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Lunar Eclipse 10/17

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  • Diana K. Rosenberg
    Date: Thu, 06 Oct 2005 03:08:49 -0000 From: mahtezcatpoc Subject: Re: Solar Eclipse ... Yes. At the 10/17 Lunar Eclipse, the SUN
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 6, 2005
      Date: Thu, 06 Oct 2005 03:08:49 -0000
      From: "mahtezcatpoc" <mahtezcatpoc@...>
      Subject: Re: Solar Eclipse

      --- In thefixedstars@yahoogroups.com, "msbhavens1" <msbhavens1@y...>
      > Am I mistaken or does the solar eclipse on the 17th line up with
      > spica? Any thoughts on such an alignment?
      > thanks,
      > MissB

      Mark wrote:

      >There was a solar eclipse on Monday, but its position at 10 Libra 19
      >is well away from Spica's current position. You're talking about the
      >*lunar* eclipse on the 17th of this month. It's at 24 Aries 13.


      >I think that's opposite Spica.


      Yes. At the 10/17 Lunar Eclipse, the SUN will be at Spica,
      which is now 23 Libra 55 (and aligned with Arcturus, now 24
      Libra 20).

      From my Workbook: (positions are 1980; for 2000, add 17
      minutes; for present add 22 minutes)

      Long Lat Dec RA M Spec
      Spica Alpha Virginis v "spike"of wheat, l hand 23LI34 - 2 03 -11 03 13 24 0.98v B1 V
      Arcturus Alpha Bootis between Herdman’s legs 23LI57 30 44 19 17 14 15 -0.04 K2 IIIp
      16th and 4th brightest stars in apparent magnitude

      Very much like royal stars: leadership, prominence, power,
      honors; religion (“ecclesiastical preferment”), philosophy
      and learning very important in their lives. Cultured;
      musical, artistic and literary ability, productivity;
      capable of intense focus, prodigious output of work.
      Success, prosperity, popularity, but only with struggles,
      controversies, heavy responsibilities, and after great
      difficulties. Parents might be cold, indifferent or absent,
      or die young; may have few or no children. Medicine;
      infirmities, physical disabilities; prone to addiction.
      Issues of prejudice as well as faith and hope vs cynicism
      and despair. Mundane: Fog, smog, air pollution, weather
      disasters, epidemics; assassination

      By the way, Arcturus is very definitely a storm star, feared
      as such since ancient times. Jupiter here has proven that!

      Love, Diana
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