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Obama: Diana R. on Political Astrology List

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  • mahtezcatpoc
    Copied and pasted from there. Mark A. Holmes ****** I am very concerned for Obama s safety in the Fall: I happened to notice that both the Autumn Equinox (9 23
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 12, 2010
      Copied and pasted from there.

      Mark A. Holmes


      I am very concerned for Obama's safety in the Fall: I happened to notice
      that both the Autumn Equinox (9 23 10, 3:09:02 am UT, Washington) and the
      Full Moon of Oct 23 (1:36:30 am UT) show classic patterns of danger to the
      president, especially Saturn, ruler of the 8th, in the 5th, which is the 8th
      of the 10th. At the Equinox the MC is 29Aquar59; Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson
      taught that anything in the last degree of a sign indicated a person or
      situation "on the way out" (at the new Moon preceding JFK's assassination,
      Mercury, ruler of MC & Asc, was in the last degree of Scorpio, and Saturn
      was in the 5th; the Asc was 22 Virgo, the US Neptune). On both the current
      charts the Part of Peril (A + ruler 8 - Saturn) is on the Asc. The Equinox
      Saturn is also square Kronos and the Nodes, which are all on the axis of the
      helio node of Uranus; the 22 Gem Asc is square the US Neptune and Obama's
      natal Mars (which conjoins the US Neptune). Mercury rules Obama's 8th;
      Equinox Mercury is 12Virgo49 on the NNode of Hades (12Virgo50) and Obama's
      Vertex (12Virg54). The Neptune/Chiron cnj in late 9th is on Obama's natal
      SNode, and the combination of Neptune-Chiron- MC squares O's MC. Venus,
      ruler Equinox 6th and 12th, is in the 5th in Scorpio, cnj Obama's Neptune.
      On the Oct 23 Full Moon chart Saturn is exactly on the cusp of the 5th;
      Equatorial Asc-Desc are on royal-and-assassina tion stars Aldebaran and
      Antares; the MC is in the fateful degree-of-the- nodes; Hades is on the Asc.

      There are, of course, other ways to read these aspects - for instance,
      Saturn in the 5th can indicate a continuation of the current reluctance of
      the public to take risks, which is keeping the economy down (the 5th is the
      house of risk-taking) and the prominence of Neptune, Chiron and Hades can
      indicate a continuance of the current natural disasters that are plaguing
      Pakistan, China, Russia, etc (Russia has halted all shipments of grain,
      because fires have destroyed so much of their crop - since Russia has been a
      major source of grain for many countries, this may lead to crises in the
      food supply); this all brings Earth-mother Ceres and the Moon to the
      forefront; at the Equinox there's a Moon-Jupiter- Uranus cnj in the 10th
      square Ceres in the 7th, indicating the probability of large-scale
      humanitarian aid, which is good, but the cnj is at the end of Pisces - a
      fixed star area of drowning (Pakistan!) and "extreme misfortune" (at the
      Summer Solstice the Neptune-IC line went thru Pakistan). With Hades at 0
      Cancer, the entire world is due for natural disasters that may severely
      curtail food and water supplies.

      The US Weather Bureau has warned us to expect several major storms this
      hurricane season, and the charts bear this out - the 9/8 New Moon for
      instance is 15 Virgo 40, this is the longitude of Mizar, Zeta Ursae Majoris,
      an extremely high-scoring fixed star storm area, and the lunation is rising
      in the NE US, so it may be the east coast's turn this time.

      Sorry about all the dismal stuff above, but it now seems that all that
      zero-of-the- cardinals World Axis stuff we were wondering about is
      manifesting in physical, earthy ways. There's a quote in Ptolemy's
      Tetrabiblos about the world axis points: "Equinoctial signs have
      significance for sacred rites and the worship of the gods; the solsticial
      signs for changes in the air and in political customs." Hmmm.

      Love, Diana
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