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Fw: The Galactic Times - Pushing Controversy

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    Don t know how many people on the list subscribe to Philip Sedgwick s newsletter. Here is the latest one... ... From: GALASTRO@aol.com To:
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      Don't know how many people on the list subscribe to Philip Sedgwick's newsletter.  Here is the latest one...
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      Subject: The Galactic Times - Pushing Controversy

      Pushing Controversy
      The Galactic Times for March 3, 2005
      by Philip Sedgwick
      Unless you're completely checked out of your body, you're feeling it, too. It refers to the approaching alignment of Mars and Saturn standing across from one another on the Great Circle of the Ecliptic. Like boxers before a fight, they stare each other down. Though, instead of intimidating the other party, the look only serves to inspire the opposing planet to perform better.
      Truly, this alignment, which comes into precise focus on the 7th of March, surfaces competitiveness, the race against the clock, huge volumes of things to do, and ultimately overwhelm. Several standard rules of astrological thumb handily apply here. Estimate the time it takes to conduct any task carefully before committing to your completion date. You might even have to allow a little "slop time," something Saturn abhors. Assess your material resources. Do not bank on anything not in your hot little hands while your brain smokes with ideas. Finally, stay within your energetic efficiency. Work as long as you can before losing effectiveness. Then, work no further in this sitting.
      Yes, Jupiter approximately forms a tense relationship to this planetary tug of war. Being in Libra, the assumption of what others can do and when might enter the mix. To be fair to yourself, remember that each person first addresses personal crises before making your dilemma the major priority. It's only fair. In figuring what others have to offer you right now, remember, they might be in a different time zone, so to speak, in terms of what they can do and when. Do recall Jupiter is fond of incorrectly estimating things. Overestimating or underestimating, it doesn't seem to matter. Perhaps Jupiter, the grand gaseous one, successfully acclimated to the pressure of gas.
      Add to this the lunar nodes and the entire focus of this pattern starts to go cosmic. The real frustration underneath life's demands cycles back to whether you feel your current efforts feed your life purpose or not. Some resetting of purpose will undisputedly raise the quotient of satisfaction.
      To really get cosmic, add the influences of the wild and wacky black hole, SS433 (20 Capricorn 14) and the intense bipolar jet black hole GRS 1915+105 (22 Capricorn 04). SS433 says if you really want to get something done, go for the more controversial. Push the edge. Innovate. No need to reinvent the wheel; make a car that rides on air and forget about the environmental hazard of old tires. GRS 1915+105 notes there's never enough. Never enough time, money, resource, energy or whatever. That is, until something comes along you really want to do. Funny, then everything opens up. Closed doors open and the lights go on. It seems you have to be emotionally invested for the log jam in the river of life to shift and restore flow.
      So, if you're feeling these energies, work to dislodge any emotional, psychic or psychological obstacles that stand in the way of pursuing what you believe your destiny to be. Now if you'll pardon me, I've got to get back to work. Next week in the GT, you'll hear more about it. Have fun. Work well. Rest well. Engage the leading edge of your spirit and let life lead you where it may.
      Just a reminder, the pre pub offer on my short story collection, Glimpses, is extended through May pending release of the book in June. Write for a PDF e-mail flyer.
      To schedule an astrological counseling session or order The Galactic Trilogy CD, please send an e-mail to galastro@... for the latest information and services.
      Copyright, 2005, Philip Sedgwick, all rights reserved.
      Philip Sedgwick
      9451 E Becker Ln #B1058
      Scottsdale AZ 85260

      ~ Bringing Heaven to Earth
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