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Fw: Expanding Perceptions / The Sky is Falling ~ 8 Jan 2013

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      Subject: Expanding Perceptions / The Sky is Falling ~ 8 Jan 2013

      Sky Scraping

      Expanding Perceptions / The Sky is Falling ~ 8 Jan 2013

      First, let’s knock out “the sky is falling” matter. The media is already touting the close approach of potentially hazardous asteroid 2012 DA4, happening on February 15th. This actually is noteworthy news, especially for avid sky watchers with telescopes. The object will NOT impact Earth, but it will come as close as 0.09 Lunar Distances to us. Perhaps you’ll hear or feel the whoosh as it goes by. This object is 57 meters in diameter. By comparison the object that created the one mile wide Barringer Crater in northern Arizona was estimated to be 45 meters in diameter at impact. So its proximity is big news as it will pass closer to Earth than our geosynchronous satellites orbit. The object will NOT impact Earth per multiple calculations by several vetted and competent astronomical sources. Still, the asteroid’s whoosh is likely to gather increasing buzz as the time of closest approach nears.

      Second, though the sky is symbolically falling... would you have regretted not having a reading that includes the new planets and relevant galactic points if the sky were to fall? Or not having read a personal report that includes black holes and centaurs; or a relationship report that includes centaurs who shared soulful love according to mythic tales of their lives (Valentine’s Day might have a little extra charge ahead because of the above-mentioned PHO)? Imagine not having explored the essentials of galactic astrology. So, be sure to use the links below and ease potential regrets well in advance.

      The other day during a session I noticed something singular about the ongoing Pluto-Uranus squares so wildly touted in astrological blogs. Located in the same approximate degree as the ongoing aspects in the sign of Libra is the anomalistic pulsar, PSR 1257+12. Standing at approximately 8 Libra 27, this pulsar carries an amazing astronomical legacy.

      The existence of other planets around other stars (exosolar planets) had long been debated since the beginning of thinking people. Two years after the discovery and isolation of this pulsar in 2000, astronomers realized that two planets orbited this neutron star, technically making those orbiting objects exosolar planets. In 1994 another planet was found orbiting this pulsar. The first planet around an actual viably combusting star was not detected until 1995 when a planet showed itself to be orbiting the star 51 Pegasus. Still, PSR 1257+12 provided the first confirmation that there were other planets in Creation. While this should not have been an “oh wow” moment given the astronomical odds of the potential existence of other planets around the estimated 70 sextillion stars out there, it was. When the first planet was found around 51 Peg, the “oh wow” was louder still.

      In 2002 another planet was found orbiting PSR 1257+12. The four planets orbiting the pulsar range in annual tracks of 12 to 1,250 days.

      We know of 673 planetary systems with 854 confirmed planets orbiting those other stars. New discoveries continue to pour in at an exponentially increasing rate.

      Let’s return to the primal point: PSR1257+12 gave humankind the first “holy crap there are other planets out there” moment. The discovery shattered the solipsism that Earth and its inhabitants are it... or at least the superior cosmic planet and most evolved of all peoples in all Creation. Gone was any hope of holding to the false ideology that the Earth, or Sun are the centers of Creation and the only place in the universe in which intelligent life exists.

      And now Pluto and Uranus continue to form aspects to this paradigm-busting, awareness-expanding pulsar. Yes indeed, inhabitants of Earth, there remains no point to clinging to self-centric, national-centric, religion-centric, point of view-centric points of view. There’s way more out there than us; stuff we’ve just barely begun to discover. There’s more to life than the belief we are the focal point of the Creator’s bucket list. There are more peoples in the galactic pool of planets than can likely ever be counted and all of them are interconnected with every other planetary system, every other galaxy and every other galactic cluster and whatever every other galactic entity scales it up from there.

      Often in astrology a polarizing affect exists. Sometimes Geminis are not particularly talkative or communicative. Yes, there are messy Virgos. So here, perhaps we encounter an anti-Eris effect. Eris despises being excluded from anything. With Pluto and Uranus aspecting this amazing pulsar, a T-square aspects the natal Eris of anyone incarnating on Earth from the mid-1930's to the early 1970's. Is there an anxiety to inclusion or exclusion, and/or busting the limits of consensus thinking?

      Is there an anxiety to knowing that our solar system is not the only with planets?
      Is there anxiety to knowing that we are not the only planet with life that is somewhat like us, or arguably something above mineral or plant?
      Is there anxiety to realizing that the feelings we hold so near and dear in our experience are shared by many/most of our co-inhabitants on Earth?
      Is there anxiety to realizing that everyone on this planet is in this together, including those we perceive as inferior or superior based upon whatever criterion?
      Would it produce angst to realize that potentially other consciousness-bearing life forms on other planets ponder similar concerns?
      Is there anxiety to realizing we are not alone?
      Is there anxiety to realizing we may not be the most superior collection of life forms in Creation?

      Perhaps the answer is to go more “big picture.”

      What’s a person to do? Think bigger. Look for solutions that exceed your belief systems, which does not imply one should contradict one’s belief systems or compromise ones integrity. Expand beliefs to include more... much in the way that when Einstein came along, astute physicists realized that his relativistic views were based upon and expanded the awareness of Newtonian physics, instead of pitching F = ma into the trash.

      Is that the challenge we now face? If disorientation and confusion result when considering broader, more Universal options, reach out further. Then you’ll be consistent with the “oh wow” symbolic signature of Pluto and Uranus as they aspect the planet-bearing, arrogant humanity neutralizing pulsar.

      Reaching out can be redeeming. Stretching into expansive and unknown realms likely renders evolution. Thinking beyond status quo views is strengthening to the spirit.

      Sure, but how in the real world?

      Check to see if your astrological software or a program you use regularly have updates available online (you know, the free ones).
      Consider the opposite side of your most charged political point of view.
      Read an article or two on the latest and greatest realizations of galactic discovery.
      Follow the website of an ongoing space mission.
      Remember the folks arguing the opposite point of view as you actually believe their contentions.
      Watch a time lapse video of cell growth or seedlings bursting into plants.
      Write down every contention you hold that you’d like to be wrong about believing.

      Yes the above are somewhat symbolic gestures. However, if applying those suggestions with the attitude that you’re open to accumulating more insight and expanding personal perceptions, you’re on the right track. “You know,” offers Eris, “maybe thinking what everybody else thinks in the interest of fitting in under the tent is not the best course of action.”

      Still not sure how to put this into play? A consultation may help. I know I’ve been hammering on the “book while the booking is good” pulpit, but by the end of this month, I expect my lead time for consultations to be three weeks and going longer as the year moves on. You know what to do, right? The links are just below.

      I’ll continue to send out Sky Scrapings as schedule permits.
      Norwac 2013
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