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Fixed star alignments (December 11, 2011)

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  • Mark Andrew Holmes
    As of midnight GMT. Asterisks indicate alignments that weren t there a week ago today (with a 1 00 orb).     Jupiter Mirach(Beta Andromedae) Mirach s Ghost
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 18, 2011
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      As of midnight GMT. Asterisks indicate alignments that weren't there a week ago today (with a 1 00' orb).

      Mirach(Beta Andromedae)

      Mirach's Ghost (NGC 404 Andromedae; galaxy)
      *Pearce's Star (AO Cassiopeiae)
      *Bubble Nebula (NGC 7635 Cassiopeiae)
       Mira (Omicron Ceti)
      Alsafi (Sigma Draconis)
      109 Piscium (has planets)

      -Markarian 1 (Piscium, galaxy w/black hole).
      *Ma Wei  (Delta Centauri)
       Tadpole Galaxy (Arp 188 Draconis)
      *Dhanab al Shuja  (Gamma Hydrae)

      The Flying Minnow (Harrington STAR 4 Aurigae; asterism) 
      Deneb Kaitos Schemali  (Iota Ceti)
      Galactic North Pole (Comae Berenices)
      RR Coronae Borealis
      AF Cygni (cataclysmic variables)
      NGC 1399  (Fornacis; galaxy)
      Brolga (Rho Gruis)
      Sellio (6 Lacertae; marks the obsolete constellatin Sellio the Newt)
      Manus Justitia (10 Lacertae; marks the obsolete constellation Manus Justitia, the Hand of Justice)
      Kerb (Tau Pegasi)
      NGC 7457 (Pegasi; galaxy with black hole)
      NGC 7742 (Pegasi; elliptical galaxy with black hole) 
      Gliese 86 (Phoenicis; has planets)
      WZ Sagittarii (cataclysmic variable)
      Lucida Sculptoris (Alpha Sculptoris)
      Sculptor Galaxy  (NGC 253 Sculptoris)

      Tsien Ta Tseang  (10 Trianguli)
      Shalish (12 Trianguli)
      Nili Donum  (14 Trianguli)

      ER Ursae Majoris

      W Ursae Majoris (cataclysmic variables)
      Atoms For Peace Galaxy (NGC 7252 Aquarii)

      Gienah (Epsilon Cygni)
      Tsuru (Theta Gruis)
       Ibycus (Iota Gruis)

      *M-15 (Pegasi; densest known globular cluster)
      Vincla (Theta Coronae Australis)
      Cerberus (106 Herculis; marks the obsolete constellation by that name)
      Dahlgren's Star (V533 Herculis; cataclysmic variable)
      Kaus Borealis  (Lambda Sagittarii)
      Tow (21 Sagittarii)

      Clipeus (Zeta Scuti)
      Tang (Eta Serpentis)
      Ki (Delta-1 Telescopii)
      Saderazra (Delta Andromedae)
      Kui (Zeta Andromedae)
      Tien-Ke (Theta Andromedae)
      VV Cephei (cataclysmic variable)

      Baten Kaitos (Zeta Ceti)
      *SS Cygni (cataclysmic variable)

      *Markarian 409 (Aquarii; variable galaxy)

      *Tso Ke (Rho Aquilae)

      *Chi Cygni (variable star)

      *HD 187123 ((Cygni; has planets)

      *Foxhead Cluster (NGC 6819 Cygni; open cluster)

      *Struve 2398  (Draconis; nearby star)

      *Foo Pih  (Gamma Hydri)

      *Shay Fuh (Nu Hydri)

      *Epsilon Indi (nearby star, an early object of interest in ETI)

      *Adamastor  (Beta Mensae)

      WZ Sagittae (cataclysmic variable)

      *Ramphastos (Alpha Tucanae)


      *Birdun (Epsilon Centauri)

      *Al Nair al Baten (Zeta Centauri)

      *R Coronae Borealis (variable star)

      *Zubenelgenubi (Alpha Librae)

      *Mululizi  (Delta Librae)

      *Debehogne's Object (Librae; variable galaxy)

      *Anopheles  (Epsilon Muscae)

      *LX Serpentis (cataclysmic variable)

      *Fe Yu (Zeta Volantis)

      *Kuh (Mu Capricorni)
      *Sze Wei (Beta Equulei)
      *Tian He (Omicron Gruis)


      HD 210277 (Aquarii;has planets)
      Helix Nebula  (NGC 7293 Aquarii)
      Al Uzza (Upsilon Gruis)
      *Shay Show (Epsilon Hydri)
      *Enif (Epsilon Pegasi)

      North Node
       Cendrawasi (Alpha Apodis)

      Rex Saxonia (Epsilon Apodis)

      Indica (Eta Apodis)

      Iridia (Kappa Apodis)
      RR Chamaeleontis (cataclysmic variable)

      Sarin (Delta Herculis)

      Water Fountain Nebula (IRAS 16342-3814 Scorpii)

      Great Attractor (Abell 3627 Trianguli Australe)  
      South Node
      Deneb Zirafah (Gamma Camelopardalis)

      Opik (HD 1382 Camelopardalis)
      CI Camelopardalis (cataclysmic variable)
      Kemble's Cascade (NGC 1502 Camelopardalis aka Harrington STAR 3; an open cluster)
      Fuliginosa (Omicron Columbae)
      Witch Head Nebula (IC 2118 Eridani)
      Westbrook Nebula (CRL 618 Persei)
       RV Tauri (variable star)
      Mark A. Holmes
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