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Paris fire 8 26 05

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  • Diana K. Rosenberg
    ... Hi Bernadette, glad you checked in, and thank you for the parans! Working with positions projected perpendicularly onto the ecliptic, here s what I have on
    Message 1 of 6 , Aug 27, 2005
      > Date: Sat, 27 Aug 2005 08:28:58 +0100
      > From: "Astro Logos" <office@...>
      >Subject: Re: Paris fire 8 26 05

      Bernadette wrote:

      >I am just back from teaching but I have had a quick look at
      >the Paris fire (thank you for the posting) in parans and
      >what stands out just for the latitude of Paris is the Sun
      >Uranus opposition is in paran with Zosma and El Nath

      >the Sun with Zosma from Starlight is:
      > Sun - Rising when Zosma - " To receive, or cause, suffering"

      >El nath is of course the tip of the horn of the bull and is
      >difficult at the best of times. In checking other fatal
      >fires - I have a small file of 97 such events. I found 7
      >others that had the sun rising with Zosma on an angle. Here
      >are a few of them ... On 23rd Nov, 1963 where 63 people died
      >in Fitchville Ohio. Smyrna, Turkey on the 29 August 1952
      >where 21 people died. 26th June 1950, 60 killed in Homs,
      >Syria but the biggest was when 20% of Hamburg Germany burnt
      >to the ground on the 5th May 1842 and over 100 people died.

      >So these are all Sun rising when Zosma is rising or on an
      >angle. I have found that when the Sun is in a hard aspect to
      >another planet AND is rises with a difficult star then it is
      >at that latitude that events will unfold.

      >It is a huge area of potential research into the use of
      >Fixed star in astrology and can open the door way to helping
      >us locate not only times of difficulties (planetary
      >combinations) but also the places that they can occur.

      >Anyway I best get back to work and thank you for the posting
      >as I will add the data to my fire file.

      >do take care - events like this make one so aware of the
      >dangers of life ...


      Hi Bernadette, glad you checked in, and thank you for the parans!

      Working with positions projected perpendicularly onto the
      ecliptic, here's what I have on Zosma and fires:

      The Sun and Mercury were here at the 1894 Hinckley, MN
      forest fire: (600 died, 200,000 acres destroyed), the Sun
      and Saturn at the great Chungking, China 18-hour fire in
      1949 that left 1,700 dead and 100,000 homeless; this was
      Venus at the 1991 Oakland Hills, CA fire that burned 3,000
      homes and killed 25, Mars when three-quarters of Moscow
      burned during Napoleon’s 1812 invasion, Jupiter at the
      Charleston, SC fire of 1838 that destroyed half of the city;
      this was Saturn at the 64 CE Great Fire of Rome and at the
      partial meltdown of the Three Mile Island nuclear plant
      (these stars are in quadrature to the “nuclear accident”
      royal stars Aldebaran and Antares), Middleton, PA, 1979;
      Pluto was here at the Gran Circo Norte-Americano circus fire
      in Niteroi, Brazil that killed 323, mostly children, and
      when a Buddhist monk burned himself to death in Saigon, 1963
      (and 2 months later when another monk did the same), both
      protesting Diem regime persecutions. This was the IC at the
      World Trade Center terrorist bomb explosion and fire, New
      York, 1993 and the Sun at the Full Moon of Sep 2, 2002, 9
      days before the Islamic suicide attacks of 9/11 that
      destroyed the World Trade Center. This was the Sun at the
      terrible 1923 Tokyo/Yokohama 8.3 earthquake and fire that
      killed about 143,000, injured 200,000, and left œ million

      El Nath & fires:
      To the Hindus, El Nath represented Agni, God of Fire, and
      also bore the title Hutabhuj, the Devourer of the Sacrifice
      (this is the star "like Mars" which, at 17Gem54 in 1666,
      William Lilly said had (by precession) reached the Asc of
      London; based on this, he predicted the danger to the city
      of a terrible fire; at any rate, Mercury was here at the
      Solar Ecl that preceded the Great Fire of London!). Ibn Ezra
      called Cepheus “The Lady of the Flame,” and Manilius linked
      the stars of Orion’s belt to the myth of Meleager, whom the
      fates ordained would have only the length of life of a log
      burning on the hearth; his mother extinguished it, giving
      him the gift of life, but years later, angered upon hearing
      that he had killed her brothers, she threw the preserved log
      back on the fire, causing the absent Meleager to burn to
      death slowly on a funeral-pyre; he also linked the belt
      stars to the myth of Atalanta who surpassed male warriors in
      a hunt. This was Joan of Arc’s natal Pluto, and the Sun was
      here in 1431 when she was burned at the stake. This was the
      Moon at the start of the huge Charleston, SC fire of 1838
      that destroyed half of the city; Mercury was here in 1194
      when the Cathedral of Notre Dame at Chartres (built upon an
      earlier Druid shrine that had burned) was largely destroyed
      by fire (it was rebuilt). This was Mars when TWA Flight 800
      exploded and crashed into the Atlantic off Long Island in
      1996, killing all 230 on board; this was Jupiter at the
      Newhall Hotel, Milwaukee fire of 1883, when 71 died of
      burns, suffocation, or jumping to their deaths; many were
      rescued by heroic firemen. Saturn was here in 1943 when a
      hurricane-force firestorm ravaged Hamburg after incendiaries
      were dropped by US aircraft in Operation Gomorrah (about
      50,000 killed), Pluto at the Great San Francisco quake and
      fire of 1906 that left more than 700 dead and the city
      devastated, and Pluto returned to this position at the Lake
      View School fire in Collinwood, OH, 1908 that killed 176
      children and 2 teachers. The SNode was here at the New
      Orleans fire of 1788 when priests refused the use of church
      bells to warn the citizens, because it was Good Friday: 856
      buildings were gutted, scores died, and in 1992 in the fiery
      crash of an El Al cargo plane into an apartment building at
      Bijlmermeer, Netherlands, that killed 250. This was the Asc
      of the 1903 Iroquois Theatre fire in Chicago that killed
      602, and the Asc when a car bomb set by right-wing
      extremists destroyed the Federal Building in Oklahoma City
      in 1995, killing 167, 17 of them young children. Two huge
      harbor cataclysms are represented here; this was Saturn at
      the Bombay disaster in 1944 when a burning munitions-laden
      cargo ship exploded with extreme violence, completely
      wrecking the port, killing 1,376, injuring 3,000, and
      destroying 100,000 tons of war material; it was the Asc of
      the 1947 Texas City disaster, when a burning ship loading
      ammonium nitrate fertilizer blew up with a titanic
      explosion: 552 were killed, 3,000 injured, 2 planes knocked
      out of the sky: the inferno devastated the city.

      The last degrees of Cancer and early degrees of Leo
      (tropical) are a major fire area, and these were rising,
      with Saturn, at both Paris and London at the Summer
      Solstice (area of the stars of the original Cancer Crab).

      Andromeda (entrapment) was culminating, and the Moon (ruler
      12th, both cities) was aligned with Sabik, Eta Ophiuchi -
      the "success in evil deeds" star - it certainly works for
      what happened in London, but supposedly the Paris event was
      an accident - any more news on this?

      Love, Diana
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