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Fw: Busting the Big Black Hole Barrier ~ 29 November 2012

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  • Mark Andrew Holmes
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      Subject: Busting the Big Black Hole Barrier ~ 29 November 2012

      Sky Scraping

      Busting the Big Black Hole Barrier ~ 29 November 2012

      Last evening I received an e-mail from a galactic colleague noting an astronomical discovery I had not yet encountered. Astrophysicists reported the confirmation of the largest black hole ever... for now: NGC 1277.

      First the data. NGC 1277 existed in the New General Catalogue of galaxies compiled in 1888 that put together 7,840 observable galaxies. Of course in those days there was no way of knowing what this galaxy was/is. When considering super massive black holes, previously the biggest of the big I used was the Super-Galactic Center (2 Libra 03, epoch 2000.0), which weighed in at approximately 100 million Solar Masses. That’s why the early degrees of Libra traditionally are considered as charming, evocative and possessing great personal drawing power. NGC 1277 is estimated to be 17 billion Solar Masses! Fortunately, being 250 million light years away, there’s no danger of us being immediately drawn in. To attempt to give this scale, its diameter would be something like eleven times wider than the orbit of Neptune around the Sun. No? Didn’t help? How about the fact that this black hole contains 59% of the central galactic mass of the galaxy of which it is core? That’s sort of a galactic body fat index. The previous largest central galactic mass containment was 11%.

      And of course you want its position: 28 Taurus 38 07.7, epoch 2000.0 - the position for 0 hours GMT on January 1, 2000. To roughly keep up with precession, estimate 8' of an arc per decade, or 50.26" per year. For the Vedic folks in the house: 3 Taurus 53 57 (to the nearest second).

      The size of this black hole and its far-reaching drawing power does not make this galaxy the core of our galaxy. It is not. Our galactic core, despite the plethora of channeled information declaring it to be in the Pleiades, is 27 Sagittarius 02 (epoch 12/1/2012.0). Note: For more information on the Galactic Center or Super Galactic Center, please visit the Galactic Anomalies link on my website. And this black hole object, while close to the Pleiades in longitude and latitude, does not stand in the same place.  The Pleiadian stars are estimated to be much closer to us - some 390 to 460 light years - contrasted with 250 million light years for NGC 1277... that’s further than an e-mail can travel in cyberspace in like... forever.

      To further offset speculation attempts to link this black hole by longitude to stars in the Pleiades, which are now precessing into Gemini, for the next two and a half decades NGC 1277 exclusively owns the 28th degree of Taurus classically perceived to be the degree of the weeping sisters - or brothers depending upon culture. However, all the stars of the Pleiades precessed to range between 29 Taurus 26 and 0 Gemini 23 (epoch 2000.0), so the stars are no longer at the 28th degree of Taurus. Hopefully the complete migration of the Pleiadian stars into Gemini won’t amplify texting, tweeting or social networking.

      Back in the early days of black hole research in astrology... the ancient days some three and a half decades ago... it was assumed black holes might be more rare than they are. It is now believed that the core of each galaxy is a super massive black hole, of which there are an unknown number. So to make a black hole significant nowadays, there needs to be some extraordinary anomalistic factor... such as massiveness to make the singularity noteworthy. Despite all its super massive black hole competitors, NGC 1277 is truly in a class of its own.

      Given the recent announcement all astrologers need to do is look at the recent news to find collective relevance for this black hole awareness. The fiscal cliff (which is really a money speed bump) and the ever-expanding national debt of the United States now pollutes our news cycle with fear and wonder of numbers my calculator cannot contain. Last night here in America, the largest Powerball lottery drawing ever took place - 579 million USD. Back in March the Mega Millions paid out 656 million USD. Perhaps astronomers were feverishly working on black hole mass measurements at that time, too. This past weekend the kick-off of the holiday shopping season set records in stores and online, despite the economy. And people crowded big box stores as if cosmic debris seeking refuge in the core of a black hole.

      Usually I assign a paradox to each black hole and a comprehensive interpretation. Since I just found out about this singularity last night, I’m reluctant to go trite with: “It takes money to make money,” or “You can’t win if you don’t play,” re: the lottery. Here’s what we do know, though. It’s impossible for a Plutocrat to resist the urging of Greed, but that’s not an oxymoron or paradox. Eventually I’ll work up both a delineation and a paradox. For now, consider...

      Recently we had a Sun, Mercury and lunar node conjunction in opposition to this black hole. Remember the yearning to make a difference, do something big, beat the bugger boo of mundane life once and for all? That’s it. The yearning may have even created obsessions and pulled dogged determination from dusty bootstraps. This transit inspired the urge to locate inexhaustible wealth, sustenance for perpetuity, and eternal resourcefulness of spirit. It’s not too late to answer the call of that bell should it be perceived that time has come and gone.

      While it’s more than a cliche to write that one’s true wealth is within, it remains true. If one wants to break free of the previous barriers or life, reach consciousness that truly is universal or explore the adventures of an evolutionary entrepreneur, one must dive into the pool of inner resource without apprehension. While things are generally given up for lent, how about applying a “give something not working up” protocol for this Chanukah, Christmas or Kwanza? According to those that do not believe the Mayan Calendar expired last year, that calendric cusp is coming. Send it out with a bang. Ditch debris that clouds aspiration into the light-consuming vortex that is a black hole.

      NGC 1277 currently trines the transiting position of Makemake (29 Virgo 41), the new planet concerned with expiration of earthly resources and population (only part of its delineation). A photograph taken in 1912 of the iceberg believed to be the one that did in the Titanic just days before the collision will soon be on the auction block. I wonder what that will cost some collector? I wonder who will inherit that from the collector and will its value be appreciated? I wonder how big that iceberg would be today? Doesn’t it just break your heart to see polar bears swimming to the death in the arctic waters with no ice flow to call home? The hell with that, I hear there’s a shortage of the two newest video games for the holidays.

      While some things will continue to expand, a black hole continues to draw in all in its proximity converting the mass of whatever is drawing near to it into energy, light and radiation. Was it encouraging to discover the local county sheriffs’ department is now driving hybrid cars? Absolutely, and they still have helicopters to catch Ferraris and Maseratis. Can the irreversible be halted? Yes, if according to black hole doctrine, that which weighs us down is perceived viewed with an enlightened energy. The dragging weight can be relieved with a black hole ala, “come unto me all ye who are heavy laden,” or whatever the correct translation of the quotation is.

      If you look and buy a galactic lottery ticket, you might be able to finally cash in on all those inner resources. Give yourself a gift for the holidays that will keep on giving.

      Transit alert: If you were born between 1948 and 1963, the Mars-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is squaring your natal Eris in Aries. You are only as excluded as you agree to be. Cultivate your goods and present them in the arena that really rattles your rafters in a good way. No need to be isolated. Seek inclusion with those truly like you.

      It that doesn’t work, schedule a consultation, order a report, or finally dive into the Galactic Trilogy CD. The year is coming to a close, if you want a consultation in 2012, get booking.
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