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Fw: Visual Astrology Newsletter, April 2012

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  • Mark Andrew Holmes
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      Subject: Visual Astrology Newsletter, April 2012

      Issue No. 85 - The April 2012 edition of the Visual Astrology Newsletter.
      This is a free subscription publication dedicated to visual astrology and fixed stars.
      It is produced by Astro Logos Ltd, UK. 
      A Special Workshop
       2-3 June 2012

       Bernadette Brady and Darrelyn Gunzburg will be running a special weekend in San Diego following their lecture and workshop schedule at UAC 2012.
      The Stars at the Bottom of the Sky - how you will be remembered. 
      In this issue of the Newsletter we look at the stars which form a paran with your natal planets when they are at the nadir, the bottom of the sky.   
      The article explores the question of whether it might it be possible to look at these stars and work consciously with them now during your lifetime in order to create and shape your life in a more harmonious way. We have used dancer and choreograher Pina Bausch as an example of how to work with these special stars. 
      FREE services:  We will email you a listing of your natal fixed stars, with key words. Click here to fill in your natal details.  

      There are many products that can help you add fixed stars and visual astrology to your astrological thinking - visit Astro Logos' astrology shop to explore your learning options. 
      The Visual Astrology Newsletter uses Starlight Software, the software that is returning the stars and the sky to astrology.
      Exlpore Starlight at Zyntara, as well as view the Newsletter Archives dating back to 2005. 

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