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  • mahtezcatpoc
    ... wrote: Hi Francoise, Wednesday, September 7, 2005, 2:50:53 PM, you wrote: FF Some of these make me really wonder.... FF USA, Jul 4 1776
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 8, 2005
      --- In PoliticalAstrology@yahoogroups.com, "Diana K. Rosenberg"
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      Hi Francoise,

      Wednesday, September 7, 2005, 2:50:53 PM, you wrote:

      FF> Some of these make me really wonder....

      FF> USA, Jul 4 1776 NS, 2:18 am, PHILADELPHIA, PA

      FF> Hurricane Katrina landfall closest to New Orleans,
      FF> Aug 29 2005, 6:10 am, Buras LA

      FF> Katrina Part of Fortune (Night) 02°Cn06

      FF> US Venus 2 Cn21

      Well, Francine, I can explain this one for you; what in 1776
      was 2 Can 21 is now (by precession) 5 Can 33, aligned with
      flood stars in the feet of the original Gemini Twins
      (the Twins are shown with their feet in the Milky Way, the
      great "River of Heaven"

      Here's some of what I have (I have not changed or added
      anything). (For 1776 positions, subtract 3 deg 12 mins)

      Propus Eta Geminorum Castor's left foot 3CA26 -0 53 22 31
      6 15 3.28 M3 III
      Tejat Prior (Robson, in error, calls Eta "Tejat;" Tejat is Mu Gem;
      Eta is sometimes called "Tejat Prior").
      Lunar Mansions: Arabia: stars in the Twins' feet were determinants of
      al Han'ah: a Brand, Mark or
      Scar (on a horse or camel, acc. to Morse) or the "Wishing Asterism":
      there is disagreement about both
      the meaning and the component stars: Eta and Mu are probables, with
      Nu, Gamma, and Xi also
      possible; India: a star of Ardra "The Moist One" symbol,a teardrop
      Psi1 Aurigae over Charioteer's rt shoulder 4CA31 25 49 49 17
      6 25 4.91 M0 Iab
      Tejat Mu Geminorum Castor's left heel 5CA18 - 0 49 22 31
      6 23 2.88 M3 III
      Calx, the Heel; Nuhatai, Pishpai (Robson mistakenly calls this star
      "Dirah"); Lunar Mansions: Arabia: a
      star of al Han'ah (see Propus); China: part of Tsing, "The Well" (the
      legs and feet of our Twins): digging
      new wells, cleaning, reinforcing the old, assuring clean water;
      washing, and by extension, cleansing of
      crime, moral uprightness, law and order. It was also a meeting place,
      forum, and Stopping Place for the
      Emperor; an assembly place for war chariots; also called the
      Celestial Leveller, it governed irrigation, as
      well as balance, equity (because water always seeks its own level);
      it governed marking out of new
      towns, boundaries, allotting parcels of land. (a star of the Head of
      China's very ancient Great Red Bird).

      Span: 2CA35 to 5CA45 (in 1776 the span would have been 29
      Gem 23 to 2 Can 33).

      (I've left out the personal interpretation section)

      Blindness, eye and hearing problems, addiction, mental
      and/or emotional instability, sexual anomalies, disease (esp
      polio), sadism, violence and homicide (inflicted and/or
      suffered), drowning.
      Mundane: Fires, explosions, gas events,
      overwhelming storms, floods, fog, land and sea battles,
      shipwrecks, plane crashes, meteorite falls; epidemics, race
      riots, civic disasters, earth upheavals of overwhelming
      power. Hidden dangers, weaknesses, collapses, often due to
      carelessness, heedlessness, overconfidence, neglect. Medical

      Here are some pertinent sections:

