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RE: [thefixedstars] Vindemiatrix

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  • Derek Reveres
    hmmm, your reference to India made me wonder if I ve heard of this star before. I thought it was weird that I dreamed of something I never heard of..... but
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      hmmm, your reference to India made me wonder if I've heard of this star
      before. I thought it was weird that I dreamed of something I never heard
      of..... but perhaps it was just subconscious mental clutter. Regardless, I
      guess my research has to get personal from here. Thanks Diana!!!

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      >Subject: [thefixedstars] Vindemiatrix
      >Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 14:24:26 -0400
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      > >Subject: Question on Vendemiatrix
      >Hi Derek - welcome to the group!
      >You wrote:
      > >I have a question please.
      > >Saturday night I had a dream where someone calling themselves
      > >came to me to offer me guidance. When I woke up, I started looking to
      > >if I could locate who this is. Since the name reminded me of Bellatrix,
      > >looked in Urania's Mirror, and sure enough, Vendemiatrix is a Magnitude 3
      > >star in the Virgin. Can anyone tell me what the properties of this star
      > >or any related myths to it please? Thank you.
      > >Btw, I am new to this group. However, I heard of it from some of the
      > >Astrology groups I'm in. I've been studying Astrology for a few years
      > >have only just started studying the individual stars. Glad to meet you
      >This is from my Workbook: (each position is for 1980; for
      >2000, add 17 minutes; for 2006, add 22 minutes)
      >Vindemiatrix Epsilon Virg in rt wing 9LI40 16 12 11 04 13 01
      >2.83 G9 III
      > Almuredin
      >Caphir Gamma Virginis in left arm 9LI52 2 47 - 1 20 12 41
      >2.75 F0 V
      > Porrima
      >Mu Velorum in Sail of Argo Navis 10LI14 -51 05 -49 19 10 46
      >2.69 G5 III
      >Gienah Gamma Corvi in Crow�s wing 10LI27 -14 30 -17 26 12 15
      >2.59 B8 III
      >Multi-talented; fascinated with words, language. Courteous,
      >refined, but quietly aggressive. Prominence, esp. in fields
      >of religion, law, military, literature, linguistics. Often
      >deeply religious with superior intellect and elegant,
      >eloquent, expert use of words, images; can be sarcastic,
      >sardonic. Battles with despair; search for balance,
      >temperance, self-control. Some tempted to dishonesty, have
      >trouble with the law. Royalty, some connection with India.
      >Either destruction of, or survival of, ancient knowledge,
      >traditions, artifacts. Tendency to conservatism. Major
      >changes in laws, mores, governments, ways of thinking, often
      >preceded, accompanied, or followed by "witch hunts;"
      >cruelty, brutality, fanatic, vicious intolerance,
      >exterminations. Aviation. Tuberculosis, lung, spinal and eye
      >problems. Vindemiatrix is known as "The Star of Widowhood."
      >Issues of rights, law, and religious freedom. MUNDANE:
      >Fires, natural disasters, air contamination, exterminations,
      >animal issues - attacks and/or protections
      >This is from the book I'm writing:
      >Vindemiatrix Epsilon Virginis in right wing 9LI56 16 12 10 58 13
      >02 2.83 G9 III
      > Almuredin; also called Protrygeter, "Fruit-Plucking Herald," as it marked
      >the time of the vintage
      > Lunar Mansions: a determinant of Arab al-Awwa, the Barker or Howler (dogs
      >barking behind the lion)
      >Caphir Gamma Virginis in left arm 10LI08 2 47 - 1 27 12
      >42 2.75 F0 V
      > Porrima (another determinant of al-Awwa)
      >Mu Velorum in the Sail of Argo Navis 10LI31 -51 05 -49 25 10
      >47 2.69 G5 III
      > part of Halley's modern constellation "Robur Carolinium" � Charles� Oak �
      >now obsolete
      > In China, a star of K�i-Fou, a Storehouse for the Great Feast�s musical
      >instruments, food, and utensils
      >Gienah Gamma Corvi in Crow�s wing 10LI44 -14 30 -17 33 12
      >16 2.59 B8 III
      > (There is another Gienah - Epsilon Cygni; both names derived from Al
      >Janah, the wing). Lunar
      > Mansions: China: T'ien-Tche, the Celestial Chariot or Running Board (in
      >the tail of the huge ancient
      > Great Red Bird), laden with offerings to the Emperor; thus vehicles,
      >transport, luggage, high-speed travel,
      > and by extension, wealth, and wind. India: a star of Hasta, 'The Hand�
      >(determinants: d, y, e, a, b Corvi,
      > 10LI44-17LI22), symbol: a hand; ruled by Savitr, the Impeller, giver of
      >life who aided childbirth; now
      > equated with Ravi (Surya), the Sun God who rules this mansion; his rays
      >are often thought of as hands;
      > Hasta is associated with activities of the hand and what can be held in
      >it: quantity, mass, reaping,
      > gathering, opening, gathering; handcrafts; � and laughter, through a pun
      >on has-, to laugh.
