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earliest Japan chart - 660 BC

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  • Diana K Rosenberg
    Marjorie Rosen sent New Imperial Constitution Adopted Feb 11 1889 Tokoyo 11:30 am World Astrology Magazine, May 1939, pg 6. Will America Go to War? by Maria
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 18, 2011
      Marjorie Rosen sent

      New Imperial Constitution Adopted

      Feb 11 1889


      11:30 am

      World Astrology Magazine, May 1939, pg 6. "Will America Go to War?" by

      Maria Major

      Same data but time 10:30 AM. Horoscope page 23, June 1939, "Mundane

      Forecast" by

      Elizabeth Aldrich.

      August 14 1945 Japan announced that it would agree to stop hostilities on

      the basis of the

      terms laid down by the Potsdam Conference.

      Wynn's Astrology, Dec 1945, pg 21. " Key cycle of the month" when Japan


      Aug 14 1945 2:49 PM Tokoyo time, Japanese surrendered.

      AFA Bulletin Vol 46 #5.

      May 3 1947


      0:00 JST

      Constitution was passed by both houses of the Diet at midnight, Tokyo

      American astrology, June 1967, pg 14 "Japan at the Crossroads--" by A


      Japanese Surrender Ceremony

      Sep 01 1945

      Tokyo Bay Zone -9:00



      Campion mentions another chart for Japan - the accession of the first emperor - Jimmu - in 660 BC, and remarks in boldface, "this should be the basis of Japan's 1st horoscope" - the notes at the back of the book indicate that it should be set for Kyoto. Even tho there is no time, I gave it a try, using Noon LAT, because I have found that very often the earliest horoscope you can find is often the best (Feb 11, 660 BC (-659), 12 PM LAT, Kyoto, Japan, 35N00, 135E45 (interesting - Feb 11th again - see Constitution chart above).  I was startled to see that the 660 BC Saturn was 7 Cap 16 (quake Pluto 7 Cap 17! )  There are more correlations -- for instance, quake IC and Poseidon 9 Scorp 21 and 9 Scorp 53: 660 BC Neptune 9 Scorp 04, noon Moon 10 Scorp 39! 660 BC Hades 28 Sag 17, quake NNode 28 Sag 37.   Adding precession (37 deg 16 min) takes Mercury from 22 Aquar 44 to 0 Aries 00!  There's more - no time now - give it a try!

       Almost forgot to mention - I took the 1933 quake/tsunami in the same area (Richter said 8.9, now rated 8.4) and put it in a bi-wheel with this quake in the outer ring - WOW! 14 tight contacts - just amazing - data is: Mar 2, 1933, 5:30 PM UT. Sanriku, Japan, 39N12, 144E30: 1933 Venus to 2011 Saturn, Neptune to Venus, Mars to Sun (exact if you add the 1deg 5 min precession correction to the Sun), Uranus to Merc, Merc to Eris, Jupiter to Admetos-Hades cnj, Eris to Uranus, MC to Kronos, Admetos to Chiron, Moon to Vesta, Kronos to Dsc, Vulcanus to Equatorial Dsc, Asc to Vx, even Transpluto got into the act, at the '33 Cupido; Fortuna at '33 quake was 24 Libra 28; 2011 Fortune 26 Libra 30. '33 Asc was 5 Cap 56 (with precession added, 7 Cap 01), so the 660 BC Saturn and 1933 Asc are both now transited by Pluto.

      Fixed stars? How about Satabishaj (aka Hydor, Ekchusis - "outpouring"), Lambda and 78 Aquarii, at the ecliptic, now 11 Pisc 45 and 12 Pisc 20- Sun, 1933, Mars at this monster - Satabishaj is the determinant star of the Vedic nakshatra "Requiring 100 Physicians"! In China it's part of the hsiu Wei, "Danger." Uranus 2011 and Mercury '33 were at 29 Pisces - Scheat, Beta Pegasi, associated with drowning and "extreme misfortune"  The 0 Gem Moon (at the '33 Vesta) is the Pleiades Cluster - "something to weep about"

      By the way, for Uranian and Nodes fans, 2011 Mars at 12 Pisc 46 is on the SNode of Hades!  '33 Saturn/2011 Venus on the SNode of Neptune --and on and on and on.

      Love, Diana




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