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Stars and poison/contamination

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  • Diana K. Rosenberg
    Date: Mon, 5 Sep 2005 14:55:44 -0400 From: Diana K. Rosenberg Subject: Stars and poison/contamination ... The searchers thru the
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 5, 2005
      Date: Mon, 5 Sep 2005 14:55:44 -0400
      From: "Diana K. Rosenberg" <ye-stars@...>
      Subject: Stars and poison/contamination

      Mark wrote:

      > All I see for that date are alignments of Saturn with Lynx (Alpha
      > Lyncis, in the head of Lynx the Lynx) and Giansar (Lambda Draconis)
      > and an alignment of Neptune with the Saturn Nebula (NGC 7009 in Aquarius).
      > Lynx (also known as the Tiger): "It is said to give stealthiness and
      > cunning, many changes in life, and an adventurous career." [Robson]
      > Robson also said the lynx was said to be able to see through walls.

      The searchers thru the abandoned houses in New Orleans will
      have to "see thru walls"
      > Giansar is in Draco the Dragon's tail.
      > "'Hebrew name Giansar, "the punished enemy"'. (Bullinger The Witness
      > of the Stars ).
      > "Giansar and Giauzar are variously derived: either from Al Jauza',
      > 'the Twins', — a little star is in close proximity, — or from Al
      > Jauzah, 'the Central One', as it is nearly midway between the Pointers
      > and Polaris-; or, and still better, from the Persian Ghauzar, — Al
      > Biruni's Jauzahar of Sasanian origin, — 'the Poison Place', referring
      > to the notion that the nodes, or points where the moon crosses the
      > ecliptic, were poisonous because they "'happened to be called the Head
      > and Tail of the Dragon.'"

      and Diana S wrote:

      >Stealth against an enemy using poison at the same time as
      >Mars/Saturn/Neptune are aligning (which could also connotate poison)
      >certainly gives you something to keep your eye on.
      >Diana S.

      Thank you for these, and Mark, thank you for listing the
      placements as they stand now. I wish I could comment on
      every one of them, but there simply isn't time.

      I feel strongly that we will still be dealing with the
      effects of Katrina in November and much further on, on the
      level of "big news"

      Draco was considered one of the "serpents:" Ptolemy: "The
      bright stars in Hydra are like Saturn and Venus. Saturn in
      quartile to the Sun, in aspect to Mercury, in the
      neighborhood of the serpents, makes men die from the bites
      of poisonous creatures..."

      For poison, read contamination; Saturn is entering Praesepe,
      the Beehive; here's the Chinese lunar mansion:

      Kuei, The Spirits or Carriage of Ghosts, also called
      T'ien-Soung, Celestial Punisher, presiding over sickness,
      death, extermination, battlefields, horses, soldiers, war
      materiel, buried treasures hoarded in wartime, thus
      accumulated wealth. M44 was also Tsi-Chi, Piled-Up Corpses,
      Tsi-Chi-K'i, Exhalation of Piled-up Corpses (souls leaving
      bodies) and “Eye of the Sky,” (anciently, the eyes of the
      Great Red Bird were here) governing watchfulness over wicked

      This is also the area just in front of Hydra's head (his
      poisonous breath):

      Mundane: Fires, explosions, epidemics, toxic conditions,
      intense high energies, explosions, embarkations, invasions,
      shipwreck, storms, riots, assassinations, murder; entire
      cities destroyed; UFO events, ghosts, insect attacks;
      amphibious, shoreline, harbor and riverside events.

      (That "entire cities destroyed" came mainly from Pluto's track
      through here near the end of WWII: Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Tokyo,
      Berlin, Hamburg, Dresden, etc.) Now we can add New Orleans.

      But it's the huge, looming health crisis that has me


      The brutal realities of the health crisis will linger for
      weeks to come. New Orleans is now a cesspool that poses
      numerous hazards, including outbreaks of hepatitis A and E.
      coli. Desperate survivors who ingested spoiled food and
      contaminated water could get salmonella, and people could
      suffer carbon-monoxide poisoning as they attempt to use
      generators indoors. Mosquitoes will breed rapidly in the
      stagnant water, and some could harbor the West Nile virus.
      About the only good news is that typhoid and cholera are
      unlikely, because, experts say, those microbes weren't
      present before the storm.

      The disjointed nature of the relief effort has only
      compounded the crisis. As refugees from the festering
      Superdome started arriving at Houston's Astrodome, medical
      staffers scrambled to deal with cases of gastrointestinal
      illness and dehydration, and screen for infectious diseases.

      Pluto (joined by Venus in Oct) is transiting through the
      Scorpion/Serpens/Ophiuchus area, which of course are issues
      of life and death, medicine and public health. (In China,
      the huge outline of stars we call Ophiuchus was a Celestial

      The Sept 17-18 Full Moon (25 PS 16) is aligned with Matar,
      Eta Pegasi, Theta, 16 and Lambda Piscium and the last stars
      of the water from Aquarius' Urn; this is the area of Gula,
      the ancient Euphratean Goddess of Medicine who could both
      cure and inflict disease. This lunation's tight Sun-Mercury
      cnj at 25 Virgo is on the precession-corrected US Neptune,
      which semi-octiles the precession-corrected US Saturn.

      The sorrowful Pleiades rises.

      Venus, ruler of the 1st and 6th at Washington, is in the 6th
      square MC/IC in detriment (in China's lunar mansion Kang,
      associated with the prevention of illness), square Saturn
      (in the Beehive) on the IC (the solstice point of Mars
      tightly conjoins Saturn), and Neptune culminates (at the
      Saturn Nebula, as Mark pointed out)(there I have epidemics,
      famines, natural disasters, crashes, gas explosions,
      eruptions, meteorite falls, great battles and slaughters.

      Asteroid Pallas, a "mini-Mars" that I have found turns up at
      injections and inoculations, is in the 6th, cnj the Vertex,
      sesquiquadrate Juno; I would expect that this would mean a
      vast number of mandatory inoculations

      Oh for more time. Well, I'll leave this for now.

      Keep the good ideas and observations coming!

      Love, Diana
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