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      Sky Scraping

      Why You Should Be Looking Forward ~ December 26, 2012

      No matter what “adjusted” date one uses for the conclusion of the Mayan Calendar in last ditch efforts of being right about the favored EOTW scenario, that page is behind us. It’s now time to look forward and getting humping toward and into 2013. Here’s a box full of reasons to look forward to 2013... just in time for boxing day.

      As 2012 mercifully winds down and next year commences, Jupiter stations virtually conjunct Altjira - a degree and a half apart. Altjira is a Kuiper Belt Object named for an aboriginal deity from Australia’s outback. It is believed that Altjira was once involved with the creation of the world and its inhabitants and now stands back, removed from the human plight. So, if you’re feeling disenfranchised, let down by God or whatever you believe makes this whole thing tick, realign. Reset your focus, your beliefs and your participation in whatever the Greater Plan happens to be. It’s up to you to be involved and engaged. And it’s a lot better than adopting someone else’s view of what’s up out there.

      Speaking of involved and engaged, there’s nothing like the planet Haumea in orb of opposition to the planet Eris to start the year. This pattern represents the separation of a soul from its greatest talents and attributes. If you’ve shut the door on your special skills, talents, creative juices or wild innovation, they won’t get used. Haumea notes that if you want to be fully engaged in life, dust off your talents and recommit to the use of them. Yes, there’s that time thing and needing to work for a living thing. And yes, there’s that belief that maybe everyone can do your specific skill. With passion for creative talent, more time can be made... and the reality that this particular talent is yours... not something everyone else can do, too, gets driven home. Flourishing in fecundity is fundamental.

      On January 14th Jupiter squares Chiron, Jupiter moving retrograde. Both bodies are direct on March 26th when they square again. Good things come to those who apply squares. Progress can be made and challenges accepted result in great accomplishment. Since Jupiter relieved Chiron’s pain and sanctioned his return to well being and worked to recommit his spirit to his body, it’s time to take note. The healing in both these intervals is profound... from the physical to the emotional and the spiritual. Find yourself soul-enriching remedies and apply the grand abundance Jupiter assumes is the natural flow of life. Safety tip: This does not necessarily sanction the more is better belief.

      Sedna and the south lunar node converge on January 28th. The news continuously reports that the polar ice cap is melting faster that we previously knew. Sedna, goddess of the arctic north, and the polar bears are sending out a reinvigorated plea for action, starting here. There is no longer time for studies. It is time to act. As a planetary occupant, perhaps you can do what you can do to inspire action on critical ecological and environmental concerns.

      On April 12 Jupiter opposes the Great Attractor. Here’s an opportunity to once and for all put all forms of discrimination up for immediate legislative action. It’s time to believe that any worship aligned with humanitarianism, global goodness and peace holds significant merit. It’s time to integrate the consciousness shift induced by the Mayan odometer rollover.

      Up for an airplane that does not fracture the ozone? How about agricultural enhancements that do not make food toxic? How about the technology to incorporate all electronic gadgets into one... and one that can’t be used while driving, walking through construction zones or next to a sleeping traveler on an airplane? The inventive, progressive-minded window is entirely open June 12th as Jupiter opposes the Galactic Center. If you reset the position of the standard-issue satellite dish on your head, the stream of innovation flows your way.

      Thankfully on June 25th Jupiter enters Cancer opposing the x-ray, eclipsing binary pulsars. This is the superbly fast, nearly exo-human ability to put thoughts into prototype and invention into production. Get busy. And if you’re a capitalist, this is one hell of a time to put together a personal plan of prosperity... how cool if your money making scheme is good for the planet and all your co-inhabitants of Earth.

      “Yes, but aren’t you being all optimistic and crap,” some readers will likely protest. “Won’t Jupiter come up to fit in with the Pluto-Uranus aspects?” Yes, he will. But will that signify the end of the political/economic schemes on Earth? Likely undeniable realities will appear. Failures in the status quo belief systems become unavoidable and adjustments will be made. While the economic hardship of the past years has been extreme, improvement is at hand and more progress can be made in an accelerated manner this next year.

      But before meeting up with Pluto, Jupiter trines Saturn on July 17th and the next day reaches out to Neptune through the same harmonious aspect. That’s some damn fine grease on the gears of mundane workings. It’s some amazing lubricant to the stuck cogs on creative inspiration.

      A reader pointed out to me that on July 29th there is an amazing grand sextile. Yep, there is. And this grand sextile involves major astrological players... not the dwarf planets and protoplanets and such that I apply. The sextile involves Venus, the Moon, Jupiter, Mars, Neptune, Pluto and Saturn. Seems to me, everyone, now matter how their chart is wired will be positively impacted. Like it or not, the indications seven to eight months into the year are that “things” are working really hard to get better. Play it for what it’s worth.

      Yep, and as dreaded, come August 7th Jupiter opposes Pluto. Woe be unto laws and lawmakers who place personal favor above collective good. Woe be unto those who force failed agendas back into play. Woe be upon the greed mongers. See, it is a woeful time.

      On August 21 Jupiter squares Uranus, but also trines Chiron. Individuals who invoke personal healing, creative innovation and boldly contribute in a good way automatically become a brighter presence on Earth. Who’s up for that?

      In September Saturn sextiles Pluto on the 21st. Any Saturn to Pluto rendering brings about good karma pay offs and opens the gates to dharma-land. On October 5 Saturn quincunxes Uranus. Both potentially grumpy parties agree to make the necessary adjustments to make things better. It’s not time to savor scrumbly or heap up an extra dollop of slovenly.

      Makemake enters Libra on October 19th. A greater global awareness cycle begins. Ecological matters increase in importance, and equally important, that over breeding thing that people do inspired by corporations eager to have new consumers to sell their disposable products to, becomes more clearly perceived.

      Later in the year Jupiter stations in Cancer square to Haumea in Libra. Again, creative ventures and attributes are valued. Damn the funding cuts. It’s time for culture and arts to be reintegrated into the educational system. Society without culture is not civilized. Oh yeah, that Confucian idea of understanding and actualizing the past... it’s really a big deal here.

      Also as the year ends, Ceres will align with Haumea, who stands on the cusp of her first exact opposition with Eris. This becomes the advocacy for inclusion. Let no person be discarded. Let no soul be forsaken. Let not spirit be excluded. It’s a grand realization time... we’re all in this together. Can the first year of the new Mayan millennium (sort of millennium) really be this promising?

      Of course the bigger question is: how will you ensure these aspects manifest their highest potential in your life?

      And when are you going to get that consultation you’ve been promising to get? Visit the store. Get reports. Discover the expansive astrology out there beyond the traditional in the galactic and Kuiper realms. I’m scheduling work this week? How about you?
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