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Diana R. on the PA list on an oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico

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  • mahtezcatpoc
    I found this on page A13 of the Apr 22 New York Times: The explosion occurred at about 10 PM Central Time on Tuesday night, and came without warning... Tues
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 26, 2010
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      I found this on page A13 of the Apr 22 New York Times:

      "The explosion occurred at about 10 PM Central Time on Tuesday night, and
      came without warning..."

      Tues night was Apr 20th. The dot on their map marked "approximate location"
      is due south of Biloxi, Mississippi

      and southeast of Venice, Louisiana - Biloxi is 88W53, and Venice is 29 N 17
      so it would be south of that -

      so Martin's 29N05 should work very well.

      So you made some very good guesses, Martin!

      Venus (cnj Admetos) was at old reliable Algol, a major fire and disaster
      star; from my book: War (especially attacks), mass murder, terror, mob
      violence, torture, acts of intolerance, massacres, assassinations, mass
      disasters: earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, fires, plagues, poisonings,
      storms, fog, shipwrecks, beheading, hanging, mutilation, asphyxiation,
      suffocation, choking, electrocution, animal attacks, mass deaths of animals,
      meteorite falls, discoveries of prehistoric art and artifacts; Virgin Mary

      Mars was at North Asellus, Gamma Cancri, in the extremely volatile center of
      the Cancer Crab: Fires, explosions, smoke, epidemics, toxic conditions, heat
      waves, intense high energies, explosions, embarkations, invasions,
      shipwreck, storms, riots, assassinations, murder; destruction of entire
      cities; UFO events, ghosts, animal and insect attacks (especially bees);

      The Asc at 17 Sagittarius is an area of sneak attacks - some of the energies
      here are:

      V801 Arae X-ray source in Altar's flame 16SA28 -31 14 -53
      45 16 41 17.5 Bu

      X-ray burster; simultaneous X-ray and optical flares

      X-Ray Nova GRO J1655-40 Scorpii tail 17SA02 -17 17 -40 00
      16 55 ---- BH

      microquasar; radiation at wavelengths from x-rays to radio waves; a
      probable Black Hole

      M19 Ophiuchi Serpent-Bearer' s right foot 17SA08 - 3 28 -26
      16 17 03 7.2 Gb

      Globular Cluster NGC6273

      Zeta Scorpii at 1st bend in Scorpion's tail 17SA14 -19 39
      -42 22 16 55 3.62 K5 III

      Unprovoked sneak attacks (opposite Rigel, also associated with sneak
      attacks, which makes this one end of an axis), destructive fanaticism,
      stalking, hidden dangers, storms, floods, fog, shipwrecks, crashes, fires,
      invasions, collisions

      Jupiter, ruler Asc and dispositor of itself, Uranus and IC, was at Gamma &
      Kappa Piscium, for which I have:

      Fires, explosions, earth upheavals, storms, shipwrecks, plane crashes, gas
      events, oil discoveries, oil wells, oil spills; epidemics; historic battles,
      massacres, murder, acts of extremism and fanaticism, "termination with
      extreme prejudice," idealistic actions, peace treaties and events, fossils
      and hidden things brought to light, meteorite falls

      All the above makes me wonder if it was sabotage.

      Love, Diana
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