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Star orbs/Antares

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  • Diana K. Rosenberg
    Date: Tue, 01 Mar 2005 23:21:59 -0000 From: Ariondys Subject: Star orbs ... Ariondys, I m not getting a clear picture here - your
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 2, 2005
      Date: Tue, 01 Mar 2005 23:21:59 -0000
      From: "Ariondys" <ariondys@...>
      Subject: Star orbs

      Mark wrote:

      >I use 1 00' orbs for fixed-star aspects (conjunctions only;
      >I haven't seen enough evidence about parallels to figure out
      >whether I should start using them, too).

      Ariondys wrote:

      >I would agree here. My star vocabularly is weak, and I want
      >to get to know them before I would get onto parallels. That
      >being said, a 1 degree orb for all of them is probably
      >incorrect. Powerful stars could use a wider orb. I missed
      >important stars like this, and misread a character. It has
      >cost me.

      >I have a friend who uses the stars to read charts without
      >using signs, houses, or anything that I can see. A fresh
      >aries burst of creativity of getting back to the sky and
      >away from 2d charts. I don't know how she does it, and I
      >don't seem to get along with her mentor.

      >She told me MO conjuncted Antares. But they are seperated by
      >over 2 1/4 degrees. I would've missed it almost any way "I"
      >looked at it. It missed by parans too.

      Ariondys, I'm not getting a clear picture here - your friend
      told you WHOSE Moon conjuncted Antares? Hers? Yours? Or the
      "she" or the "her" you are referring to below? And the 2 1/4
      degrees - was that applying or separating?

      That said, I would give a larger orb for a 1st magnitude
      star, near the ecliptic, particularly for the Sun and Moon.

      Antares: "the Heart of the Scorpion" General influence of
      the star: It causes malevolence, destructiveness,
      liberality, broad-mindedness, evil presages and danger of
      fatality and makes its natives rash, ravenous, headstrong
      and destructive to themselves by their own obstinacy.

      >It turns an otherwise unreliable chart maybe making
      >mistakes, into a pugnacious money swindler. The rising of
      >the last quarter of the moon brought her mom to her door,
      >where she was an easy intercept for me, because the cops
      >took her that afternoon to spend the night in jail. I have
      >the facts now.

      Here again, unclear. I have no idea, from the above
      paragraph, who and what you are talking about! "Her" mom
      came to "her" door, where you intercepted her (the mom, I
      presume), and the cops took "her" to jail - who? the mom?
      The daughter? What was your part in all this? And how was
      Antares involved?

      >In her defence she would've believed her father was coming
      >to the rescue(rSA ^ rCirce) but not this time(dSA ^ rHA),
      >and in a major release pattern too. It's pretty ugly what
      >its going to take for this crack head to learn not to lie to
      >someone like me. I will give her what's coming. More story
      >to come yet, moon's not done.

      Maybe I missed part of this story earlier??

      Here's what I have on Antares (Workbook)

      Antares Alpha Scorpii Scorpion's heart 9SA29 - 4 34 -26 23 16 28 0.96 M1 Ib
      ROYAL STAR: Watcher of the West

      (The above is the 1980 position; Antares now is 9 Sag 50).

      Courage, intelligence, high position, honors and riches,
      but, as with the other royal stars, there can be a fall from
      high position. Good sense of humor, talent for comedy. There
      is the possibility of great power, authority and wealth, but
      also a tendency to violence, suspicion, and/or
      self-destructiveness. Talent for writing (there is a love of
      language and its uses - they delight in it, play with it,
      enjoy showing off their skill with words), as well as
      involvement in the the military, politics, economics,
      sociology, sports, art, theatre, dance, astronomy, medicine
      and the occult, esp astrology. Friends, relatives may not
      understand the native; domestic life may be unhappy,
      quarrelsome; may be more than one marriage. Great strategic
      ability; may be prominence through war; but war can also
      bring loss, death, disgrace. Addiction. Issues of race,
      class, slavery, human rights; of tolerance or intolerance
      According to Watters, when Antares is directed to an angle,
      there is severe stress; I have found this to be true. Eye
      problems, blindness, heart attacks, heart surgery.

