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  • Gabriella
    Diana, I found the following leaders with planets between 9-14 Aries: Al Gore: Sun at 10:25 Aries Ali Abdallah Saleh, - Pres of Yemen – Merc+ Venus here :
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 11, 2011

      Diana, I found the following leaders with planets between 9-14 Aries:

      Al Gore: Sun at 10:25 Aries

      Ali Abdallah Saleh, - Pres of Yemen – Merc+ Venus here : 21.March, 1946 San'a Yemen

      Hans-Adam II Prince of Lichtenstein : 14 Feb 1945 – Venus at 11:31 Aries

      Karolos Papoulias – Pres. Of Greece : 4.6.1929 Ioannina, Greece – Uranus at 10:39 Aries with hades, ect…

      Robert Mugabe =Pres of Zimbabwe – 21 Feb 1924 – Venus at 9:35 Aries

      Nicolas Sarkozy – 28 Jan 1955 Paris , France Mars at 9:26 Aries

      Shimon Peres  2 Aug 1923 – Moon at 13:23 Aries.


      I am most worried for Sarkozy.



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      With all the talk of Aries and fires, I thought you might like to know that tropical 11-13 Aries (Lahiri sidereal 17-20 Pisces) is the highest-scoring fire area of all!  On April 30 - May 1 the Moon will cnj Venus there, both opposing Saturn, so let's see what happens - I'm very concerned about Fukushima . It's also a major assassination area - Mu Cephei is a red star in the King's head!


      Sorry-alignments get lost in e-mail transmissions; for Lahiri, add 6 minutes and go back one sign (in the book there's a Lahiri column added);


      From my book, Secrets of the Ancient Skies (positions are for 2000.0; for 2012, add 10')


                                                                                      Long            Lat            Dec        RA         M           Spec

      Mu Cephei  "Garnet Star" in King’s head         9AR42        64 12        58 47      21 44     4.08        M2 Ia

      51 Piscium  in cord, West Fish                       10AR11          3 11          6 57        0 32     5.67        B9 V

      Nova Lacertae 1936  in crown of Cepheus   11AR12        58 52        55 37      22 16     -----       -----

       Bright; appeared on Cepheus/Lacerta border June 18, 19 36 ; “officially” in Lacerta, but actually in the

       original crown of Cepheus, the King. King Edward VIII of England abdicated less than 6 months later

      Chi Pegasi  where horse is cut off                  11AR36        17 03        20 12         0 15     4.80        M2 III

       a star of India 's Uttarabhadrapada and China 's Tung-Pi (see previous set)

      Dheneb  Eta Ceti  Sea-Monster’s flank          11AR46      -16 07      -10 11        1 09      3.45        K2 III

      14 Andromedae     chained right wrist            11AR58        38 14        39 14      23 31     5.22        K0 III


      Also here: Psi Pegasi in Flying Horse's belly (10AR05), 14 Cephei in the King's crown (12AR01), and dim stars in the cord of Pisces. In the modern figures, stars of Lacerta, the Lizard and Fornax, the Furnace. This set spans 9AR30 to 12AR34. The Sun transits these longitudes approximately March 29th to April 2nd


      Mundane: Fires!!!, explosions, wanton destruction, looting,  gas events, asphyxiation; underground springs, gasses, heat, pressures, eruptions; meteorite falls, assassinations, assassination attempts.


