "fat" and publishers worry about cost
        vs earnings). I'm looking into self-publishing

        I do have Workbooks that I sell (one is Fixed Stars, the
        other Lunar Mansions).

        Since Yahoogroups doesn't accept attachments, I'll try a


        Diana K Rosenberg

        * 67 pp, 178 stars (with new interpretations) from 49 constellations, covering 103°
        ~more stars than any other book (Rigor has 124, Robson 110, Ebertin 73; Brady lists
        176 stars, has interpretations for 64). Mundane interpretations are included

        * With each star is its Constellation, Longitude, Latitude, Declination, Right Ascension,
        Magnitude and Spectral Class

        * A list of 104 Black Holes, with the Constellation, Longitude, Latitude and
        Declination of each

        * 9 pages of new Sky Maps with Constellations, Stars, with Right Ascension and
        Declination lines, so that stars can be located on star maps (and in the sky!)

        * Constellation spans (all constellations, including obsolete, no-longer-used figures)





        Diana K Rosenberg

        * Original determinant stars and their positions and interpretations, set in columns side by side
        so that the interpretations may be compared.

        * Descriptions from the most ancient and/or reliable sources, among them Al Biruni,
        Varahamihira, Minaraja, Staal, Lockyer, Walters, Robson, Volguine, Roebuck

        * Star maps with the original determinant stars of each mansion outlined and color-coded.

        * List of 205 stars with their tropical Longitudes, Latitudes, Declinations, Right Ascensions,
        Magnitudes and Spectral Classes

        * List of suggested new extents and borders for Hindu mansions based on their original
        determinant stars (with the conventional spans included as well, for comparison), the
        determinant stars and their positions, and instructions for calculating precession correction
        and sidereal (Lahiri) positions

        * Valerie Roebuck's research on the original Vedic mansion rulers

        * Greek letter guide

        * Bibliography

        Diana K Rosenberg
        100 La Salle St 6A
        New York, NY 10027

        212 663 2243

        e-mail: ye-stars@...

        Website: http://pw1.netcom.com/~ye-stars/index.htm

        The Workbooks are $35 each, plus postage. They are not bound
        but in folders.

        You can read some of my articles on the website, and obtain information
        about the Fixed Stars and Constellations Encyclopedia/Correspondence Course

        (The website is being worked on by my son, so some links are
        not working yet - if you need any more info, just e-mail me)

        Love, Diana
      • Martina
        Hey Diana,... thought about maybe an e-book?? I know I try and keep most of my info on the computer (only my files are mostly asteroids) but I have so many
        Message 3 of 11 , Mar 5, 2005
          Hey Diana,...
          thought about maybe an e-book??
          I know I try and keep most of my info on the computer
          (only my files are mostly asteroids) but I have so many books,..
          groan, trying to find the right one in the piles somewhere is such a
          How about it? Circumvent the publishers and make all the money for yourself.
          I think there's some way to make it password protected pdf or something,....
          Just a thought,.. we've been renovating and I can't find a darn thing in
          this place,...
          my books are in piles everywhere without enough bookshelves,.... we just
          finally finished the kitchen,.. and you know,.. I can't seem to find my
          favourite bowls,.... arrgh,... the only thing that is even close to
          organized (sorta) is my computer,....Around the computer is a different
          story though,.. sob,... hundreds of pieces of paper, interesting charts
          which I've forgotten to put names to, disks, books, binders,... a real

          I've always been blown away by your analysis of events on Steve Lee's
          list,.... but up till now have been concentrating on asteroids and TNPs and
          getting my own flow going,.. though the stars have been an interest,.. and
          its definitely because I see you can make them work!!
          For that matter I think Mark should do the same with all the work he's
          put into asteroids as well.
          I've got my own thing going,.. trying to see how many things I can jam into
          a chart before my head explodes. I think its actually happened a few times
          already,.. but I guess its a rush or something,.... hehe,...
          at any rate, I'm enjoying this list,.... :-) , even though I'm at stage zero
          of the learning process.

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