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Fixed star alignments (October 27, 2013)

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  • Mark Andrew Holmes
    As of midnight GMT. Asterisks indicate alignments that weren t there a week ago today (with a 1 00 orb). Jupiter Muliphein (Gamma Canis Majoris) Adhara
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      As of midnight GMT. Asterisks indicate alignments that weren't there a week ago today (with a
      1 00' orb).


      Muliphein (Gamma Canis Majoris)

      Adhara (Epsilon Canis Majoris)

      *Menkelb Posterior (Omicron-2 Canis Majoris)

      Supergalactic South Pole (Canis Majoris; the south pole of the great supercluster of galaxies of which ours is a part)

      Castor (Alpha Geminorum)

      Propus Borealis (Iota Geminorum)

      Eskimo Nebula (NGC 2392 Geminorum)

      Intergalactic Wanderer (NGC 2419 Lyncis; globular cluster)

      Headphones Nebula (Jones-Emberson 1 Lyncis)

      Kartajan (Delta Monocerotis)

      HQ Monocerotis (cataclysmic variable aka nova)

      Seagull Nebula of Monoceros (IC 2177 Monocerotis)

      SU Ursae Majoris

      RW Ursae Minoris (cataclysmic variables)


      Menkent (Theta Centauri)

      *Kabkent Tertia (Phi Centauri)

      Alphecca (Alpha Coronae Borealis)

      Acrux (Alpha Crucis)

      *Jewel Box Cluster (Kappa/NGC 4755  Crucis)

      *14 Herculis (has planets)

      *GY Hydrae (cataclysmic variable)

      Death Star Galaxy (3C321 Serpentis; in Serpens Caput)


      Erakis (Mu Cephei; aka The Garnet Star)

      MN Draconis (cataclysmic variable)

      *Lacerta Lingua (Beta Lacertae)

      Algenib (Gamma Pegasi)


      Ancha (Theta Aquarii)

      Kae Uh (Omicron Aquarii)

      HD 210277 (Aquarii; has planets)

      FO Aquarii

      Nova Cygni 1920 (V476 Cygni; cataclysmic variables)

      Al Lat (Phi Gruis)

      Shay Show (Epsilon Hydri)

      Enif (Epsilon Pegasi)

      Tien Kang (Delta Piscis Austrini)

      Lacaille 9352 (HD 217987 Piscis Austrini)

      NGC 7052 (Vulpeculae; edge-on galaxy with suspected black hole)



      AM Herculis (cataclysmic variable)

      Umlindi Welinsizunu (Gamma Mensae)

      AQ Mensae (cataclysmic variable)

      Spicifer (Tau Pavonis)

      (my own name; Latin for "spiky")

      Tukki (Omega Pavonis)

      (my own name; Hebrew for "peacock"; has been proposed as the origin of the word "turkey")

      Facies (M-22 Sagittarii; star cluster)

      Ioannina (Alpha Scuti)

      FV Scuti

      FH Serpentis (cataclysmic variables)


      Saderazra (Delta Andromedae)

      Kui (Zeta Andromedae)

      Mirfak al Bintu (Eta Andromedae)

      Tien Ke (Theta Andromedae)

      *VV Cephei (cataclysmic variable)

      Baten Kaitos (Zeta Ceti)

      Mark A. Holmes
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