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Diana Rosenberg's "Choosing a Flight" study Part 1 of 3 (from PA)

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  • mahtezcatpoc
    This was posted by Gloria Lorenzo (on the Political Astrology list), but it s Diana R. s words. Mark A. Holmes *** Most important: avoid malefics in angular
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2010
      This was posted by Gloria Lorenzo (on the Political Astrology list), but it's Diana R.'s words.

      Mark A. Holmes


      Most important: avoid malefics in angular houses, especially 1st and 4th (if
      you can, avoid malefics ruling angular houses, but often this is not
      possible). Saturn is the worst. The 4th is the final physical outcome of a
      matter, so watch that 4th house. Never let Saturn be there, or in the 1st
      (even late in the house). Avoid afflictions to angles and angle rulers (not
      just malefic planets in angular houses), especially afflictions to 4th/10th
      cusps and their rulers. Always check out ruler of 8th relating to angle
      rulers. By "afflictions" I mean hard aspects, including those from benefics.
      A Jupiter affliction, for instance, can indicate carelessness, storms (and
      lightning - remember Zeus hurling his thunderbolts? ) or a religious fanatic.
      Venus is sometimes an "afflicting" planet - in the 1979 PSA crash in San
      Diego, Venus ruled the 8th on take-off, and it was tightly cnj Uranus, in
      the 1st. The pilots, stewardesses and friends were socializing in the
      cockpit (they were overheard by the San Diego tower) and they didn't see a
      small plane nearby; they collided with it.

      I have one crash chart where everything looked fine but Neptune was on the
      IC at take-off: it was a small private plane and it crashed into the ocean.
      Nobody knows why.

      Do not trust trines as protection - if there is a trine, check the midpoint
      and aspects that it makes (include semi-squares and semi-octiles) . And be
      aware that Jupiter does not necessarily protect - it was culminating, on its
      own node, when Flight 11 left Logan Airport on its way to hitting the World
      Trade Center.

      Uranian planet Zeus is important - very like Mars, and is weapons, fires and
      explosives. Chiron and Hades, of course, are to be considered malefics (both
      have the effect of breaking things up), and Ceres often turns up - possibly
      relating to the myth (Ceres mourning for her daughter). Transpluto is also a
      malefic in this context. Also unacceptable is the Part of Fortune afflicted.

      Shipwreck stars are dangerous - especially the pair at 22 Aries-Libra and
      Scheat at 29 Pisces

      I like Barbara Watters rule that the Asc is the vehicle, the 4th is ground
      under it (conditions at airport etc), 7th is any stops or encounters on the
      way, and 10th is destination. It seems to work pretty well. And, as I said
      the 4th also rules the final physical outcome of the vehicle.

      Check solstice points. On 9/11, at the scheduled take-off of Flight 11 (7:45 AM EDT, Boston), Venus ruled Asc and 8th, and Zeus was on the Asc (the plane was used as a weapon). Venus was semi-sq Zeus-Asc as well as MC/IC and Nodes; the Moon (ruler 10 - destination) was opposite the solstice point of Mars. Interesting that Mars (ruler 7th) was at Al Nasl, Gamma Sagittarii, the tip of the Sagittarius Archer's arrow - the 7th house "encounter" was the plane being used like an arrow to blast into the WTC. Since Zeus was rising, I did a Mars-Zeus midpoint - it came out at 18 Scorp 28, exactly square Venus (ruler 1st and 8th) and hitting the angular Jupiter and Nodes.
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