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Saturn in the Crab

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  • Diana K. Rosenberg
    Hi folks, I am fascinated by the way ancient traditions related to Cancer, the Crab are all being brought out by the recent shoreline disasters The stars of
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 2, 2005
      Hi folks,

      I am fascinated by the way ancient traditions related to
      Cancer, the Crab are all being brought out by the recent
      shoreline disasters

      The stars of the original Crab run from about 26 Can to 20 Leo

      Saturn at the Sumatra tsunami was 25 Can 23 (it had
      stationed a month earlier at 27 Can 21, aligned with Omega
      Cancri), and at the advent of Hurrican Katrina on the Gulf
      shoreline, it was at Eta Cancri in the Crab's shell.

      Why bring it up? Because the Crab, as an amphibious critter,
      lives at the shore. Romans poets called the Crab "litoreus"
      (shore-dweller), and I have noticed, over the years, that
      people with the Crab prominent (especially angular) tend to
      live on or very near the shore.

      A few years ago when my niece was pregnant with a boy, she
      announced that the name they had picked was "Harbor" (to
      honor his grandpa, whose name was Harvey Borden). I wondered
      if the Crab would be angular on his chart, because chart
      angles relate to names. Sure enough, when Harbor was born,
      the Crab culminated, and a few weeks later they moved from
      an inland city to a port!

      George Bush, who has the Crab rising, was born in the port
      of New Haven, Connecticut.

      With the world focused on New Orleans, Biloxi and other
      coast cities, Saturn is today 6 Leo 03 at Theta and Iota
      Cancri, coming to Praesepe, the Beehive Cluster in the
      center of the Crab (now 7 Leo 17). Beehives are metaphors
      for cities, because of their intense "busy-ness"

      Here's what I have here:

      Praesepe M44 Cancri “The Beehive” 7LE12 1 34 19 59 8 40 3.1 OC
      nebulous cluster in Crab’s shell, also called Manger, Crib Little Cloud, Little Mist; In Orphic, Indo-
      Aryan and Moslem teachings, bees symbolized souls because they migrate in swarms; it was thought
      that souls "swarmed" from divine unity like bees. Lunar Mansions: China: part of
      Kuei, The Spirits or Carriage of Ghosts (thus both eastern and western traditions relate souls and spirits
      to this place in the sky!), also called T'ien-Soung, Celestial Punisher, presiding over sickness, death,
      extermination, battlefields, horses, soldiers, war materiel, buried treasures hoarded in wartime, thus
      accumulated wealth. M44 was also Tsi-Chi, Piled-Up Corpses, Tsi-Chi-K'i, Exhalation of Piled-up
      Corpses (souls leaving bodies) and “Eye of the Sky,” (anciently, the eyes of the Great Red Bird were
      here) governing watchfulness over wicked people. Another name was Fou-Tchi, The Cutlass used for
      slaughtering sacrificial animals. India: with part of Pusya, ‘Nourishment,’‘Nourishing,’ also called Sidhya, “Lucky, Successful;” symbolized by a cow’s udder, ruled by Brhaspati,
      priest of the Gods, God of planet Jupiter, with his qualities of nourishment, plumpness, blossoming, good
      fortune, as well as prayer, speech and wisdom.
      M48 Hydrae Open Cluster NGC 2548 7LE14 area of Water-Snake’s poisonous breath

      Wow. All the issues are here. Well, not plumpness and good
      fortune, but the ISSUES of food and nourishment.

      (Stars of Argo, the great ship and protective Mama Bear Ursa Major
      are also in these longitudes)

      Under Mundane, there are fires, explosions, epidemics, toxic
      conditions, intense high energies, explosions, embarkations,
      invasions, shipwreck, storms, riots, assassinations, murder;
      entire cities destroyed; UFO events, ghosts, insect attacks;
      amphibious, shoreline, harbor and riverside events.

      Here's what I have under Theta and Iota Cancri:

      Great Argo’s influence is apparent, the Crab relates to
      shoreline events, and there is a black hole (storms) here:
      this was the Sun at the collision, in heavy fog, of liners
      Andrea Doria and Stockholm off Nantucket in 1956: the
      Stockholm, severely damaged, managed to limp into New York
      harbor, but the Doria sank; most of her passengers were
      saved when luxury liner Ile de France reversed course and
      raced to the rescue. The Sun was here in 1943 when a
      hurricane-force firestorm ravaged the port of Hamburg after
      incendiaries were dropped by US aircraft - about 50,000 were
      killed, This was the Moon when a monstrous twister hit OK
      and KS, killing more than 100 people in 1955, and at the
      highest surface wind ever recorded, 236 mph (380 kph) during
      Hurricane Paka (Guam) in 1997. Mercury was here in 1900 when
      smoldering cotton bales ignited barrels of whiskey on a
      Hoboken, NJ pier: fire tore through ships and men: of 22
      ships, only one survived: 326 died, many trapped in the
      ships, and this was Mercury at a 1992 Solar Ecl less than 2
      months before Hurricane Andrew wrecked S Florida and Typhoon
      Omar hit Guam, and Mercury at the Fastnet ocean-going yacht
      race disaster in the Irish Sea, 1979: a violent gale struck
      without warning: 5 yachts were lost and 19 were abandoned,
      19 drowned, 138 rescued – “the worst disaster in the history
      of ocean racing.” Mars was here in 1935 at the Morro Castle
      disaster off the coast of New Jersey, when everything that
      could go wrong, did: in the midst of fog and gale, the liner
      caught fire; the captain died, the drunk and mutinous crew
      did nothing to aid the passengers and took off in the
      lifeboats, the incompetent acting captain refused to send an
      SOS: the ship burned to a gutted shell, and 134 passengers
      burned to death. This was Jupiter at a “stupendous” electric
      storm and violent tornado that hit St Louis, MO in 1896, and
      at a massive cyclone with 145 mph winds that hit Bangladesh
      in 1991, killing approx 139,000 people and œ million
      animals. Saturn was here in 1622 when a Spanish royal
      treasure fleet sailed from Havana straight into a hurricane
      off Key West: of 28 ships, 8 went down, including the famous
      Atocha. This was Neptune at a 1259 agreement among the free
      cities of Lubeck, Rostock, Wismar and Stralsund, one of the
      core events in the development of the sea-trading Hanseatic
      League, and when the Spanish Armada sailed from Lisbon in
      1588 to invade England, and ran into a double-whammy of
      heavy storms and superior English seamanship: a great number
      of ships were lost; only a tattered remnant returned to
      Spain. Pluto was here during major sea-battles of WWII:
      Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, in December,
      1941, devastating the US Pacific Fleet; the 1942 Battle of
      Coral Sea, the 1st sea-battle in history fought entirely by
      carrier-based aircraft, and one month later, the Battle of
      Midway, when 4 Japanese carriers were sunk, a turning-point
      in the Pacific War. Pluto was here again in the Spring of
      1943 when he earliest Navy Seals (Sea, Air, Land) teams,
      originally volunteers, were formed from US Navy Construction
      Battalions in San Diego.

