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Diana R. on Political Astrology list--Ophiuchus

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    [Heather Cameron observed that Ophiuchus has a lot of stars.--MAH] ... - http://en.wikipedia
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 27, 2011
      [Heather Cameron observed that Ophiuchus has a lot of stars.--MAH]

      ------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- -

      <http://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/ List_of_stars_ in_Ophiuchus>
      http://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/ List_of_stars_ in_Ophiuchus

      Trouble is, none of them are given in Celestial Longitude, i.e. degrees of
      the zodiac. Since I can't attach a file to the list, someone who knows how
      can put it in the list archives). It is set to epoch 1980. For the present,
      add 26 minutes to each position.

      You know, the IAU really messed up when they chose Argelander and Gould to
      set constellation boundaries; they were fine astronomers but had absolutely
      no knowledge of constellations, nor did they consult Aratus who was the
      earliest expert available (3rd century BCE!) Serpens was originally part of
      Ophiuchus (who was called "Serpentarius" and was pictured with the Serpent
      coiled around him, When the IAU cut Serpens into 2 halves they performed
      rather serious abdominal damage on Oph himself! Celestial cartographers
      Kepler, Hyginus and Durer followed Aratus and pictured Ophiuchus (who was
      certainly, by the way originally a shaman) with the serpent coiled around
      him, and therefore part of the full constellation. The list below is feet
      only. in the full list I tried to restore which stars belonged to Serpens,
      even wrapped around Ophiuchus as he was, by marking them in red.

      Aratus wrote: "next to [Hercules'] head take note of the head of Ophiuchus
      and then follow the outline of Ophiuchus himself - from his shining
      shoulders to his hands that tightly grip the Serpent coiled around his
      waist, as his feet stomp on the huge, extended, monstrous Scorpion and all
      the while the Serpent coils around his hands, just a bit above his right
      hand but in several coils high over his left; both knees are at the
      Celestial Equator (note: this is no longer true); starry Serpent's leading
      coil rises together with Ophiuchus' torso. The Serpent's jaw inclines toward
      the Crown (Corona Borealis), but under his writhing form you will find the
      great Scorpion's Claws. Manilius: He who is called the Serpent-Bearer holds
      apart the Serpent who girds him with huge coils of its twisted body, in an
      effort to loosen the knots formed by its arching spirals; the Serpent,
      however, looks back, twisting its supple neck, and returns, causing the
      man's hands to slip through its loops. There will ever be war, for they
      fight with equal strength.

      I happen to like old Ophie, and since his feet are on the ecliptic, he does
      have the right to be part of the zodiac; the Greeks promoted the scruffy
      shaman to Aesculapius, God of Medicine (serpents were associated with
      healing), and as he is stepping on the Scorpion-of- death, there are serious
      life-or-death issues in this area of the sky. BUT HE IS NOT A 13TH SIGN! His
      span of degrees exactly match the Scorpion's, so they are sharing the space
      of the 8th sign, which should perhaps be called Scorpio/Ophiuchus
      (Scorpiuchus? ?)


      Feet stars:

      Long Lat Dec RA M

      Omega Ophiuchi in Serpent-Bearer' s l eft foot 9SA21
      0 26 -21 25 16 31 4.45 A7 p

      Rho Ophiuchi Nebula, extended, dark cloud betw feet 11SA04
      - 1 59 -24 04 16 37 ----- DN

      PKS 1643-223 Oph Radio Source betw feet
      13SA08 - 0 07 -22 29 16 47 ----

      NGC 6235 Glob Clus, Ophiuchus betwe feet (rt thigh?) 14SA20
      0 22 -22 09 1652 10.2 Gb

      HD159358,SAO160653 Serpens nr rt thigh (nr lower belly?) 14SA59
      11 27 -11 13 17 00 5.55 B8 V

      M19 Ophiuchi NGC6273 glob clust rt foot (w of rt knee?) 16SA51
      - 3 28 -26 14 17 01 7.2 Gb

      M62 Ophiuchi NGC6266 glob clust under foot " 16SA56
      - 7 20 -30 05 17 00 6.6 Gb

      Sabik Eta Ophiuchi Serpent Bearer's rt knee (rt hip?) 17SA41
      7 12 -15 42 17 09 2.43 A2 V

      V2107 X-Ray Nova, Oph undr rt ft Black Hole? (nr knee?) 18SA00
      -2 10 -25 03 17 03 ---- BH

      36 Ophiuchi in Serpent-Bearer' s right ft (knee if kneeling) 19SA44
      -3 33 -26 35 17 14 4.31 K0 V

      Kashud Theta Ophiuchi in right foot (leg if kneeling) 21SA07
      - 1 50 -24 59 17 21 3.27 B2 IV

      The Snake (Dark S Nebula) Oph in rt ft (knee if kneeling) 21SA22
      - 0 27 -23 37 17 22 ----- DN

      B (44) Ophiuchi in Serpent-Bearer' s rt ft (leg if kneeling) 22SA03
      0 57 -24 10 17 25 4.17 A9 V

      45 Ophiuchi under Ophiuchus' right foot (or knee?) 22SA36
      - 6 38 -29 51 17 26 4.29 F5 IV

      Little Ghost Nebula NGC 6369 in Ophiuchus' rt ft (leg?) 22SA42
      -0 31 -23 45 17 28 13p Pl

      Kepler's Supernova Remnant Oph's right foot (thigh?) 22SA53
      1 47 -21 28 17 29 ----- RS, SNR

      51 Ophiuchi undr Serpent-Bearer' s rt heel (calf is kneel'g) 23SA12
      - 0 41 -23 57 17 30 4.81 A0 n

      Mu Ophiuchi between right arm & hip (tip, rt ft?) (Hipp) 24SA02
      15 13 - 8 06 17 37 4.62 B8 V

      Xi Serpentis Serpent just E of Oph's rt knee (or hip?) 24SA16
      7 56 -15 23 17 36 3.54 F0 IV

      Tso Kang 58 Ophiuchi at right foot (behind knee?) 25SA52
      1 42 -21 41 17 42 4.87 F5 V

      I hope the alighments don't get too messed up in transmission. The
      positions are for 1980; for today, add 26 minutes to each.

      Love, Diana (book almost ready)
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