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Eyjafjallajokull Volcano and Aries Ingress

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  • Diana K Rosenberg
    ... From: Oparhi Subject: [thefixedstars] Iceland volcano eruptions To: thefixedstars@yahoogroups.com Date: Sunday, April 18, 2010, 9:54
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 19, 2010

      --- On Sun, 4/18/10, Oparhi <scoppias@...> wrote:

      From: Oparhi <scoppias@...>

      Subject: [thefixedstars] Iceland volcano eruptions

      To: thefixedstars@yahoogroups.com

      Date: Sunday, April 18, 2010, 9:54 AM

      Mark, could you send something on 20.3.2010 at about 23.30 GMT and 14.4.2010 at the time of this eruption of volcano ash that plagues Europe just now?

      1b. Re: Iceland volcano eruptions

      Posted by: "Mark Andrew Holmes" mahtezcatpoc@... mahtezcatpoc

      Date: Sun Apr 18, 2010 9:28 am ((PDT))

      Just a minute.

      These alignments will be set for the coordinates of Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Rangarthing Eystra municipality, Iceland (63N38/19W36). I'm getting a UT (GMT) time zone from SolarFire for the nearest town of any consequence, Hvolsvollur, about 20 miles to the northwest of the volcano.

      I think Eyjafjallajökull is pronounced AY-yah-Fyah-lah-YO-kool (with strong stresses on the first and fifth syllables and a weaker stress on the third, just to try and make this clear).



      Mark A. Holmes


      1d. Re: Iceland volcano eruptions

      Posted by: "mahtezcatpoc" mahtezcatpoc@... mahtezcatpoc

      Date: Sun Apr 18, 2010 11:14 am ((PDT))

      I'm assuming you want everything on my lists. These are everything but the novae and exoplanet stars and most of the deep-sky objects (there seem to be a good many alignments with galaxies on Diana R.'s black hole list).

      Many of these star names are my own coinages (I've put their official designations next to them in parentheses).

      I've marked with arrows the stars that seem to be relevant to this situation.

      First eruption:


      --->The Pleiades--

      Alcyone (Eta Tauri)

      Electra (17 Tauri)

      Maia (20 Tauri)

      Asterope (21 Tauri)

      Celaeno (16 Tauri)

      Merope (23 Tauri)

      Taygeta (19 Tauri)

      (a lot of people may not have died, but due to disruptions in medical flights, they might)

      --->Alrai (Gamma Cephei)


      (events that affect a lot of people)

      --->Furibundus (Nu Tauri; Latin = out of one's mind, raving)

      Enceinte (Beta Caeli; French = pregnant) Beid (Omicron-1 Eridani) Keid (Omicron-2 Eridani) Theemin (Upsilon-2 Eridani) Miram (Eta Persei)


      --->Scheat (Beta Pegasi)


      (airplane accidents--the potential for these, anyway)

      Brolga (Rho Gruis; Kamilaroi Australian Aboriginal = native companion) Lucida Sculptoris (Alpha Sculptoris; brightest star in Sculptor) Nili Donum (14 Trianguli; Latin = gift of the Nile)

      --->Tsien Ta Tseang (10 Trianguli; Chinese = heaven's great general)

      (people trying to figure out how to deal with the disruption in air traffic)

      Deneb Kaitos Schemali (Iota Ceti)

      Manus Justitia (10 Lacertae; Latin = hand of justice; marks the obsolete constellation by that name) Shalish (12 Trianguli; Hebrew = a kind of string instrument which has three sides and three strings) Kerb (Tau Pegasi)


      Al Nitham (Phi Ceti; Arabic = pearl necklace [somewhat loosely translated])


      Altawk (Theta Ceti)

      Coruscatus (Nu Fornacis; Latin = sparkling, glittering; an unusual color-changing star) Kruger 60 (DO Cephei; faint nearby star) Ross 248 (HH Andromedae; faint nearby star) Babcock's Star (HD 215441 Lacertae)

      --->Gladius Frederici (Iota Andromedae; Latin = sword of Frederick)

      --->Pluma Frederici (Kappa Andromedae; Latin = pen of Frederick)

      (these two stars are part of the obsolete constellation Frederici Honores, the Honors of Frederick and lie at Andromeda's chained right hand)


      UV Ceti (variable star)

      --->Nodus Secundus (Delta Draconis)




      --->Ahadi (Pi Puppis; Arabic = having much promise)

      (no one knows when this will end)

      --->Kou An (Chi Cancri; Chinese = lighthouse, beacon, warning lantern)

      --->Tsi Sin (Mu-2 Cancri; Chinese = piled-up firewood or kindling)

      (something building up for a while?)

