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Diana R. on Political Astrology list: Oil Rig Explosion - fixed stars

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    ...this is material from my book. Data from Sherri Burch, who pulled it all together and corrected errors (thank you!) Deepwater Horizon explosion Apr 20 2010,
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      ...this is material from my book.

      Data from Sherri Burch, who pulled it all together and corrected errors
      (thank you!)

      Deepwater Horizon explosion

      Apr 20 2010, 9:53 pm, CDT +5:00

      Macondo Prospect offshore LA 28°N44'12'' 088°W23'13''

      Geocentric Tropical Zodiac

      From the point of view of Fixed Stars, this is an extremely malefic chart -
      I've thrown together a few of the positions with the mundane effects that
      I've found under them

      Please excuse messed-up alignments - can't be helped when transferring
      file material to e-mails


      Long Lat Dec RA M Spec

      Graffias Beta1 Scorpii in Scorpion's head 3SA11 1 00 -19 48
      16 05 2.64 B0.5 V

      Acrab Lunar Mansions: Al-Iklil, Fang, Anuradha: see Dschubba, previous

      Yed Posterior Epsilon Oph left hand/serp 3SA21 16 26 - 4 42
      16 18 3.24 G8 III

      Lunar Mansions: Euphratean Tablet of the 30 Stars, ca 3,000 BC, a star of

      "Man of Death" associated with corpses and disease

      Sigma Serpentis Serpent over Oph's l arm 3SA25 22 36 1 01
      16 22 4.82 F0 V

      Kow Omega1 Scorpii 3SA40 0 13
      -20 40 16 07 3.96 B1 V

      Kin Omega2 Scorpii 3SA51 0 03
      -20 52 16 07 4.32 gG2

      Kow and Kin together form the Arabic Jabhat al Akrab, the forehead of the

      Jabbah Nu Scorpii leg, N side of Scorpion 4SA39 1 38 -19 28
      16 12 4.00 B2 IV

      Marfik Lambda Ophiuchi left elbow 5SA36 23 33 1 59
      16 31 3.82 A1 V

      M80 Scorpii Globular Cluster in body 6SA25 - 1 38 -22
      59 16 17 7.2 Gb

      Also here: 3 Black Holes: Circinus X-1, Scorpio X-1, Hercules X-1 (4SA08,
      5SA50, 5SA59).

      These degrees are opposite the Hyades cluster of stars in the muzzle of the
      Taurus bull, forming

      an axis. The 3rd degree of Sagittarius is the degree of the exaltation of
      the Moon's SNode.

      Mundane: Fires, huge explosions, storms, air and sea catastrophes, fog (the
      highest score!),

      fog-related disasters (Liber Hermetis calls these degrees "humid and
      misty"), smoke, dust,

      smog, air contamination, pollution, suffocation; drought, pestilence,
      plagues, contagions

      and responses to them; crime, theft, fanaticism, terrorist attacks, murder,

      executions; animal attacks, air and transportation events including
      accidents and crashes

      (especially those due to poor visibility), battles, mass disasters;
      meteorite falls; scientific

      and technological achievements and revolutions.

      The 12 Virgo 34 MC is Galaxy NGC3607, a Black Hole in Leo, and Chort, Theta

      Lion's hip: Mundane:

      Storms! (the highest score of any set of stars), extreme barometric lows,

      earthquakes, explosions, fires, smoke, pollution, fog, poison, (air

      that cause trouble breathing) - Purvaphalguni had to do with "cleansing" –

      perhaps that should be "in need of cleansing;" overwhelming historical


      (Overwhelming historical disasters – Oh, yes!)

      Saturn: Zavijava, Markeb and stars of Crater, the Cup (turned out to be a
      volcanic crater)

      Mundane: Explosions, shipwrecks, plane crashes, (failure to arrive?), fires;
      wartime cruelty

      brutality; eruptions (the highest number of any set of stars!),
      earthquakes, storms, fog, smog,

      weather catastrophes, thermal springs, wells, including oil wells; things
      that come up from

      under the ground; assassinations, executions, invasions, massacres (Ebertin
      has collapses,

      cave-ins, avalanches, falling bridges); Virgin Mary apparitions

      Jupiter, ruler Asc and IC, is at stars of the Water from Aquarius' Urn and
      the Head of the

      West Fish of Pisces: Mundane:

      Fires, explosions, earth upheavals, storms, shipwrecks, plane crashes, gas

      oil discoveries, oil wells, oil spills; epidemics; historic battles,
      massacres, murder, acts of

      extremism and fanaticism, "termination with extreme prejudice," idealistic

      peace treaties and events, fossils and hidden things brought to light,
      meteorite falls

      Uranus, at the end of Pisces, is aligned with a black hole and Scheat, Beta

      associated with "extreme misfortune" Uh huh.

      Mercury, ruler MC, is at the head of Cetus, the Sea-Monster, along with

      black hole: Explosions, eruptions, quakes, storms, shipwrecks, epidemics,
      health and

      sanitation issues; history-making and history-changing inventions and

      (Cetus was described as rushing toward the land, causing waves that
      destroyed the

      seacoast – he turns up on tsunamis, for instance, but this is another kind

      seacoast destruction!)

      Mars is at the extremely malefic combo in the Crab – Praesepe, the Beehive

      North & South Asellus (the Crab was described as "shore-dwelling")

      Fires, explosions, smoke, epidemics, toxic conditions, heat waves, intense
      high energies,

      explosions, embarkations, invasions, shipwreck, storms, riots,
      assassinations, murder;

      destruction of entire cities; UFO events, ghosts, animal and insect attacks

      (especially bees); amphibious, shoreline, harbor and riverside events.

      Venus (25 Taurus) is, of course, at the worst star in the sky, Algol.

      War (especially attacks), mass murder, terror, mob violence, torture, acts
      of intolerance,

      massacres, assassinations, mass disasters: earthquakes, volcanic eruptions,

      plagues, poisonings, storms, fog, shipwrecks, beheading, hanging,

      asphyxiation, suffocation, choking, electrocution, animal attacks, mass
      deaths of animals,

      meteorite falls, discoveries of prehistoric art and artifacts; Virgin Mary

      Dig the "mass deaths of animals"

      Re those Virgin Mary apparitions - we could use a visit from the Virgin

      now - after all, she was a Jewish mother, and might help set things right!

      Love, Diana

      Website: http://ye-stars.com <http://ye-stars.com/>
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