      In ancient China when "The Well" appeared in the sky it
      served to remind citizens that without cleanliness,
      especially care of the wells, personal and public health
      would suffer. Pioneering heart surgeon Dr Christiaan Barnard
      (died of asthma) had the Moon here, as did psychologist
      Elisabeth Kubler-Ross a pioneer in the care of the dying;
      this was the Venus of Henri Dunant, founder of the Red Cross
      and Ingrid Newkirk, founder of PETA, People for the Ethical
      Treatment Animals, the Mars of physician and anti-war
      activist Dr Helen Caldicott, Jupiter of Jesuit/Sioux
      shaman-initiate George Schwieder, 18th-century naval surgeon
      Dr James Lind, who discovered that citrus fruit cured
      scurvy; Dr Joseph Lister, "father of antiseptic surgery" had
      Saturn here. This was the NNode at the 1st attempt to
      implant an artificial heart in 1982, and at the 1927 Aries
      Ingress, the year the Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for
      Rehabilitation (especially of polio victims) was
      established; Mars was here when the Iron Lung was used for
      the first time at Boston Childrens Hospital, MA in 1928;
      this was Pluto, cnj the Summer Solstice Sun in 1916 when a
      devastating polio epidemic hit New York, killing 9,000 and
      paralyzing 27,000 – the 1st great public consciousness of
      the disease; polio vaccine developer Dr Jonas Salk was born
      with Saturn and Pluto here, and this was the Asc at the
      announcement in 1955 that his polio vaccine was found safe
      and effective. Dr Jesse Lazear, a member of the Panama Canal
      Yellow Fever team who allowed himself to be bitten by an
      infected mosquito and died as a result, had Uranus here;
      this was the Neptune of 18th-century physiologist Luigi
      Galvani, 18th-early 19th-century physician Dr Joseph
      Guillotin, an opponent of the death penalty, who proposed
      the use of a mechanism to execute criminals humanely (this
      was the guillotine), of Dr George Shambaugh, authority on
      ear disorders and a pioneer in the use of an operating
      microscope to prevent deafness due to congenital defects,
      pediatrician, author and anti-war activist Dr Benjamin Spock
      and neurophamacologist Hans W Kosterlitz, who found clues in
      the brain on pain control; biophysicist Francis Crick had
      Pluto here, as did pediatrician and virologist F C Chapman,
      1st to cultivate polio virus in tissue cultures, making
      vaccines possible, and 17th-century physician and professor
      of medicine Dr Hermann Boerhaave; this was the NNode of
      innovative, pioneering heart surgeon Dr Michael DeBakey, Asc
      of psychotherapist R Assaglioli. Mercury was here in 1954
      when filming began on "The Conqueror" at St George, Utah,
      near a nuclear test site: as of 1984, 41% of the cast and
      crew had developed cancer, and most of these had died of it;
      this was also Mercury at the Cancer Ingress of 1994, when
      Ruandan massacre refugee camps were hit with cholera and
      dysentery, Venus when the 1st UN Conference on the
      Environment opened in Stockholm, 1972. Mars was here at the
      Nisan Full Moon of 5,500 BCE (April 9, –5,499), the
      radically early year Cayce gave for Exodus, when a plague
      struck Egyptians but not Israelites (the First Passover),
      and Mars was here in 1763 when soldiers at Fort Pitt
      (Pittsburgh) deliberately gave Indians blankets infected
      with smallpox, causing terrible mortality among the Shawnees
      and Delawares; this was the MC at Pelusium at a Solar
      Eclipse in 540 CE, whose path of totality ran through the
      Roman Empire he year bubonic plague started in Pelusium
      (Tineh), Egypt and spread throughout the empire, especially
      Byzantium: "the Plague of Justinian may have been the most
      terrible that has ever harrowed the world." This was Pluto
      at the Mercury/Mars/Jupiter cnj of 1917: in the midst of
      WWI, a virulent influenza pandemic struck, killing an
      estimated 25-50 million worldwide: "The deadliest outbreak
      of disease since the Middle Ages" (foretold in Nostradamus'
      Centuries IX:55); the NNode was here at a Solar Ecl in 1331
      whose path of totality cut through Russia, Kazakhstan, and
      China: a severe drought and terrible famine killed millions
      in China from 1333-37, followed by an epidemic of bubonic
      plague that spread westward, reaching Europe in 1347 as "The
      Black Death." This was the London MC of the 1664 Winter
      Solstice, at the start of the Great Plague of London
      (bubonic) of 1665, and the IC at Athens of the 430 BCE
      (-429) Summer Solstice, the start of the Great Plague of
      Athens in the 2nd year of the Great Peloponnesian War; this
      frightful epidemic (possibly an extremely virulent form of
      scarlet fever) devastated the crowded, besieged citizens of
      Athens, killing about half of the population, causing a
      complete breakdown of morale: "the plague of Athens
      undoubtedly contributed to the downfall of the Athenian
      empire." Halley's Comet was here at the 1985 Bhopal, India
      Union Carbide gas disaster that killed between 15,000 and
      25,000 dead and left 200,000 injured, blinded, crippled:
      "the worst industrial disaster in history."

