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RE: [thefixedstars] the Pleiades, Aldebaran, Satabishaj, Perseus the Rescuer, Cetus the Sea-Monster

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  • Gabriella
    Diana! You are a genius!! What a work! From where all those historical data? Did you gather them one by one? A m a z I n g !! I want to be the first to have
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      Diana! You are a genius!!

      What a work! From where all those historical data? Did you gather them one by one?

      A m a z I n g !!

      I want to be the first to have your book dear! Wellllllllllll???

      Big Hug


      Gabriella Mittelman- 

      "Well behaved women rarely make history"

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      Yes, Gaby is right on two counts -


      First, the lucida (brightest star) of the Pleiades Cluster is Alcyone, now at 0 Gem 09; the Moon of the quake was 0 Gem 07;

      The entire cluster is bracketing the Taurus/Gemini border: the earliest is Electra at 29 Taurus 34, then there's

      Caelano, Maia, Merope, Taygete, Sterope (aka Asterope, "The Storm Pleiade"), they run from 29 Taur 35 to

      29 Taur 54, then comes Alcyone, 0 Gem 09 and Pleione, 0 Gem 15.


      At the 29 Taurus degrees, I have:

      Fires, shipwrecks, air crashes, attacks, forced evacuation, banishment, exile, imprisonment, murder, assassination, devastation but also rescues; use of tear gas; weeping, tears, rain (rains and storms have been associated with the Pleiades, but I have found that for the most part these are more likely to occur earlier, nearer Algol, or later, at the Hyades cluster, 6 - 12ยบ further on; actually, the entire span is “watery”)


      That "forced evacuation, banishment, exile" is a very strong pattern here -- for instance, this was Neptune in 586 BCE at Nebuchadrezzar of Babylon's utter destruction of Jerusalem , including the 1st Temple (his second attack): the 2nd phase of the Babylonian exile and diaspora followed; Venus at the 1986 Chernobyl , Ukraine atom plant fire and meltdown (the townspeople were forcibly exiled and could never return to their homes).  The notorious eruption of Mt Pelee, Martinique in 1902 had Mercury at Electra - in this case, the frightened people had been prevented from leaving the island because the governor wanted everyone to stay for an election! The entire populace - about 29,000 - were wiped out, so evacuation was an issue, but it went the other way!


      At the 0 Gemini Pleiades degrees, which also include stars of Perseus, the Rescuer, I have:


      The Pleiades cluster, according to Ptolemy, brings on earthquakes, winds and fog (the entire stretch from Algol through the Pleiades and into the Hyades Cluster is extremely volatile in every way). This was the Sun at the great 8.5 Chile earthquake in 1960, one of a series accompanied by tsunamis that destroyed countless towns – 2 days later Puyehue Volcano erupted: the disasters killed about 5,000; the Moon at the calamitous 9.0 quake/tsunami off Honshu, Japan, 2011; the SNode was here at the 1994 6.6 Northridge, Los Angeles quake, Jupiter at the huge 1727 eruption of Iceland's Oraefajokull volcano, the MC when a frightful quake hit Calabria, Italy in 1857: “entire villages were engulfed in the gigantic yawning fissures,” Pluto when a typhoon hit Haiphong, China in 1881, killing thousands, a Pluto/SNode cnj at a Bombay, India storm and sea surge in 1882 that killed about 100,000, the Asc in 1961 when US Pres J F Kennedy was sworn in 51 minutes after the scheduled noon event, due to high winds (Perseus rising described him: he had been a war hero - but this is also an area of assassinations). A May SolEcl here (sq Saturn in the Water-Pourer) preceded persistent rains and storms that caused the Great Mississippi Flood of 1993 


      Perseus, the Rescuer's stars here are:

      ((these are 2000 positions; for 2011, add 9-10 minutes))


      Al Atik (Atiks) Omicron Persei left leg, foot      1GE09        12 11        32 17        3 44     3.83v      B1 III

      Marfak (Al Jamb) Alpha Persei  right side       2GE05        30 08        49 52        3 24     1.80        F5 I


      2nd, Gaby also mentioned Aldebaran, which is associated, with it's exact opposite star Antares, with nuclear events:


      Aldebaran  Alpha Tauri                                    9GE47       - 5 28        16 31        4 36     0.85        K5 III

       Oculus Tauri, the Bull's South (right) Eye   Red Giant star w/White Dwarf companion; Infra-red source

