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Barbara Watters' rules of travel and Pan Am Flight 103

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  • Shevtsova
    Hi, Barbara Watters rules of travel from Horary Astrology and the Judgment of Events , page 133: The first house rules the ship, aircraft, bus, spacecraft,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2010

      Barbara Watters' rules of travel from"Horary Astrology and the Judgment of
      Events", page 133:

      "The first house rules the ship, aircraft, bus, spacecraft, or train that is
      the means of travel and carries the passengers. The Moon rules the
      passengers. The Sun rules the captain, engineer, pilot, or driver of the
      vessel or vehicle, who is responsible for its safe conduct. The fourth house
      rules the point of departure, the seventh rules the area traversed, the
      ports of call, and the adventures encountered on the way. The tenth rules
      the destination or, in old fashioned language, he fate of the journey and
      passengers. With our modern orientation toward belief in free will, we are
      inclined to forget the classical meaning of the tenth -- "the house of

      Departure of the Pan Am Flight 103 was 21 December 1988, 18:25 London, UK.
      Ascendant 1 Leo (which is the airplane itself). It is the Capricorn Ingress
      and Sun ruling the crew of the airplane is conjunct Saturn 4Capricorn, and
      Saturn rules the 7th for the area traversed, adventures encountered on the
      way and the 8th of death, and located on the 6th of dependency to the
      events, and with Mercury square Mars 15Aries and MC 7Aries, which is the
      fate of the journey and passengers. Also important is the Departure
      Ascendant is 28Taurus antiscia conjunct Jupiter 27Taurus antiscia on Algol,
      and Jupiter rules 8th Equal house of death, so time of departure also
      confirms the danger of death at that time. Venus, a benefic, trine the
      Ascendant but it is not so benefic, as it is opposed by Moon ruler of 12th
      of secret enemies, and Venus square the Moon Nodes, and rules malefic
      Jupiter and Ascendant antiscia on Algol.

      The explosion from the bomb aboard the airplane, occurred at 19:02 over
      Lockerbie, Scotland. MC 14Aries is now conjunct Mars 15Aries which is
      conjunct the fixed star Alpheratz and Sirrah, which is the Head of the
      Chained Woman and Navel of the Winged Horse, in the Great Square of Pegasus,
      and it has been connected with events of entrapment, assassinatiion, ambush,
      fires, victimization, and with issues of bondage vs liberation.

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