      >Gienah is part of the tail of China�s Great Red Bird and, in
      >the West, of the Virgin�s wing and Crow�s wing: combining
      >tropical Libra�s element of air and the Virgin�s realm of
      >discerning intellect, these are gifted explorers of nature
      >and the realms of language (Libra, as the 5th sign from the
      >3rd, simply enjoys words). Fascinated with words, images,
      >idiom and folklore, with curious, inquiring minds and a
      >willingness to experiment, they are constantly learning,
      >trying to go beyond what they already know, and can do.
      >Coma�s dedication is put to the preservation of traditions
      >and survival of ancient knowledge and artifacts. There is a
      >strong theme of royalty and military �figurehead�
      >leadership: many attain high positions or are born into
      >them, and tend to conservatism. Tremendously gifted, some
      >are also often tremendously troubled, turbulent, bullying,
      >domineering and manipulative; longing for the Virgin�s
      >purity (Almuredin is from Al Muredin, �one sent forth in the
      >faith�), they may become self-righteous �holier-than-thou�
      >zealots, fearing God�s displeasure, persecuting those who,
      >in their eyes, do not adhere to their ideas of morality and
      >high standards. Searching for eternal truths, often torn
      >between philosophical polarities, they may latch onto
      >political, scientific or religious absolutes, expecting
      >others to do the same; at the other extreme, they may hide
      >behind intellectual cynicism, demanding �proofs� of the
      >existence of God, setting themselves up as guardians of the
      >(presumed) sureties of science and fact (deafness is common
      >here, symbolizing a reluctance or refusal to listen).
      >Although their use of words is elegant, some misuse their
      >verbal gifts, going for the jugular with sardonic sneering
      >and sarcasm (the less sure they are of what they know, the
      >more fiercely they will assert it!) Light, sight and clarity
      >of mind are their true realm, and within it they flourish;
      >but if they abandon it for lower ground, they become like
      >blindfolded prisoners in a dark room, battling skepticism
      >and existential despair. Few other skyscapes are so
      >polarized between light and dark, clear air and suffocating
      >darkness, with a tremendous conflict between the Virgin�s
      >honest, upright will-to-good and Hydra�s dark lair of greed,
      >sensuality and arrogant self-interest; some are tempted to
      >dishonesty, become involved in scandals, and have trouble
      >with the law; there are both oppressions and struggles
      >against them, and transits to these stars often bring about
      >major changes in laws, mores, governments and ways of
      >thinking, often preceded, accompanied, or followed by �witch
      >hunts� � explosions of fanatic, vicious intolerance, cruelty
      >and brutality. Some are persecuted for their convictions,
      >others believe that cruel extremes justify the protection of
      >their beliefs: there may be atrocities, even drastic
      >exterminations, either dealt out or suffered. Vindemiatrix
      >has, from early times, been called �The Star of Widowhood:�
      >many (of both sexes) with placements here will experience
      >the loss of a partner, or there may be a separation or
      >alienation from the opposite sex due to fate, choice, or
      >circumstances. It is well, in this regard, to recall that
      >the role of a virgin (i.e. unwed woman) was in ancient times
      >a rare gift of freedom, an opportunity to function and
      >develop independently, free of the burdens, responsibilities
      >and limitations of partnership and parenting. Occupations
      >here include religion, the military, medicine (especially
      >medical pioneers), farming, cuisine, handcrafts (Hasta!),
      >archaeology, philology, literature, law, science,
      >mathematics, the occult, the theatre (especially
      >comedy-Hasta was associated with laughter); professions
      >having to do with light, sight and the sky such as
      >astronomy, astrology, meteorology, navigation, aviation and
      >space, and high positions of leadership and responsibility:
      >for those in positions of power, their task is to turn war
      >and hatred into peace and cooperation. Other issues include
      >human rights, law, and religious freedom vs oppression,
      >suppression, entrapment; and whether to fight or not to
      >fight, compromise, give in; cruelty vs benevolence and
      >justice; adventure, exploration, freedom vs rigid adherence
      >to tradition and dogma; the destruction vs the salvage of
      >ancient knowledge, traditions, artifacts. Here fresh winds
      >fill Argo's Sail, sweeping her through dangerous straits
      >into the clear, clean air of freedom. Hearing and sight
      >problems, head, throat and arm injuries, tuberculosis and
      >lung problems (this is the area of the Virgin's chest),
      >spinal deformities, insanity, self-immolation or the
      >deliberate burning of others.
      >Mundane: Fires, storm, fog (ancient Corvus was a
      >storm-and-mist bird), natural disasters, air and space
      >events, air crashes and ship disasters, rebellions,
      >religious and political persecutions ("witch hunts"),
      >exterminations, air contamination (Hydra: poison), public
      >health issues; meteorite falls
      >Vindemiatrix is represented on every chart of India - it
      >seems to relate to that nation's widowhood issues.
      >Best wishes,
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