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Diana R. on the Political Astrology list: The Aldebaran-Antares nuclear axis

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  • mahtezcatpoc
    [David Crook says the Aldebaran-Antares axis at 10 Gemini-Sagittarius defines the so-called nuclear axis.--MAH] ... The nuclear axis and the founding of
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 12, 2011
      [David Crook says the Aldebaran-Antares axis at 10 Gemini-Sagittarius defines the so-called nuclear axis.--MAH]


      The nuclear axis and the founding of nations, especially under Aldebaran, as
      well; from my book:


      History-greedy Aldebaran (with its partner Antares, exactly opposite in the
      sky, both infra-red sources) turns up at the founding of nations and cities,
      as well as atomic and nuclear events: the Bull's Eye is the Sun of South
      Africa (1910) and Zimbabwe (1979), Moon of Brazil (1822), Saudi Arabia
      (1932) and democratic Poland (1989), Mercury of Israel and Monaco, Mercury
      and Uranus of Iceland, Mars of Congo, Cyprus (Ptolemy said Cyprus was ruled
      by the Bull) and Gabon, Jupiter of the former Soviet Union (both Ptolemy and
      Manilius had Asiatic segments of the USSR under the Bull) and Egypt; it is
      Sri Lanka's (1972) Saturn and MC, Uranus of the United States, the SNode of
      Morocco; Algeria's (1962) MC and England's (1066) Neptune, Jordan's (1946)
      MC. (If this area was extended to include the Hyades, this list would be
      very much longer). Mercury was here at an 1899 SolEcl the year Sibelius'
      tone poem "Finlandia" premiered at a pageant portraying the history of
      Finland: with the nation under Russia's thumb, it immediately became a
      patriotic rallying hymn. This was the Sun at the Full Moon preceding the
      Chalk River, Ontario nuclear accident in 1952 (these stars were Rising at
      the crisis), Saturn at the 1st sustained nuclear chain reaction in 1942
      (opposite Sun at Antares), Venus at the 1st atomic explosion, codenamed
      "Trinity," at Alamogordo, NM in 1945, launching the Atomic Age, Mars 20 days
      later when the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan, Saturn at
      the 1972 Salt I Antiballistic Missile Treaty signing, Venus at the US-USSR
      signing of the Threshold Test Ban Treaty limiting underground nuclear
      weapons tests and at the 1979 Salt II Treaty signing.This was the IC at the
      Middletown, PA Three Mile Island nuclear plant partial meltdown in 1979.


      Antares and its fellow royal star Aldebaran, both giant infra-red sources,
      are prominent in major nuclear events: this was the Sun and Mercury
      (opposite Saturn at Aldebaran) at the 1st self-sustaining nuclear chain
      reaction, Chicago, 1942, the Sun at the Full Moon preceding the 1952 Chalk
      River, Ontario nuclear accident, Saturn in 1957 at the 1st underground
      nuclear explosion (US), England's Windscale nuclear disaster, and the
      explosion of stored nuclear wastes in Kyshtym, in the southern Urals (and
      Saturn one cycle later at the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in Ukraine), Mars
      when USS Enterprise, the 1st nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, was
      commissioned in 1961, Neptune in 1974 at India's 1st nuclear explosion in
      Rajasthan and the suspicious "accidental" death of Karen Silkwood, who was
      about to expose the falsifying of safety records in the manufacture of
      plutonium nuclear fuel rods at Kerr-McGee Corp, the MC of the 1979 accident
      at Middletown, PA Three Mile Island nuclear plant that caused a radiation
      leak and partial meltdown; Mars and Uranus in 1984 when the ship Mont Louis
      sank and leaked its cargo of uranium near Ostend, Jupiter in 1995 when a
      Russian radar crew mistook a scientific rocket for an American Trident
      nuclear warhead missile and informed Pres Yeltsin: Russian commanders stood
      by to retaliate, until the rocket fell off the screen, Pluto in 1999 when it
      was discovered that plutonium from a test blast in Nevada had seeped into
      underground water, and at The Hague Agenda for Peace and Justice for the
      21st Century calling for parliaments to prohibit their governments from
      going to war, compulsory peace education in every school in the world, and
      for the immediate elimination of nuclear weapons, and a UN Resolution
      towards a nuclear-weapons-free world was approved, and Pluto in 2000 when
      giant Russian nuclear submarine Kursk with a crew of 118 exploded and sank
      in the Barents Sea (no survivors). (The area of nuclear events actually
      spans the full Hindu-Chinese-Arab Lunar Mansions area of Alpha, Sigma and
      Tau Scorpii, about 7 to 11 Sagittarius). Physicist and radioactivity
      discoverer Henri Becquerel, "father of modern atomic and nuclear physics"
      was born with Jupiter here, at the Scorpion's heart of fire (in China, the
      Great Dragon's heart of fire).

      There's more - they do turn up all all sorts of history-making and
      history-turning events, and on the charts of great historical and cultural
      figures - Lincoln, Churchill, JFK, Julius Caesar, Augustus Caesar,
      Presidents Madison & Monroe, Bismarck, Mao, Eisenhower and Mountbatten, for
      instance. And there's a strong assassination theme - both at the the events
      and on the charts of the victims.

      Quite a pair!

      Love, Diana
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