      Anwar al-Farkadain (Eta Ursae Minoris; Arabic = the brighter of the two calves) Tegmine (Zeta Cancri; Arabic = cover)

      --->Rotten Egg Nebula (OH231.8+4.2 Puppis)

      (sulfurous gases from the volcano, like in the nebula)


      --->Achernar (Alpha Eridani)

      (crises, difficulties)

      --->Ankaa (Alpha Phoenicis)


      Jih (Kappa Pegasi)


      Asellus Secundus (Iota Bootis)


      Matar (Eta Pegasi)

      --->Sama al Azrak (Pi-2 Cygni; Arabic = the blue sky)


      --->Cor Piscis Austrini (Beta Piscis Austrini; Latin = heart of the

      --->Southern Fish; closer to the gills of the Southern Fish than the

      --->heart, really, according to Diana S.)

      (concern with air quality)

      --->Tian-He (Omicron Gruis; Chinese = heavenly cranes)


      --->Gienah (Epsilon Cygni)


      (hostile to all things in the air)


      Clipeus (Zeta Scuti; Latin = shield)

      Tang (Eta Serpentis; Chinese = Tang imperial dynasty)

      --->We (Alpha Telescopii; Chinese = danger) Ki (Delta Telescopii;

      --->Chinese = sieve)


      Tow (21 Sagittarii; Chinese = ladle, measure) Kaus Australis (Epsilon Sagittarii) Kaus Medius (Delta Sagittarii)


      --->Baten Kaitos (Zeta Ceti)

      (plans wrecked)

      Kui (Zeta Andromedae; Chinese = foot, wild boar[?])

      --->Tien Ke (Theta Andromedae; Chinese = heavenly stable)

      (fleets of airplanes)

      Saderazra (Delta Andromedae)


      --->Sinistra (Nu Ophiuchi)

      (potential for large numbers of deaths through poisoning, that is, air pollution)

      Spiculum (M-8/M-20/M-21 Sagittarii; the Trifid and Lagoon Nebulae and the open cluster M-21) Baraka (Xi Herculis; Arabic = blessed) Fellah (67 Ophiuchi; Arabic = peasant) Barnard's Star (V2500 Ophiuchi; faint but well-known nearby star) Ramo (95 Herculis; Latin = branch; marks the obsolete constellation by that name)


      Unukalhai (Alpha Serpentis)

      Beelzebub (HD 115211 Muscae; Hebrew = lord of the flies) Men (Alpha Lupi) SX Herculis (variable star)



      Menkar (Alpha Ceti)

      Almach (Gamma Andromedae)

      Cih (Gamma Cassiopeiae; Chinese = whip)

      Oscillatorium (Delta Horologii; Latin = thing that goes back and forth) Trinacria (Gamma Trianguli; Greek = three promontories) Koleon (Mu Arietis; Coptic = belly, scabbard)

      --->Tianda Jiangjun (Delta Trianguli; Chinese = the celestial general

      --->and his subordinates)

      (people trying to cope with the disruption in air traffic)

      Vespa (30 Arietis; Latin = wasp; marks the obsolete constellation by that name) Zibal (Zeta Eridani)


      Pherkad Minor (11 Ursae Minoris; Latin = little calf) Pherkad (Gamma Ursae Minoris)


      Ibycus (Iota Gruis; Ibycus was a man in Greek mythology whose murderers were exposed by cranes) Tsuru (Theta Gruis; Japanese = crane maiden)

      --->Gienah (Epsilon Cygni)


      (hostile to all things in the air)

      North Node

      Al Thalimain Prior (Lambda Aquilae; Arabic/Latin = the first of the two ostriches) Maliktous (Delta Pavonis; Kurdish = King Peacock; the name of the chief angel of the Yezidis)

      South Node

      --->Wasat (Delta Geminorum)


      (chemicals, poisons and gas)

      Cor Canis Majoris (Pi Canis Majoris; Latin = heart of the Big Dog) Menkelb Prior (Omicron-1 Canis Majoris)

      --->Kaimana (Nu Puppis; Hawaiian = power of the ocean)

      (nature showing people who's boss)


      Decrux (Delta Crucis)

