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Diana Rosenberg's "Choosing a Flight" study Part 3 of 3 (from PA)

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    To conclude. Mark A. Holmes Barbara Watters rules of travel from Horary Astrology and the Judgment of Events , page 133: The first house rules the ship,
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      To conclude.

      Mark A. Holmes

      Barbara Watters' rules of travel from"Horary Astrology and the Judgment of
      Events", page 133:

      "The first house rules the ship, aircraft, bus, spacecraft, or train that is
      the means of travel and carries the passengers. The Moon rules the
      passengers. The Sun rules the captain, engineer, pilot, or driver of the
      vessel or vehicle, who is responsible for its safe conduct. The fourth
      house rules the point of departure, (she later mentions that Mercury rules
      the crew - probably she meant the 6th house as well) the seventh rules the
      area traversed, the ports of call, and the adventures encountered on the
      way (this can include collisions - my note). The tenth rules the destination
      or, in old fashioned language, he fate of the journey and passengers.
      With our modern orientation toward belief in free will, we are inclined to
      forget the classical meaning of the tenth -- "the house of fate."

      Barbara Watters also said to avoid quincunxes, because they can create
      8th-house aspects during the flight.

      Know your fixed stars – heavy duty malefic stars, especially crash,
      explosion, shipwreck or fire stars, are danger signs.

      Try to get the Moon in a good applying aspect, both on flight chart and the
      person's chart, if possible. One of the best flight experiences my daughter
      Wendy had was when she was flying with husband Bob and the baby and the cat
      – stressful as hell, right? Well, Bob's Moon is 29 Libra, Wen's 29 Gem. The
      Moon of the flight was 0-1 Pisces, just past a trine to both Moons, and
      there was no earlier flight; now that was OK because Wen's Nept is 3 Scorp
      and Jupiter 5 Scorp and Bob's Sun 7 Pisc, but I wanted to back up that Moon
      a smidgen, so I had them leave the house right when the Moon was 29 Aquarius
      trine both natal Moons. It worked like a charm: the baby was calm, the cat
      was calm, and they lucked on to an extra seat to put the gear on! (This on
      the principle that the start of a journey carries the "destiny" of that
      journey - I simply focused on the journey starting when they left the house)

      After I look over the choices and choose one or two flights as possibles,
      then I ask the I Ching – I've found it helps a lot. In Sept 1999 Wendy (an
      actress) was scheduled to fly to LA with the baby for a quick guest-shot;
      she gave me a choice of 5 morning flights, and I thought the first 3 were
      possibles. But the I Ching hated all but the 1st, which was very early – 7
      AM; since it was JFK, she would have had to leave the house (in Manhattan)
      around 4 AM. I insisted only the 7 AM was OK. She ended up cancelling out
      and not going (for other reasons), but what was very interesting was that
      that turned out to be the day Hurricane Floyd came through, and watching TV
      that morning, they were saying that the early flights got out, but the later
      ones were cancelled and the airports were closing down because of the high
      winds! That old smarty Chinese book knew it all along.

      Check what's hitting the natal chart(s). (Duh)

      Venus is Wendy's chart ruler (ruler of the Asc) and is a reliable indicator
      of what's happening to her – so I avoid harsh aspects to Venus both on her
      chart and transiting.

      Check antiscia (solstice points): what I do is quickly, in my head, figure
      the anticia for the Asc, IC, MC, Dsc – if any of them lands on a malefic, no
      good, because that means the malef's solstice point is on the angle. Other
      good checks are Part of Peril (A + ruler 8 – Saturn), Part of Death (A + 8 –
      Moon), Part of Danger or Affliction (A + 8th cusp – Saturn).

      Airbus A300, AA Flight 587, took off from JFK Airport, lost its rudder
      (turbulence) and crashed 2 mins 20 secs later in Belle Harbor, Nov, 2001,
      killing all 260 on board and 5 on the ground. The take-off was 9:13 AM EST,
      Nov 12, 2001 from JFK, 40N40, 73W47; this chart looked pretty innocent, and
      the only obvious warning was Hades cnj the Dsc. (This one scares me because
      it looks so innocent). No solstice points of malefics on angles, Mars, ruler
      4th, was trine Saturn (I have learned to distrust trines - they are simply
      open channels of energy - not necessarily good). I dug into this one because
      I wanted to find something, anything, that might have given a warning. OK.
      Mars on Neptune's heliocentric SNode. Saturn on Uranus' heliocentric NNode.
      Moon (culminating) square Jupiter – that's not good, because Moon rules 8th,
      Jupiter rules 1st and 3rd. But still, I don't see any great cause for alarm
      4th house is empty, Aries on cusp. OK, so Mars on Neptune's SNode rules the
      final physical outcome. That's bad, but not necessarily disaster. Solstice
      point of Saturn cnj Jupiter – not good, since Jupiter rules Asc. Then I went
      back to that Mars-Saturn trine (122 degrees) and got the midpoint. There it
      was! The Mars-Saturn midpoint was smack on the IC, and also = MC, Venus
      (ruler MC) and Asc!! By the way, this is the one where the rudder came off –
      Lilly said "To Gemini the roother or sterne of the ship" and Saturn was in
      Gemini, and = (on 90 degree dial), Uranus, Sun, and Admetos, which is
      Saturnian. Hades was in Gemini too. Hades was a crumbling effect, like decay
      So the possible/probable disaster turns up, but not without some work, on
      this one.

      Later I realized that. Jupiter was aligned with Canopus, Alpha Argo Navis, the RUDDER of Argo! Jupiter ruled the 12th (& 3rd) and as I mentioned, the Solstice point of Saturn is cnj it. (Jupiter 15Can32, Saturn SP 16Can52)!! (Lilly would have been so pleased....)
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