      King Cepheus wears a Crown of Fire! (Romans called him inflammatus, and star researcher Jobes wrote "a fire burns within him - this is revealed by Mu Cephei"). Consider: *Ibn Ezra, an 11th-century astrologer who followed Ptolemy in most of his constellation descriptions, broke from this guide and listed in the place of Cepheus, "The Lady of the Flame" (Epstein has "The Inflamed One"); *the Hsiu Tung-Pi was cited in Sun Tzu’s classic “Art of War” (ca 500 BCE ) as a  propitious lunar placement for attacks with fire; *In the 1750’s Abbé de La Caille created, in these longitudes, the modern constellation of Fornax, the Furnace;  *In ancient China, 14 Andromedae was part of T'ien-Kiou, “The Celestial Stables” housing sacred sacrificial horses, exemplars of the principle of fire;  *The two Bhadrapadha nakshatras (this is Uttarabhadrapadha) were known as ‘the Scorching Pair,’ connected with all things hot and burning: research has proved this to be one of two areas with the highest number of fires in the zodiac. Among them: Moon: Exeter Theatre fire, 1887, England: 200 died, many suffocated by smoke; Mercury: Triangle Clothing Factory Fire, 1911, New York City: 146 died, mostly young women trapped on upper floors (Andromeda, entrapment!); Saturn, L’Innovation Department Store fire 1967, Brussels: 322 killed; Venus, start of fire-bombing of Dresden, 1945, more than 35,000 civilians killed, architectural treasures destroyed; Bradford, England football stadium fire 1985 (53 killed) and the "Move" cult bombing by Philadelphia police causing a fire that gutted entire city block (11 dead, 200 homeless); Mars: 10-hour fire destroyed Lisbon’s Chiado shopping district, 1988; Mars st rx 1988, start of the Yellowstone fires and the 1988 Ramstein, Germany Air Show disaster when three planes collided and crashed in flames, parts hitting spectators (70 killed, 500 injured); Uranus: Crile Hospital fire, 1929, Cleveland, OH (x-ray film gasses asphyxiated 124), and Uranus at the 1257 Winter Solstice just before Genghis Khan’s grandson Hulagu with 200,000 Tatars pillaged and burned Baghdad, a center of culture and learning; Neptune, 1865: a boiler explosion and fire wrecked paddle-wheeler “Sultana” carrying 2,500, most of them Union soldiers returning from Civil War, on the Mississippi River near Memphis, TN: 1,238 were killed outright or drowned - “the worst maritime disaster in American history;” NNode, 1987, the “Great Black Dragon Fire” in Manchuria, “the worst forest fire in 300 years” that destroyed prime timber stands in vast stretches of China and Soviet Union; SNode: TWA Flight 800 exploded, crashed in flames into Atlantic off Long Island in 1996, killing 230; MC, Cancer Ingress 1994, Leavenworth, WA, 2 months before severe forest fires forced evacuation of town (fires raged throughout Pacific NW); MC when an accidental explosion caused by thieves siphoning oil from a pipeline ignited an inferno near Jesse, Nigeria in 1998; about 800 killed, entire villages and croplands destroyed. This was the Moon at the 1979 Three Mile Island nuclear accident and partial meltdown, Mercury at the 1986 Chernobyl , USSR nuclear explosion, fire and meltdown! There are underground fires, gas pressures and springs as well: the gigantic eruption of Thera, Greece has been traced by scientists to "the summer of 1628 BCE ;" if they meant -1628, then it would have been preceded by the Capricorn Ingress of 1630 BCE (-1629), which had a Mars-Pluto conj here (cnj the Dsc at Thera) (it was this ingress which showed the danger most clearly); this was the IC at the notorious eruption of Vesuvius in 79 CE that destroyed Pompeii and Herculaneum, burying and entombing them for centuries under layers of ash, the IC at New Madrid, MO at a SolEcl in Sept, 1811 (path through US) 3 months before a series of massive quakes hit, Dec, 1811 to Feb, 1812 (this was Mars at the last and strongest of them); Jupiter was here at the 1963 eruption of Surtsey, a new volcanic island off Iceland, Saturn at the Aries Ingress of 125 BCE when the 1st thermal station was established at the sulfur-alkaline springs of Aix-Les-Bains, France, the Asc of a deadly CO2 gas burst from Lake Nyos, Cameroon in 1986 that killed 1,746 villagers and more than 8,300 animals, the MC when a series of violent gas explosions ripped open streets in Guadalajara, Mexico, 1992, killing more than 500. Comedian Richard Pryor who attempted suicide by fire, had the SNode here (addictions, heart attacks, multiple sclerosis). This was Mercury in 1996 when a mother cat suffered severe burns rescuing her kittens from a fire - rushed to a shelter by a firefighter, 4 of the 5 kittens and the mother,“Scarlett,” survived and became world-famous. The International Red Cross, founded in 1864, has Neptune here.


      Re assassinations: this was Abraham Lincoln’s Venus and Czar Alexander II’s MC; Lincoln freed the slaves, Alexander freed the serfs (Andromeda!); both were assassinated for their pains. This was the Moon of assassinated Czar Nicholas II, Moon and SNode of assassinated Israeli PM Yitzak Rabin, Pluto of assassinated US Pres James Garfield, Saturn of murdered revolutionary Leon Trotsky (axed in the head), SNode of singer-songwriter John Lennon (murdered-shot in the head) and Press Sec’y James Brady, shot in the head in the Reagan assassination attempt with a Sun-Mars cnj here; this was Neptune at Lincoln’s assassination (Venus had been here at his Solar Return 2 months earlier, where it ruled the 1st and 8th houses), Jupiter at the assassination of John F Kennedy; the MC when Yitzak Rabin was killed at a peace rally (most of these were shot in the head: Mu Cephei is a red star in the King’s head!). Venus was here at the Aries Ingress of 1914, 2 months before the Sarajevo assassination of Austria 's Archduke Ferdinand, the event that triggered WWI.


      Hang in there - book ready soon. We are working on the index now.


      Love, Diana


      PS: the other highest-scoring stars are at 27-29 Cancer, tropical, 3-5 Cancer Lahiri sidereal).

      PPS: On 4/30, Mars and Jupiter conjoin aligned with shipwreck-and-assassination star Baten Kaitos in Cetus, the Sea-Monster -

      Cetus is definitely implicated in tsunamis -- he was culminating at the Japanese event - I think that's why the ancients put a "Sea-Monster" there - you can't put a picture of a tsunami in the sky, but you can put a representation of a "monstrous sea"

      Website: http://ye-stars.com


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