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Fixed star alignments (May 20, 2012)

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  • Mark Andrew Holmes
    As of midnight GMT. Asterisks indicate alignments that weren t there a week ago today (with a 1 00 orb). Jupiter *Segin (Epsilon Cassiopeiae) Zaurak (Gamma
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2012
      As of midnight GMT. Asterisks indicate alignments that weren't there a week ago today (with a
      1 00' orb).


      *Segin (Epsilon Cassiopeiae)

      Zaurak (Gamma Eridani)

      *Gorgonia Secunda (Pi Persei)

      *Gorgonia Tertia (Rho Persei)

      *Capulus (NGC 869 aka Chi/h Persei, open cluster; aka the Double Cluster in Perseus)

      Esat (5 Tauri)


      Arcturus (Alpha Bootis)

      Nekkar (Beta Bootis) 

      *Hemalein Prima (Rho Bootis; has planets)

      Hemalein Secunda (Sigma Bootis)

      *Varthorz Prior (Upsilon Carinae)

      Robur (PP Carinae; in the obsolete constellation Robur Carolinum, Charles' Oak)

      *EX Hydrae (cataclysmic variable aka nova)

      Spica (Alpha Virginis)


      Elephant's Trunk Nebula (IC 1396 Cephei)

      *Lucida Lacertae (Alpha Lacertae)

      Pegasus 2 Cluster (NGC 7720, et al, Pegasi; galaxy cluster)

      Lucida Reticuli (Alpha Reticuli)


      Sadalmelek (Alpha Aquarii)

      Ancha (Theta Aquarii)

      Kae Uh  (Omicron Aquarii)

      FO Aquarii (cataclysmic variable)

      Nova Cygni 1920 (V476 Cygni; cataclysmic variable)

      Al Lat (Phi Gruis)

      Shay Show  (Epsilon Hydri)

      *Fomalhaut (Alpha Piscis Austrini)

      Tien Kang (Delta Piscis Austrini)

      Lacaille 9352 (HD 217987.Piscis Austrini)

      NGC 7052 (Vulpeculae; elliptical galaxy)


      AM Herculis (cataclysmic variable)

      Umlindi Welinsizunu (Gamma Mensae)

      AQ Mensae (cataclysmic variable)

      Facies (M-22 Sagittarii;star cluster)

      Ioannina (Alpha Scuti)

      FV Scuti

      FH Serpentis (cataclysmic variables)


      Saderazra (Delta Andromedae)

      Kui (Zeta Andromedae)

      Mirfak al Bintu (Eta Andromedae)

      Baten Kaitos (Zeta Ceti)

      Mark A. Holmes  

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