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  • Diana K. Rosenberg
    Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2005 17:22:42 -0000 From: msbhavens1 Subject: lovely grand trine today on the west coast of US its about 10 and the
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 15, 2005
      Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2005 17:22:42 -0000
      From: "msbhavens1" <msbhavens1@...>
      Subject: lovely grand trine today

      on the west coast of US its about 10 and the sky looks thus...

      And Venus and Mars are in Mutual reception.. with venus at 2 Scorpio

      so earth trine

      Sun 20 Virgo 18
      Denebola 20 virgo 38

      Moon 19 Capricorn 39
      dheneb 19 Cap 48

      Mars 20 Taurus 52

      Rana 20 Taurus 52

      Minor correction: Denebola (Beta Leonis) is 21 Virgo 37
      (epoch 2000)

      Here's what I have in the Workbook (position is 1980)

      Denebola Beta Leonis bright star of Lion’s tail 21VI20 12 16 14 41 11 48 2.14 A3 V

      Nervous, excitable, curious; don’t just sit on their hands
      and talk; they act on their beliefs - to believe is to do.
      Imaginative, innovative, analytical, but prone to chronic
      dissatisfaction - very criticized and/or critical of others;
      objects of controversy, tend to blame others for their own
      shortcomings and/or society’s problems. Authors, dancers,
      actors, philologists, scientists, mathematicians,
      researchers, teachers, animal trainers and animal rights
      activists. Tend to feel undervalued, may become embittered;
      in extreme cases, tendency to strutting machismo,
      aggression, murder, suicide, mental breakdowns, insanity.
      Issue of warmth, broad-mindedness vs coldness, prejudice,
      bigotry, anti-semitism. Mundane: Storms, mob events,
      attacks, aggression.

      Given that the Sun is Bush's ruling planet, that "critical/
      criticized" bit certainly fits.

      With everyone else, Mark, I wish you very good luck on your

      Love, Diana (DKR)
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