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Fw: Mining Black Holes ~ 19 June 2012

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  • Mark Andrew Holmes
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      Subject: Mining Black Holes ~ 19 June 2012

      Sky Scraping

      Mining Black Holes ~ 19 June 2012

      Over the past hours we’ve had the Moon in Gemini oppose the Galactic Center.

      During the last two days, the Sun in Gemini opposed the Galactic Center.

      Since late last week strong coronal mass ejections from the Sun blasted Earth, creating a stir to reconnect and stabilize synchronization between an active body/fatigued mind or tired and stressed body/hyper-stimulated mind.

      Mars in Virgo, works his way up to perfect alignment with the Galactic Center on June 27th. He’ll be issuing demands for application of great ideas downloaded by the above mentioned solar and galactic triggers now providing unlimited ingenuity.

      How to mine these inspirations? That’s Jupiter’s job. Opportunists, progressives (not meant in a political context), and/or evolution seekers that use his scheduling and develop all necessary background to the brainstorms demanding development and application will benefit far sooner than expected. More in a moment.

      When will they benefit? Far sooner than normal. Perhaps within weeks.

      Normally Galactic Center downloads take between six and nine months for the collective to catch up with the merit of a leading edge concept. In our next “manifest the magic of new visions, inventions and ingenious platforms” era, Venus puts a bow on the package during the first weekend of August. At that time she opposes the Galactic Center and polishes off the ideas that have recently swirled and are still swirling in the collective ethers. Yes, there’s still time to jump on board to the innovate and evolve trend underway. And, given the collective worries out there, those concerned about viable solutions squint their way through new, complex information with more focus and intent to comprehend than normal.

      The end result of this ahead of the curve receptivity can be monetization. With money, better ideas can be mined.

      Following the inspiration curve still working overtime for the next eight days, we enter a cool idea development cycle that results from Jupiter squaring a pattern of black holes in Virgo and opposing a second set of singularities in Sagittarius. Folks that have planets between three and ten degrees of mutable signs normally work on a cycle where they track a heap of ideas for ten to eleven days, then have a twenty-five day time frame in which the buzz goes away, permitting recently acquired ideas to undergo additional consideration and development. With this Jupiter pattern doing it for everyone, the current buzzing in the brain era extends from now through the first weekend of August, nonstop.

      Underscoring the longer transit of Jupiter to these powerfully agitating black holes is an x-ray pulse of 283 seconds. Back in the olden days before digital cameras, an exposed sheet of photographic paper was put in chemicals and moved about in the solution for a length of time sufficient to bring the “latent image” into full visible (conscious) apparition. Like the photo developing process, this x-ray pulse establishes a minimum time for full concept emergence from a natal moment of realization. If one applies less than this time, the concept becomes one of those, “dang it, I should have written that down” brain stirs that hopefully someone else will capture and manifest for the good of humankind.

      Those who apply this four minute forty-three second rule with religious dedication (part of the inspiration comes from Sag, the presumed sign of traditional religion) capture ideas and secure the first grass roots step. Those who do not shall experience a higher degree of agitation from all the mutable transits for some time to come.

      Should a second idea spawn from contemplation of the first idea, write it down or record it in some way (don’t tell Siri; it’s rumored she tells everyone), then develop that idea for its own 283 second interval upon completion of the first interval. By the way, it’s okay if contemplation lasts longer than 283 seconds; just not less.

      After an idea is captured, copy and paste it, or hard copy the concept. Put it in every possible filing category where it might apply later. This way, when the idea needs to be immediately accessed, it’s everywhere. No frantic searching is necessary.

      Here’s another planets in Gemini/Virgo tip. We’re long past the days of eight letter file names on our computers. Create a title that speaks to its content. Put spaces between those words, making them easier to read. Avoid using underscores in between words as so many feel they must. This actually takes longer to type and causes the brain to shift from lowercase to uppercase mode on the keyboard, which may slow other important cognition keys.

      One final lots of planets in Gemini kluge. We were all trained to read in full sentences. Even when tweeting - if you must - use capitalization, punctuation and proper spelling. You might be amazed how the truncation, clever cwia (create words in acronyms) methods work against the deductive reasoning mode.

      Now looking ahead, this short term trend can be perceived to hold even greater value. In the second full week of November, Mars reaches the Galactic Center. Those with work to show shall find receptive audiences. In January, Jupiter stations in the midst of the black hole pattern described above. In fact, from Pearl Harbor day past five days beyond the next Vernal Equinox, Jupiter is in black hole mental mining mode again.

      Come about a week less than a year from now, Jupiter stands opposite the Galactic Center. That’s what we’re talking about... even the mainstream can catch the wave of insight, evolution and progress.

      So, with all that to come, it might make sense to benefit from a consultation or add Galactic Astrology and real new planets to your astrological models. With such exploration, perhaps the next trigger of a whole wave of evolution resides.
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