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lovely grand trine today

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  • msbhavens1
    on the west coast of US its about 10 and the sky looks thus... And Venus and Mars are in Mutual reception.. with venus at 2 Scorpio so earth trine Sun 20
    Message 1 of 32 , Sep 13, 2005
      on the west coast of US its about 10 and the sky looks thus...

      And Venus and Mars are in Mutual reception.. with venus at 2 Scorpio

      so earth trine

      Sun 20 Virgo 18
      Denebola 20 virgo 38

      Moon 19 Capricorn 39
      dheneb 19 Cap 48

      Mars 20 Taurus 52

      Rana 20 Taurus 52
    • mahtezcatpoc
      ... wrote: Last time I checked (this afternoon), all these stellar alignments that I listed for the 18th were still in force (orb
      Message 32 of 32 , Sep 21, 2005
        --- In thefixedstars@yahoogroups.com, "mahtezcatpoc"
        <mahtezcatpoc@y...> wrote:

        Last time I checked (this afternoon), all these stellar alignments
        that I listed for the 18th were still in force (orb <= 1 00'), so
        I'm listing them again, with additional alignments now in effect.

        > (at 32N09/94W20)

        Anne Wright's web site is down right now.

        > Jupiter
        > Foramen (Eta Carinae)

        ("It causes peril, dignity, piety, usefulness and acquisitiveness,
        and gives danger to the eyes."--Robson)

        > Heze (Zeta Virginis)

        (I think this is in Virgo the Virgin's left thigh.

        Where a police officer's nightstick would normally be found is
        against the left thigh [if he or she is right-handed]).

        > Robur (Upsilon Carinae, marking the obsolete constellation Robur
        > Carolinum [Charles' Oak], which represents an oak tree in whose
        > branches King Charles II of England reportedly hid from Oliver
        > Cromwell's soldiers before he made good his escape from England
        > following the overthrow and execution of his father Charles I)

        (Robur Carolinum: "It is said to give a frank, honorable, generous,
        hospitable and steady nature."--Robson)

        > Saturn
        > Asellus Australis (Delta Cancri)

        ("Called Mare Ass, A Resting Place, and the Ending or Stop."--Robson)

        > Asellus Borealis (Gamma Cancri)

        ("It gives patience, beneficence, courage, and makes its natives
        heroic and defiant leaders."--Robson)

        > Praesepe (M-44 Cancri)

        ("It...causes disease, disgrace, adventure, insolence, wantonness,
        brutality, blindness, industry, order and fecundity; and makes its
        natives fortunate though liable to loss through others..."--Robson)

        > Uranus
        > Skat (Delta Aquarii)
        > Neptune
        > Alnair (Alpha Gruis)

        > Saturn Nebula (NGC 7009 Aquarii)
        > Pluto
        > Rasalhague (Alpha Ophiuchi)

        ("Gives...perverted tastes and mental depravity."--Robson)

        > Atria (Alpha Trianguli Australe)

        (there's been a lot of talk about how best to salvage New Orleans
        and the "right" way to deal with the threat of natural disasters
        lately; Vladimir Yushchenko is also having to deal with criticism of
        the way he's chosen to govern Ukraine lately, and Afghanistan just
        held its first parliamentary election in many years)


        Toliman (Alpha Centauri)

        ("beneficence, friends, refinement, honor."--Robson.

        Rigor says this star gives a fatalistic attitude.)

        Alpha Chamaeleontis

        (located in Chamaeleon the Chameleon's tail)

        (trying to adapt oneself to the environment?)


        Miaplacidus (Beta Carinae)

        (Looks like it's located in the hold of the Ship Argo, or possibly
        in the forecastle [the crew's quarters].


        means "placid waters," according to some.



        Many may be wishing for "calm waters" right now.)

        > Juno
        > Cursa (Beta Eridani)

        (at the end of the River Eridanus opposite Achernar, that is, the
        source of the river)

        [getting to "the source" or "the bottom" of something? like exactly
        how the response to Hurricane Katrina was messed up?]

        Hasseleh (Iota Aurigae)

        (I think this is in Auriga the Charioteer's left foot.

        I don't know if this has any relevance, but there was once an Irish
        writer named Christy Brown [a man] who had severe cerebral palsy and
        published a book called *My Left Foot*, which was the part of his
        body he used to write it, the only part of his body he was able to
        control. It was made into a movie starring Daniel Day-Lewis as Brown.


        Brown used his left foot to paint as well as write and was
        reportedly quite brilliant; not bad for a guy who couldn't talk and
        was thought retarded until he was ten.

        Hassaleh: Someone hobbled making maximum use of their meager
        available resources?)

        IC 2118 Eridani (the Witch Head Nebula, a diffuse nebula located
        near Cursa--closer to Psi Eridani, actually)

        (in pop culture and legend, witches can either utter curses or
        positive spells; in real life, to work effective magic[k] requires
        skill and planning.

        The politics of how to deal with natural disasters dominates the
        news here in the US, and in Germany, Gerhard Schroeder is having to
        try and put together a governing coalition to keep his job as


        Sirius (Alpha Canis Majoris)

        "It gives honor, renown, wealth, ardor, faithfulness, devotion,
        passion and resentment, and makes its natives custodians, curators
        and guardians. It also gives danger of dog bites..."--Robson.

        To borrow concepts from Bernadette: Great deeds; getting burned.)

        Dziban (Psi Draconis)

        (a double star in the Dragon's body [on the Dragon's back].

        Not sure what this means in the context. Riding the dragon, maybe?)

        > North Node
        > Alpheratz (Alpha Andromedae)

        ("freedom, love of movement...new ideas, or headstrong stubborness."
        --*Brady's Book of Fixed Stars*, pp.51, 53)

        > Alderamin (Alpha Cephei)

        ("The greatest benefits and success will come by gentle
        determination rather than dramatic action."--*Brady's Book of Fixed
        Stars,* p. 104)

        > South Node
        > Algorab (Delta Corvi)
        > Tso-Hia (Eta Corvi)

        (at the tail of Corvus the Crow)

        (News of substandard living conditions in hurricane shelters along
        the Gulf Coast of the US has given way to concern about sex
        offenders and other criminals among the refugees from New Orleans;
        also, in Europe a child pornography ring has been busted.)

        Mark A. Holmes
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