       Royal Star: Watcher, or Guardian of the East 

      Mu Persei   near Perseus' right knee               10GE48        26 42        48 25        4 15     4.14        G0 I


      This was the Sun at the Full Moon preceding the Chalk River, Ontario nuclear accident in 1952 (these stars were Rising at the crisis), Saturn at the 1st sustained nuclear chain reaction in 1942 (opposite Sun at Antares), Venus at the 1st atomic explosion, codenamed “Trinity,” at Alamogordo, NM in 1945, launching the Atomic Age, Mars 20 days later when the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan, Saturn at the 1972 Salt I Antiballistic Missile Treaty signing, Venus at the US-USSR signing of the Threshold Test Ban Treaty limiting underground nuclear weapons tests and at the 1979 Salt II Treaty signing.This was the IC at the Middletown, PA Three Mile Island nuclear plant partial meltdown in 1979.


      The mundane summary for the Aldebaran starset:

      Major historical events and treaties; wars, battles (especially sea-battles), attacks, invasions, armadas; shipwrecks, atomic events, terrific energies unleashed, intense violence, assassinations, fires, air contamination, floods, natural disasters, and (combined with the Hyades) foundings of nations and cities, racial, religious or ethnic conflicts, issues of national sovereignty


      Another star area that is notable here is Mars' position at 12 Pisces 46 - this is the area of the water pouring from Aquarius' Urn:

      Stabishaj, Lambda Aquarii, now 11 Pisc 44, 78 Aquarii, 12 Pisc 19, and 98 Aquarii, 13 Pisc 28:


      Fogs, storms, floods, shipwrecks, air crashes, explosions, major city-wide fires, unusually powerful earthquakes and eruptions, war, great battles, assassinations, stalking, murder; captures, kidnappings, liberations; animal attacks; meteorite falls; acts of brutal intolerance; epidemics; great discoveries 


      Satabishaj is the one definite determinant star of the Vedic nakshatra "The Hundred Physicians" which may originally have meant "Requiring a Hundred Physicians"


      Finally, the constellation culminating was Cetus, the Sea-Monster: this is from my book:


      Manilius (ca 10 CE) wrote of a huge, vengeful beast of writhing scaly coils and massive gaping jaws, his huge body covering the great sea, drenching its winged attacker [Perseus] with a bloody deluge, driving the surging waves before him, making the very mountains and cliffs quake..."an angry sea lay in enmity over the land, the land was shipwrecked in the flood, and what had been a kingdom became a sea".


      Stars of Cetus have been transited at historic quake-tsunamis, among them: 365 CE: Crete and Alexandria, Egypt; 1692: Port Royal, Jamaica; 1703, Genroku, Japan; 1755: Lisbon, Portugal; 1783: Calabria, Italy; 1877: Chile & Peru; 1896: Sanriku, Japan; 1906:Colombia/Ecuador; 1908: Messina, Italy; 1923: Tokyo/Yokohama; 1933: Sanriku, Japan; 1946, Hilo, Hawaii; 1964:Alaska; 1998, Papua, New Guinea. In May 2004 a LunEcl squared Neptune, the Sun aligned with Menkar, Alpha Ceti, in the Sea-Monster's jaw (Liber Hermetis said "Ocean rises"), then at the Winter Solstice, Cetus culminated at the epicenter with the Antivertex, NNode and Moon aligned with Cetus' stars just 5 days before monstrous Indian Ocean earthquake-engendered tsunamis devastated shorelines of 12 countries, killing between 200,000 and 310,000; at the quake-tsunami itself, the NNode was at Rho Ceti, in the Monster's water-ramming breast; Aug, 2005: as hurricane Katrina inundated New Orleans, the NNode and Mars were aligned with the Sea-Monster's stars. NOW I'LL BE ADDING THIS EVENT


      Ptolemy flatly declared that all of Cetus’ stars were Saturnian, and as one of the constellations in the form of swimming things, he had it influencing creatures that live in the sea as well as fleets as they sail. (Today whales and other large sea creatures are fascinating mammals that many try to study, help and protect, but Cetus was, originally, a figure that was evil, ugly, and dangerous).


      Finally, I want to tell you that in my book I use formatting (bold, italics etc) to make the text more readable, but these are wiped out in e-mail transmissions, so the text becomes dense and somewhat hard to read - sorry!


      Love, Diana



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