      Issues of hatred, intolerance and bigotry are major concerns
      under the Twins: Dr Bhimji R Ambedkar, born a Dalit
      (untouchable) in India and became their champion, had the
      Moon in this area; this was Fortuna (cnj Uranus, IC,
      previous set) at Delhi at the Jan, 1950 1st-quarter Moon the
      day India's Constitution was adopted, outlawing the age-old
      caste system and untouchability. This was Mercury at a Solar
      Eclipse in July, 1619, 1 month before the 1st African slaves
      were brought to Virginia, and at the murderous, largely
      race-motivated 1863 anti-draft riots in New York City during
      the US Civil War; this was Jupiter at the birth of violent
      anti-slavery abolitionist John Brown (hanged), Uranus in
      1865 when the Ku Klux Klan started as a social club in
      Tennessee, Pluto of racist politician Lester Maddox, Neptune
      was here at the St Bartholomew's Eve massacre of the
      Huguenots, Paris, 1572; and the SNode in 1099 when Crusaders
      took Jerusalem and slaughtered Moslems and Jews in a ghastly
      blood-bath; Jupiter was at these stars at the May 1966 Solar
      Ecl when Mao Tse-Tung inaugurated the calamitous "Cultural
      Revolution" in China, cruelly targeting intellectuals, and
      the Moon in 1968 when Rev Martin Luther King Jr was
      assassinated, in Tennessee; this was the Asc the following
      day at the start of the Riceville, IA Community Elementary
      School racism experiment:: when her (all-white) pupils asked
      her about the assassination, 3rd Grade teacher Jane Elliot
      decided to demonstrate racism by separating the pupils by
      eye color; she told them that one eye color was inferior to
      another, and persistently put down those with the "inferior"
      eye color; the next day she reversed the colors; the results
      were immediate, harsh, and startling; even though the
      children knew it was only a temporary, artificial set-up,
      the "superiors" put down the "inferiors" cruelly, and the
      "inferiors" did badly in schoolwork; this impromptu
      "experiment" became famous.

      The Twins, veteran Argonauts, were prayed to when storms
      threatened ships at sea, and Ptolemy's "wet and destructive"
      augury still holds: the Moon was here when the ferry
      "Estonia," her bow doors broken in heavy seas, abruptly sank
      near Finland in 1994, drowning between 900-1,000; only 137
      survived. This was the Moon and Mercury at the Great
      Johnstown, PA flood of 1889, caused by the collapse of a
      poorly-maintained dam, Mercury at the June Lunar Ecl
      preceding the great 1993 Mississippi flood, and Venus when
      the ocean liner Empress of Ireland rammed collier Storstad
      in fog on the St Lawrence River in 1914: 1,024 drowned; Mars
      was here when the Titanic departed on her doomed maiden
      voyage in 1912 (oceanographer and hunter-discoverer of
      sunken ships Robert K Ballard has Jupiter here, and this was
      Halley's Comet when he found Titanic's wreck in 1985) and
      Mars again at the 1975 departure of the SS Edmund Fitzgerald
      that sank with all hands the next day in a Lake Superior
      storm. This was Jupiter when pirate ship Whydah sank in a
      storm in 1717, off Wellfleet, MA, drowning 120, and at the
      Lunar Ecl 6 months before the catastrophic 1966 Florence
      flood. Jupiter was here in March, 2002 when high winds
      killed several in Chicago, and dense fog caused a
      125-vehicle pile-up on near Ringgold, GA, leaving 4 dead, 39
      injured; Neptune in 1737 when a cyclone in the Bay of Bengal
      engulfed seaports, causing severe damage to Calcutta and
      surrounding areas (Manilius assigned rulership over the
      Ganges River to the Twins - the Bay of Bengal is at the
      mouth of the Ganges). The NNode was here at a Solar Eclipse
      in December 1703 occurring at the peak of a savage hurricane
      that devastated S England and her fleet, destroying more
      than 5,000 buildings and about 300 ships with 30,000 sailors
      – "no anchor would hold." This was the Asc at New York City
      at the New Moon of March, the start of the Great Blizzard of
      1888: a 4-day monster storm with gusts up to 100 mph (161
      kph) that left more than 4 feet of snow over New England: NY
      took the brunt with drifts up to 10 ft high; scores of ships
      were destroyed, more than 400 killed. These stars were
      Rising when an English fleet under Sir Cloudisley Shovell,
      (who had miscalculated latitude and longitude), in heavy
      fog, driven by strong winds, crashed into the rocks of the
      Scilly Isles: 4 ships, including the flagship, went down,
      1,647 perished. This was the Asc at Philadelphia of the
      January Full Moon 1996, 2 days before a massive 2-day
      blizzard broke records in Mid-Atlantic and Northeast states:
      Philadelpha was smothered under 30.7" of snow; it was the MC
      at Tegucigalpa, Honduras at the New Moon of October, 1998, 5
      days before Category 5 Hurricane Mitch virtually stationed
      over Central America for 7 days, dumping more than 25 inches
      of rain, utterly devastating Nicaragua and Honduras, leaving
      about 9,000 dead: survivors could not even obtain clean
      water; just one of the many mudslides alone buried 14
      villages, killing about 2,000.

      Hope that helps explain that Part of Fortune on the US

      Love, Diana

      PS (How about those ancient lunar mansions! Wow!)
      PPS: The moment the hurricane hit there was a
      Kronos/Antivertex/Vesta cnj at
      2 Can 45//5 Can 12//5 Can 50.
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