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Diana R. on the Political Astrology list re Mirzam

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  • Mark Andrew Holmes
    ...here s the Mirzam section from my book (I reduced the type size to keep it from losing alignments); the positions are for 2000, so the precession correction
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2010
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      ...here's the Mirzam section from my
      book (I reduced the type size to keep it from losing alignments); the
      positions are for 2000, so the precession correction to match the positions
      below is -09 minutes (the conj was closer to Nu and 16 Geminorum than to
      Mirzam - those are stars of China's lunar mansion "The Well" - see below)

      Long Lat Dec RA M

      V616 Monocerotis under Unicorn's head 6CA13
      -23 40 - 0 21 6 23 >20 BH

      X-Ray source A0620; probable massive Black Hole at celestial equator

      Kappa Columbae edge, Dove's N wing 6CA29
      -58 29 -35 08 6 17 4.37 G8 III

      Nu Geminorum Castor's right foot 6CA48
      - 3 03 20 13 6 29 4.15 B7 IV

      Lunar Mansions: China: part of Tsing "The Well" - see Tejat, 5 Cancer;
      Arabia: probably one of the

      stars of al Han'ah, a Brand, Mark or Scar: see Propus, 3 Cancer

      Murzim Beta Canis Majoris left front paw 7CA11
      -41 15 -17 57 6 22 1.98 B1 II-III

      Mirzam: The Announcer, the Roarer

      Furud Zeta Canis Majoris left hind paw 7CA23
      -53 22 -30 04 6 20 3.02 B3 V

      Geminga Gamma and X-ray source 8CA03
      - 5 25 17 47 6 34 ----- SNR?

      in the feet of Twins: pulsar (superdense rapidly spinning nearest known
      neutron star); extremely fast proper motion; may be

      the remnant of a supernova explosion near our solar system 340,000 years

      Also here: 16 Geminorum (6CA33) in Castor's right leg; variable WW Aurigae
      (6CA56) under the Charioteer's whip. Modern: Delta Pictoris (7CA20) in the
      Painter's Easel, 8 Monocerotis (6CA15) at the bridge of the Unicorns nose
      and 42 Cameleopardalis (6CA22) in the Giraffe's right foreleg, which the
      Chinese called Yang-Te, The Manifest Virtue, presiding over forgiveness and
      pardons for mistakes. Set span: 5CA46 to 8CA10 (Lahiri: 11GE55 to 14GE19).
      The Sun transits these longitudes approximately June 26th to June 29th

      Now is this golden crown like a deep well

      That owes two buckets, filling one another,

      The emptier ever dancing in the air,

      The other down, unseen and full of water:

      That bucket down and full of tears am I...

      You may my glories and my state depose,

      But not my griefs; still am I king of those.

      - Shakespeare (SNode here),
      Richard II (IC here)

      (Nu Geminorum is a star of
      China's Tsing, The Well)

      The Cancerian influence that overlays the Twins is strong, and the Chinese
      Well is deep: the lure and love of the past imparts an interest in ethnic
      and folk traditions. Not just scholars and theorists-at-a-distance, these
      are people who will physically involve themselves in their pursuits, digging
      deeply to find the roots of their own or another nation's heritage, and
      while doing so, ponder the nature of all mankind. The Twins were Argonauts,
      voyagers on the legendary Argo - there is something to do here with the sea
      and ships. They may work with their hands, crafting their own artistic
      creation or scientific artifacts and inventions, needing the presence and
      "feel" of everything they attempt. The feet of the Twins are fond of
      dancing, and there is a love of music (especially stringed instruments) and
      the theatre. Original, creative, inventive, ardently sensual, they play with
      ideas and words, trying new and quirky paths of expression. They may also be
      drawn to science, particularly chemistry and biology; whatever they choose
      to do, all of their physical being will be put into their work with a
      pulsar's focus and intensity. They have a "common touch," but their path
      requires courage and persistence, for they may have to deal with hostility,
      find themselves severely criticized, or may even become cruelly
      hypercritical themselves. There is sometimes the early loss of one or both
      parents or separation from the family; and the black hole here may pull them
      into its maw, for there are battles with bitterness and despair, along with
      possible alcoholism or other addictions, yet there is a "courage under fire"
      tradition here to brace up any who have lost their way. The "soul-mate"
      Twins and the Greater Dog (a symbol of fidelity) bring in issues of devotion
      and constancy vs disloyalty and treachery (both to individuals and a
      nation), and an aggressive, troubled, unsettled psyche vs the calm and peace
      represented by the Dove. Here the legendary courage of the close-knit Twins,
      along with the determination of the rein-holding Charioteer and faithful
      devotion of the Greater Dog help to overcome the difficulties and challenges
      of life. Addictions, paralysis, Alzheimer's disease, eye problems,
      accidents, birth defects, danger of drowning. Shipwrecks, air crashes,
      fires, explosions, battles (including sea-battles), military innovations,
      sickness, contamination, heat waves, disasters caused by deliberate cruelty
      or criminal neglect. Meteorite falls, technological innovations.

      Lunar Mansions: China: part of Tsing, "The Well" (the legs and feet of our
      Twins): digging

      new wells, cleaning, reinforcing the old, assuring clean water; washing,
      and by extension, cleansing of

      crime, moral uprightness, law and order. It was also a meeting place,
      forum, and Stopping Place for the

      Emperor; an assembly place for war chariots; also called the Celestial
      Leveler, it governed irrigation, as

      well as balance, equity (because water always seeks its own level); it
      governed the marking out of new

      towns, boundaries, allotting parcels of land. (a star of the Head of
      China's very ancient Great Red Bird).

      The Well was also a constellation having to do with clean water - the
      contamination of the Gulf comes to mind:

      When this asterism culminated it served as a reminder that it was time to
      clean the existing wells, dig new ones if necessary, and reinforce the
      openings with cross beams (the asterism looks like a cross-beamed well
      opening). Rotting leaves and mud had to be removed and every care taken that
      the water be clear and fresh (the Chinese knew that unclean wells could
      bring disease).

      Lovc, Diana
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