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Regulus, from Secrets of the Ancient Skies

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  • Diana K Rosenberg
    _____ From my book: * (positions are epoch 2000.0) Long Lat Dec RA M Spec Adhafera Zeta Leonis in Lion’s mane
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 25, 2011

      From my book: *    
      (positions are epoch 2000.0)

                                                                              Long            Lat            Dec        RA         M           Spec


      Adhafera Zeta Leonis  in Lion’s mane             27LE34        11 52        23 25      10 17     3.44        F0 III

       Part of China ’s Rain Dragon asterism of the Great Red Bird: the “dragon” was a treadle irrigation device

       Lunar Mansions: India : Leo’s bright sickle-shaped head was Magha, “The Great:” see Algenubi, 20LE;

       In the Arabic Manzils, a star of al-Jabhah, The Forehead (of their ancient huge lion)

      Al Jabhah Eta Leonis  Lion's neck/throat         27LE54          4 52        16 46      10 07     3.52        A0 Ib

       Lunar Mansions: same as Adhafera, above.

      Tien Tsan Psi Ursae Major bend, hind leg       28LE49        35 32        44 30      11 10     3.01        K1 III

        In ancient China this single star represented the parents of the Emperor

      Algieba Gamma1 Leonis  bk of hd, nr neck      29LE20          8 49        19 57      10 19     2.28        K0 III

       Lunar Mansions: India: a star of Magha, “The Great:” see Algenubi, 20 LE

      Kappa Pyxidis  Compass (Mast of Argo)       29LE23      -40 06      -25 52        9 08     4.58        gM0

      Regulus Alpha Leonis     Lion's heart              29LE50          0 28        11 58      10 08     1.35        B7 V

       Cor Leonis: Royal Star: Watcher or Guardian of the North; last remaining royal star in a fixed sign; will

       reach 0° Virgo in 2012 - perhaps the end of hereditary monarchy? Lunar Mansions: see Adhafera, above


      Also here: Nu, Pi Leonis (27LE21, 29LE19) in Lion’s breast or shoulder and Leo I Galaxy just above the Lion’s heart (29LE43);

      Iota Hydrae (27LE39) in Water-Snake’s neck; SNR (supernova remnant) Puppis A (27LE25) in Argo’s Stern, Vela OB2 (28LE43),

      a luminous star group in Argo’s Sail, and 59 Pyxidis (28LE44) in the Compass (originally, Mast) of Argo; Black Hole binary

      XTE J1118+480 (28LE14) and 47 Ursae Majoris (29LE04) in Big Bear’s hind leg. The 912 CE perihelion of Halley's Comet was here,

      above Leo's head: Dukedom of Normandy established with Robert I (Rollo) as Duke; Edward the Elder recaptured Wessex from

      Danes. The heliocentric NNode of Neptune was here in 3,300 BCE , the approximate date of the invention of writing in Sumer; this

      was the Moon at the (1st of triple) extremely rare once-every 4,000 year (approx) cnj of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto of 577 BCE

      during the great "Axial Age" of religious and philosophical transformation.  Set span: 26LE48 to 0VI10 (Lahiri: 2LE57 to 6LE19).

      The Sun transits these longitudes approximately August 19th to August 22nd  


      The Lyon 's herte is called of some men, the Royall Starre,

       for they that are borne under it, are thought to have a royall nativitie.

                                                                      - William Salysbury, 1552


      A frame of adamant, a soul of fire, no dangers fright him, and no labours tire.

