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Rotten Egg Nebula

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  • Arthyr
    Thanks Mark, Much appreciated! Arthyr, ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ... //////////////////////
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 19, 2005
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      Thanks Mark,

      Much appreciated!



      At 07:23 PM 7/18/2005 -0700, Mark answered:
      >> Arthyr,
      >Aside from those connected to its location (its
      >"R.A.: 7h 42m 16.8s (J2000)
      >Dec.: -14deg 42min 52sec (J2000)"
      >put it near M-46, at the top of the Ship Argo's Poop
      >Deck where Argo would probably be flying its flag if
      >it had one)
      >I don't think there are any legends connected to the
      >Rotten Egg Nebula. I believe it's a fairly recent
      >astronomical discovery.

      >Mark A. Holmes
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