      Mundane: Founding of cities, nations; war; nuclear events
      and disasters; fires, assassinations, shipwreck; fog, smog;
      extremism, terrorism


      courageous, adventurous
      intelligence, strategic ability
      eloquent, imaginative, humorous
      musical, artistic, theatrical
      quick-witted; hard worker

      Neutral: (can be good or bad)

      ferociously ambitious


      exaggerates, makes wrongful accusations
      hypocritical (especially religious hypocrisy)
      belligerent, violent, malevolent
      selfish, pugnacious
      rash, headstrong, obstinate, destructive

      Love, Diana
    • Ariondys
      ... Thank you for taking such an interest as to type out the extent of my excessive use of pronouns. My Neptune is my 3rd house... can t seem to manage
      Message 2 of 2 , Mar 3, 2005
        Diana K. Rosenberg wrote:
        > Ariondys, I'm not getting a clear picture here - your friend
        > told you WHOSE Moon conjuncted Antares? Hers? Yours? Or the
        > "she" or the "her" you are referring to below? And the 2 1/4
        > degrees - was that applying or separating?

        Thank you for taking such an interest as to type out the extent of my
        excessive use of pronouns. My Neptune is my 3rd house... can't seem
        to manage clarity when I communicate.

        The chart containing this Moon that conjuncts Antares belongs to my
        neighbor who moved in last month. It was her the police took, not
        her mother. The neighbor has an electronic bracelet that monitors
        her to make sure she stays at home. But she doesn't appear to
        understand her boundaries. That was why the police took her for a
        night in jail. She is serving 90 days of home-jail.

        I started with a chart that had a 1/2 hour window of time given so I
        needed to rectify it. Without knowing the angles, and not seeing the
        Antares Moon, I thought she seemed pretty ok. I should have looked a
        bit harder. I thought Sun(3rd Gemini in the 11th)=MA/KR=PO seemed
        fine enough.

        Apparently, it has been my fate to act as Chiron since Chiron is
        transitting her Descendant.

        The neighbor's door is across the hall from mine. So I heard the mom
        come looking for her.

        You did miss other story bits. They are at Be-Urania. This little
        episode started running with the new moon and won't seem to go away.

        The moon is seperating from Antares. It is applying to the point
        where they would have a parans relationship if they rose together.

        MO=11 Sag 34
        Antares=9 Sag 18

        I did just look at the declinations just now too.
        Antares is at 26s22
        and the moon is at 25s07

        This has been very helpful. I was making an oversight... Her moon
        Does Actually have a paran relationship with Antares. It looks to me
        as though the leading edge of the moon, and Antares would rise at the
        same time.

        I am using 11:45 GMT +/- 15 minutes. And have settled on a 29th
        Cancer Rising, and that gives me 7th Aries MC if I like, which I do,
        because of where that put the Decendant in relation to transit
        Chiron. I am doubtless having some effect at least.

        Unfortunately, t.NE=my MC/NO just recently, and she's got me
        uncertain again. I tried to fight it, but I lost.

        She told me her mom was a lunatic. And that her dad is sending her
        money still. Her mom told me she told the dad not to. I wouldn't
        put it past my neighbor to get money from anyone. She is fueled by
        an unholy fire when it comes to getting easy money. I can tolerate
        being uncertain until her next excuse, I guess, then I can go back to
        assuming she is evil.

        ACxJUxApollo conjuction is opposite NE/MC. And JU=NE=MC=AC
        May 24 1967
        Gander, Canada
        54w37 48n57

        I keep learning new things she neglects to tell me. Things that
        would make her seem untrustworthy.

        I based my foolishness on the notion that a junkie wouldn't have
        expensive jewelry in her possession still, a basically good sun, and
        elements of story that seemed to fit the puzzle, like her dad worked
        for the defence force, and has helped(SA-Circe) her, with money.

        I can supply you with family birthdays, if this continues to interest

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