                                  - Samuel Johnson (Uranus here), Vanity of Human Wishes


                  If the star of the great lion is gloomy the heart of the people will not rejoice

                                                                                                 - cuneiform tablet, Nineveh


      From the heart, center-of-being of the Lion, comes strength, courage and authority; combined with stars Hydra's heart and Argo’s mast, this is a place of essence, a sacred core separate from the agitation and confusion of earthly existence. Capable of transcendent intelligence, these souls, at their best, are carriers and transmitters of light. Fired up by inspiration, with an intense need to win and overcome, their motto is “nothing is impossible.” Proud, courageous, restless, daring,  pioneering, ready to risk their necks for any and every kind of eminence, fiercely aggressive, ready to die for their beliefs, they readily put themselves (and others!) in the line of fire; sadly they often commit the error of believing that their high-mindedness, willpower and grand overview will sweep aside all barriers; heads in the clouds, hearts high, they will take on well-nigh impossible tasks; some consider themselves too “noble” to wheel and deal, to get into the nitty gritty of politics and the necessary compromises of life; unless they temper their enthusiasm with common sense, their high-spirited idealism may be shipwrecked on the shoals of harsh reality. Their extreme independence makes it probable that they will be largely self-taught; for their primary school is life. Self-reliant, self-disciplined, natural order-givers, inventive, intuitive, creative problem-solvers, persistent, stubborn and innovative, they are willing to think the unthinkable and to make it work! Leos in both zodiacs, they tend to be arrogant, insensitive and impertinent, and are not good at subservience - their authoritarian natures may make them harshly judgmental, demanding, even violent; if they do not temper their domineering ways, they may find themselves the target of rebellion (or the long arm of the law!) Naturally dramatic, they are actors on stage or in real life; even if they start out shy and retiring, they may rise to important, influential positions and the friendship of leaders and highly-placed people, or are born or marry into such situations; when they reach positions of command, they expect to be honored, followed and obeyed. Their almost painful need for respect and desire to dominate lead some to glorification of a military ethos, paternalism, a belief in “divine right” or “manifest destiny.” The Chinese called Regulus Tching-I, the "Great Mistress" and indeed, there are many prominent female leaders here, manifestations of Egyptian Lion-goddess Sekhmet and Ishtar/Venus in her warrior mode. The church, government, military command, geneology and medicine (especially cardiothoractics and heart surgery) are common professions, for they offer the opportunity for near-absolute authority; but with their elitism, need to feel superior and hold the upper hand, there is a danger of arrogance and lack of care for the people under them, as well as possible racism or “ethnic cleansing,” either committed or suffered. There is a love of nature, and a great feeling for mythology and ancient texts. Many have an extraordinary gift for pattern perception, especially in languages and communications, and there is often a powerful physical ability, demonstrated in sports and dance. Some born under these stars suffer physical afflictions, but innate courage and determination carry them through. Idealism is essential, care must be taken about what goals are chosen: for if all races, religions, nations and classes are not included in their visions and aspirations, the Lion’s ferocity may take over and violence and cruelties perpetrated; some will try to justify these actions by convincing themselves they are doing “God’s work” while committing murder and/or the ordering or taking part in mass deaths. Even when they are caught in misdeeds, they hold their heads high and claim it was for the good of all! This is an area of intense sexuality, and they can be undone by their passions, for their keen desire for success and honors can tempt them into brutality, intemperence, corruption and eventual disgrace. There are issues of elitism, the use and misuse of power or position; honesty (Morse suggests some born under these stars are “less than truthful”) versus corruption, poverty or wealth, of procrastination versus “getting the job done,” and they may either suffer from intolerance or be instruments of fanaticism, hatred, bigotry, and the denigration of others. Along with China ’s Sing mansion relating to clothing, this is the area of the Lion’s mane (Adhafera is from Arabic al-dafira, “the lock of hair”); many born with placements here have an unusual feeling for hair, arranging and dressing their own or others. Here Argo's mast, an analogue of the cosmic Tree of Life, the vertical axis of communication between heaven and earth, pulls down inspiration and guidance, while Leo's royal heart warms all who come into its radiant aura. Heart, head and eye ailments or injuries, blindness, addictions (including sexual addiction), cancer, neurological problems, inherited genetic ailments, drug abuse, suffering and/or deaths from hatred, persecutions. Shipwrecks, storms (not a high score, but when they happen with planets here, they can be extreme), epidemics, battles, meteorite falls, events related to world leaders, assassinations

      Love, Diana
      *Secrets of the Ancient Skies (in the final version, I have added a column, "Lahiri" giving the sidereal position of each star). The printing has been delayed
      because we are struggling with the problem of creating an index.
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