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Fw: Good for Gravity ~ 23 July 2012

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  • Mark Andrew Holmes
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      Subject: Good for Gravity ~ 23 July 2012

      Sky Scraping

      Good for Gravity ~ 23 July 2012

      First, get your readings lined up. When the following patterns start forming, you might want to get some astrological guidance. Better to get in while you can. And also, shop in the store. Since galactic patterns are referenced below, if you want to get a Galactic Report as a perspective primer of this largely unknown realm, between now and August first, these are only $10.99 (save $3). This report is available ONLY with this link: Galactic Report Special.
      When people quote Newtonian physics, reminding us that gravity is a universal law with which we must all contend, often metaphysical folks report gravity can be overcome. To this day, I’ve not seen any one of those folks protesting gravity fly around the room at will... at least with their bodies. Some of their spirits might be in need of air traffic controllers.

      Regardless, I’ve been hearing a lot of questioning of late as the immutability of fate. Some of this prompted by the attack on the bus of tourists in Bulgaria, movie goers in Aurora, Colorado and other mundane madness. One thing we can all take away from this: The Pluto - Uranus square is strong.  When transited by other planets, it can be triggered into volatile configurations as we witnessed these past days with Mars in Libra fleshing out a powerful t-square.

      Take note. Over the next years as Pluto and Uranus continue their testy tango, pay particular attention to transits of potential volatility. Four times a year for a few days, the Sun, potent by virtue of size (and gravitational influence) aligns with the square. Twice a year lasting about a week, Mars will do the same. In July and August of 2013, Jupiter will fit in a t-square; he’ll do it again in March and April of 2014, creating influence throughout those months.

      The point of noting these testy times is not to cast a veil of doom over life. Simply, the notation is to put out a “heads up, pay attention to life around you” alert. With texting dominating personal mobility activities, there’s a lot that can be missed. Don’t walk over the open street hole as the cartoons love to plot. Be alert when crossing streets, or when in frenzied crowds. Pay attention. Whether there’s danger or not - and unless your horoscope is wired into the pattern at hand, you’ll likely be clear of peril - be aware of life and what’s happening around you.

      Consider the trend of texting while watching the hot new TV show or movie. If electronically interacting with the rest of the world, wouldn’t you miss the stunning visual effects so carefully crafted by the entertainment industry? Wouldn’t you miss facial nuances and plot points? Thank goodness for the recording device. After a show is watched a half dozen times, it can be fully viewed.

      Other planets work to create an awareness of life’s unfoldment and lend a hand to end oblivion. The ongoing opposition of Neptune in Pisces to Orcus (the other Pluto) in Virgo, demands renewed compliance with the ancient doctrine “Be here now,” almost as if that axiom represented an immutable cosmic truth. And there’s a lovely guiding gravity-like thread that follows from following the premise.

      Recalling that Orcus demands that one keep promises, contracts and vows, how about recapitulation to the premises, guidelines and universal constants that stand out as great lodestones for life? Make promises to your spirit/soul/evolving core of your being that you intend to squeeze the most out of every moment as if that moment is the most important moment ever. Confirm to your psyche that no matter what set backs, rejections, and buffets you encounter, you shall remain inspired. If life deals a blow, focus determination. Commit to your soul that you intend to apply all talents and tools with unlimited abandon.

      Then, let gravity kick in. Gravity can guide the “be in the right place at the right time” principle. As much as the physicality of time remains attributed to Saturn, so should the physicality of gravity be attributed to Saturn. In the very near future, two planetary transits to galactically powerful gravity points take place. These transits involve the two largest planets in the solar system, thus invoking more of that pesky gravity as they go.

      In the last couple of days of August 2012, Jupiter opposes the Great Attractor. Courtesy of retrogradation, he reviews this passage at the end of the first full week in November 2012. The completion of this transit triptych occurs in the middle of April 2013.

      Saturn, not to be outdone by his gaseous giant colleague, forms a conjunction with Shapley 8 during the last ten days of this coming October. Despite retrogradation, Saturn gives us only one shot at this transit this go around.

      Now as a fussy point, I did not note the exact dates of passage to either of these massive gravitational entities. First, given the size of these galactic goodies, it’s hard to pinpoint the center. With their vastness, an exact date does not matter anyway. A slower moving planet remains in transit for a notable time. Easily two or three weeks either side of the time ranges given, these transits will be effect. The more galactically involved astrological influences become, the more temporal precision wanes in importance. However, the opposite is true for gravity.

      The Great Attractor and Shapley 8 appear to be the most gravitationally significant bodies in astrophysics. In a few years, we could have even more contenders. While neither point seems to be a black hole, the gravitational steering mechanism of both these galactic anomalies staggers the imagination. If you’re caught up in either of these (Great Attractor = 14 Sagittarius 02; Shapley 8 = 2 Scorpio 20, both positions for epoch 2000.0) in your natal chart, you typically find yourself pushed center stage in work or collective situations, like it or not. Those who harness these energies become inspirational, iconic or one of those developing products and technologies that sweep the planet.

      As planets transit these points, an enormous tsunami of consciousness appears on the horizon. Those tuned into the transits are the ones who can declare if the wave is surf-able, or should be avoided at all costs.

      The Jupiter transits to the Great Attractor provide antidotes to the primary phobia of Eris: exclusion. Individuals or notable mundane events will point out that each person and creature on this planet is part of this planet and cannot be excluded (or allowed to go extinct). All religions, cultures, creeds, platforms must have their place. The urge to convert and convince, and condemn or crucify if the previous failed, must cease. There is a massively ecumenical movement wanting to occur. And the ecumenical nature applies in all walks of life, not just matters of theology.

      The ability to look around the next corner or over the next rise in the road exists for all who bother to tune in during these transit eras. That effect comes courtesy of gravity. The gravity surrounding the Great Attractor and Shapley 8 is so intense, it bends light around them, permitting a view of what is behind the object. Full disclosure. Total inclusion. Attributes for individuals to claim and consciousness for the planet to develop.

      It remains important to note the current Uranus to Pluto square impacts the natal Eris of a vast generation of people, ranging from those born between the late 1930's through the late 1970's. Should you be in that generational range, ask yourself: If you are feeling excluded, will you heal your exclusion and lead or follow? Should your creativity be shunned, will you imagine and innovate like there is no tomorrow or throw in the towel? If you know you are destined for a specific fate, can you step up or are you running the other way?

      Once the decision is made and the declaration (according to Orcus) uttered, gravity kicks in. It’s the law of this land and the realm in which our spirits grow.

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