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Re: Ptolemy: geographic rulerships (sidereal signs)

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  • okku
    Hi Diana and Mark Mine amateur exercise: Gadhafi s Mar/Ven midpoint on the his Sun with Hunter s star Rigel. Mars/Procyon,Venüs/Hamal.Two fixed stars have
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 23, 2011
      Hi Diana and Mark

      Mine amateur exercise:

      Gadhafi's Mar/Ven midpoint on the his Sun with Hunter's star Rigel. Mars/Procyon,Venüs/Hamal.Two fixed stars have Mars nature.

      Hamal:''According to another account it was the ram that guided Bacchus to a spring of water in the Libyan desert.'' [Robson, p.31.]

      Procyon :According Mesopotamians as ''The Star of the Crossing of the Water - Dog' Gadhafi was hunted in drainage pipes.

      With Mars: ''Cruelty, violence, scandal and slander, disgrace and ruin, danger of dog bites.'' [Robson)
      Ronald Reagan labelled Gaddafi "the mad dog of the Middle East".

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      > --- In thefixedstars@yahoogroups.com, "Diana K Rosenberg" <fixed.stars@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Mark sent: Venus aligned with Zubenalgenubi right now - (should be
      > > Zubenelgenubi),
      > Sorry.
      > which is alpha Librae in the Scales.
      > >
      > > Thank you, Mark.
      > >
      > > Venus transiting the Libra Scales:
      > > According to Ptolemy, the areas governed by the Libra Scales and Venus are
      > > Bactriana, Casperia, Serica, Thebais, Oasis and Troglodytica. Bactriana
      > > (Bactria) is now NW Afghanistan, S Turkmenistan and S Uzbekistan (about
      > > 35-38N, 65E): Ptolemy's Oasis was the E Libyan Desert, "7 days journey from
      > > Thebes;" the 1951 chart for Libyan independence has Venus in the Scales; at
      > > the the 1969 proclamation of a republic, Neptune did the honors (it should
      > > be noted that both charts also have stelliums in tropical Libra; at the 2011
      > > downfall of dictator Muammar Qaddafi, Venus was at Zubenelgenubi, Alpha
      > > Librae.
      > >
      > > Uranus transiting Omega Piscium of the Pisces Fishes:
      > > Ptolemy also held that in Africa the Fishes ruled Phazania (modern Fezzan in
      > > southwestern Libya, south of Tripolitania), Nasamonitis, now the area of the
      > > Gulf of Sidra and city of Agheila in northeast Libya, and Garamantica, in
      > > the south-central Libyan desert: Libya's independence was gained in 1951
      > > with Jupiter in the Fishes, and was proclaimed a republic in 1969 with the
      > > NNode there. At the 2011 downfall of dictator Muammar Qaddafi, Uranus was at
      > > Omega Piscium.
      > I think Omega Piscium has a proper name: Vernalis...which is Latin for "having to do with springtime." I think that's because it's close to the vernal equinox point (0 Aries). (I don't believe I coined that name; sometime I need to get all the star names I coined listed and posted.)
      > Funny that the recent uprisings against dictators in the Middle East and North Africa just happen to be known collectively as the Arab Spring...
      > Mark A. Holmes
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