      Kang (Kappa Virginis; Chinese = a man's neck) Hallinan's Star (TVLM 513-46546 Bootis; a brown dwarf and pulsar studied by Irish astronomer Greg Hallinan)

      --->Ma Ti (Lambda Centauri; Chinese = the horse's hooves)

      (a weak point in transportation matters)


      Regulus (Alpha Leonis)

      Algieba (Gamma Leonis)

      Praecipua Priscus (37 Leonis Minoris; Latin = old Praecipua [Praecipua is Latin for "principal"]) Larnax (Kappa Pyxidis; Greek = closed box, coffin) Ta Tsun (Psi Ursae Majoris; Chinese = meritorious attainment)

      Mark A. Holmes


      Hi everyone,

      Have been in and out of the hospital, have not been able to do much on the volcano; this is what I have:

      First, exact coordinates of Eyjafjallajokull Volcano according to Smithsonian Volcano Book: 63N37:48, 19W37:12.

      Aries Ingress, 3/20/10, 5:33 PM GMT:

      Culminating 3Gem46 (Mu Tauri, Bull's knee and 37 Tauri in Bull's muzzle, part of Hyades Cluster (known for precipitation) fires, storms, torrential rains, shipwrecks (this area was part of China’s Celestial Ship), air crashes, assassinations, invasions, great battles, animal attacks, cattle losses, public health issues; Culminating on 9th house side of MC: a Moon-Admetos cnj aligned with Algol (choking); Admetos is blockage.

      Rising: 13Virgo37: Chort, Theta Leonis: Storms (the highest score of any set of stars), extreme barometric lows, shipwrecks, earthquakes, explosions, fires, smoke,  pollution, fog, poison, (air contaminations that cause trouble breathing) - nakshatra Purvaphalguni had to do with “cleansing” -  perhaps that should be “in need of cleansing;" overwhelming historical disasters, assassinations. 

      Jupiter is on Dsc at 14Pisc36 at Iota2 Pegasi (flying horse): Fogs, storms, floods, shipwrecks, air crashes, explosions, major city-wide fires, unusually powerful earthquakes and eruptions; Asc-Dsc and Jupiter are square the helio nodes of Uranus; \

      Mercury (chart ruler and ruler of air conditions and air travel) is 6 Aries 06 in 8th (12th of 9th), is also on this Uranian nodal axis, and sq Pluto.  Venus 16Aries24 also in 8 rules 2 (finance), 3 (air) and rules Taurus intercepted in 9 (travel intercepted); she disposits Saturn which sits on 2nd cusp and is on World Axis. (And, by the way, Popes are ruled by Mercury, because the 6th house is the 10th of the 9th), so Merc's afflictions are hitting the pontiff as well. 

      Saturn 1 Libra 23 rx: Iota Crateris in bowl of Crater, the Cup (the "cup" turned out to be a volcanic crater - very high number of volcanos represented under it); this is also China's lunar mansion Yi, the Wing (of the Great Red Bird). Also here: M87 Virgo A: black hole in N Wing of the Virgin: supermassive “mother of all black holes," giant elliptical gxy; powerful radio, x-ray source Virgo XR-1; there are also galaxy clusters here - the Coma and Virgo Superclusters, which, I figure, are also clusters of black holes, because astronomers say that most, if not all, galaxies have black holes at their cores.  Saturn is square and disposits Ceres (crops), Pluto and the Node and opposes the Sun; it rules the 5th (vacations) and 6th (health). (Its opposition to the Sun also presages the Polish tragedy - the Sun, as natural ruler of the 5th, has to do with the death of leaders, because the 5th is the 8th of the 10th).  And I've noticed that if, at an ingress or eclipse Saturn afflicts the Sun, sunlight is often blocked. Since Saturn also squares Ceres, this does not bode well for crops, anywhere.

      Another thing - Eris (rage) is on the semi-octile axis of the Sun-Saturn-Ceres combo: I'm finding Eris prominent on volcanoes, which do seem like expressions of rage. She's at shipwreck star Baten Kaitos, a star which tends to leave people "high and dry," without resources.

      Mark mentioned the Pleiades - one of their effects is exile - people are caught in a kind of exile, and Icelanders have had to evacuate their homes. He also mentioned Mars at the Rotten Egg Nebula - that's definitely a "bad air" place - it's where Hydra's poisonous breath would be (see Hydra myth).

      Gotta crash.  Thanks for all the good stuff, Mark.

      Love, Diana R

      PS  Will send this to Political Astrology list

















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