      Here's the section under Praesepe relating to (mostly)
      shoreline disasters:

      Jupiter was here in 1896 when, after a minor quake, a
      massive 110-ft (33.5 m) tsunami moving 500 mph (804.5 kph)
      crashed into 170 miles (273 km) of the NE coast of Japan and
      reached 100 miles inland, killing more than 28,000, injuring
      50,000, Jupiter and Pluto were here in 1943 when, after
      incendiaries were dropped by US aircraft, a hurricane-force
      firestorm ravaged the port of Hamburg (about 50,000 were
      killed), Neptune was here at the Halifax harbor disaster in
      1917: a stupendous explosion and fire caused by the
      collision of 2 ships, one carrying 5,000 tons of high
      explosives, demolished the harbor and Richmond, Nova Scotia,
      killing at least 1,600, injuring 8,000, destroying 3,000
      homes – “one of the most violent explosions ever recorded.”
      This was Pluto at the WWII Bombay disaster in 1944, when a
      burning explosives-laden cargo ship detonated, completely
      wrecking the port of Bombay, killing 1,376, injuring 3,000,
      and demolishing 100,000 tons of war supplies, and at the
      massive explosion at Port Chicago, CA that wrecked 2
      munitions ships and wharves in 1944 that literally vaporized
      321 men; Pluto was also here in January, 1945 when refugee
      ship Wilhelm Gustloff was torpedoed during a winter storm
      and sank, taking with it 5,348: 1,252 were rescued (Pluto
      moved back and forth in this area from Sept. 1942 through
      mid-1945, during WWII’s huge shipping losses and devastating
      attacks on harbors); the SNode was here at the notorious Egg
      Island disaster of 1711, when a 61-ship invasion fleet with
      12,342 soldiers, sailors and their families, en route to
      attack and occupy Quebec, became lost in dense fog and hit
      by gales: the 8 ships carrying families were smashed to
      pieces on jagged reefs; more than 2,000 were lost. This was
      the MC at the Hague of the January, 1953 Lunar Ecl that
      occurred as a storm with 100 mph winds caused severe floods
      in Holland, England and Belgium - Holland's dikes failed,
      with a loss of 2,000 people, 500,000 animals; this was the
      Asc at Washington DC at the June, 1992 Solar Ecl preceding 3
      storms that hit US shorelines: hurricanes Andrew (Florida),
      Iniki (Hawaii), and Omar (Guam); this was also the Asc of
      the Titanic’s scheduled time of departure of her fateful
      maiden voyage in 1912, of a train wreck caused by a fogbound
      barge hitting a railroad bridge in 1993, and of the “Mayday”
      sent by the sinking tanker “Braer” in a storm off the
      Shetlands in 1993. This was the MC at Alexandria of a 48 BCE
      Lunar Ecl when Caesar’s troops set the Egyptian fleet afire
      and accidentally destroyed 40,000 scrolls stored nearby.

      With Saturn just getting started on the Beehive, there may
      be more to come! (And some Pacific shores are getting
      pummelled too, I hear).

      I have the TV on as I write, and there is a feature on the
      efforts to find housing for the refugees; this is another
      feature of Crabs - homes! - they carry their houses on their
      backs! We are a Cancer country (both tropical and sidereal).
      On July 4, 1776 Mercury and the NNode were in the sidereal
      Crab (Mercury was Cancer in both zodiacs!), and one of our
      national characteristics is an obsession with owning one's
      own home. Saturn is on the US NNode right now.

      Love, Diana
    • Arthyr
      Hi Diane, Rec,d a message that you sent a virus. Ya might wanna do a systems-check and see what you find. Arthyr, See you in the stars, Arthyr,
      Message 2 of 2 , Sep 5, 2005
        Hi Diane,

        Rec,d a message that you sent a virus.
        Ya might wanna do a systems-check
        and see what you find.


        See you in the stars,

        "Making Ancient Astrology Work for You"
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