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Fixed star alignments (February 7, 2010)

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  • Mark Andrew Holmes
    As of midnight GMT. Asterisks indicate alignments that weren t there a week ago today (with a 1 00 orb). Jupiter Sadalmelek (Alpha Aquarii) *Luyten 789-6
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 11, 2010
      As of midnight GMT.

      Asterisks indicate alignments that weren't there a week ago today (with a 1 00'


      Sadalmelek (Alpha Aquarii)

      *Luyten 789-6 (Aquarii; nearby star)

      *Deneb (Alpha Cygni)

      *Egg Nebula (CRL 2688 Cygni)

      *Seagull Nebula (NGC 2032 Doradus)

      *KL Draconis (cataclysmic variable aka nova)

      *Fomalhaut (Alpha Piscis Austrini)


      Lucida Comae Berenices (Beta Comae Berenices)

      Black Eye Galaxy (M-64 Comae Berenices)

      Nodus Primus (Zeta Draconis)

      Edasich (Iota Draconis; has planets)

      Marut (N Velorum)

      Zaniah (Eta Virginis)

      NGC 4472 (Virginis; galaxy w/suspected black hole)

      Lost Galaxy (NGC 4526 Virginis)

      Siamese Twins (NGC 4567 Virginis; galaxies)


      Lacerta Cauda (1 Lacertae)

      Cosmic 6 Nebula (Abell 79 Lacertae)

      BL Lacertae (blazar)

      Markab (Alpha Pegasi)

      Sadalbari (Mu Pegasi)

      51 Pegasi (has planets)

      Pegasus 1 Cluster (galaxy cluster; the most prominent member is NGC 7619

      Corripio (Zeta Reticuli)

      *Rhombus (Kappa Reticuli)


      Baxendell's Nebula (NGC 7088 Aquarii; said to be an optical illusion)

      Kuh (Mu Capricorni)

      Sador (Gamma Cygni)

      Sze Wei (Beta Equulei)

      *Tian-He (Omicron Gruis)


      DQ Herculis (cataclysmic variable)

      Pi Mensae (has planets)

      Emerald Nebula (NGC 6572 Ophiuchi)

      Kaus Medius (Delta Sagittarii)

      Kaus Australis (Epsilon Sagittarii)

      Ira Furoris (Eta Sagittarii)

      Omega Nebula (M-17 Sagittarii)

      Little Star Cloud (M-24 Sagittarii; pseudo-star cluster)

      Sagittarius X-4 (NGC 6624 Sagittarii; globular cluster and X-ray source with a
      suspected black hole)

      HD 168443 (Serpentis; in Serpens Cauda; has planets)

      Eagle Nebula (M-16 Serpentis; in Serpens Cauda)

      Lucida Telescopii (Alpha Telescopii)


      Saderazra (Delta Andromedae)

      Termes Frederici (Psi Andromedae; marks the olive branch in Termes Frederici,
      the Honors of Frederick)

      FX Cephei

      VV Cephei (cataclysmic variables)

      Revati (Zeta Piscium)


      *Fumarius (Theta Mensae)

      *Sabik (Eta Ophiuchi)

      *Exclamation Mark Nebula (NGC 6309 Ophiuchi)

      *Prawn Nebula (IC 4628 Scorpii)


      *Radix Roburum (I Carinae; marks the roots of the obsolete constellation Robur Carolinum, Charles' Oak)

      *WX Centauri (cataclysmic variable)

      *Solitarius (58 Hydrae; marks the obsolete constellation Solitarius the Solitaire Bird)

      *Zubenalschemali (Beta Librae)

      *Zubenalhakrabi (Gamma Librae)

      *Zubenalhakrabi Australis (Nu Librae)

      *Gliese 570 (Librae; has planets)

      *Gliese 581 (Librae)

      *Chain-Link Nebula (ICC 4406 Lupi)

      *Qin (Delta Serpentis)


      *Saderazra (Delta Andromedae)

      *VV Cephei (cataclysmic variable)

      *Baten Kaitos (Zeta Ceti)


      Cat's Paw (G Hydrae; in the obsolete constellation Felis the Cat)

      *T Pyxidis (cataclysmic variable)

      *Baby Boom Galaxy (J100054_023436 Sextantis)

      *Lalande 21185 (Gliese 411 Ursae Majoris; nearby star, has planets)


      *Baxendell's Nebula (NGC 7088 Aquarii)

      Kuh (Mu Capricorni)

      Sador (Gamma Cygni)

      *Sze Wei (Beta Equulei)

      Pherasauval (Delta Equulei)

      Haruspex (Beta Horologii)

      North Node

      *Deneb Okab (Zeta Aquilae)

      Van Biesbroeck's Star (Gliese 752 B Aquilae)

      SS 433 (V1343 Aquilae)

      *Supergalactic North Pole (Aquilae; the north pole of the great supercluster of galaxies of which our galaxy is a part)

      BY Draconis (variable, prototype of the BY Draconis class)

      Ring Nebula (M-57 Lyrae)

      Cor Pavonis (Sigma Pavonis)

      South Node

      Menkelb Posterior (Omicron-2 Canis Majoris)

      Adhara (Epsilon Canis Majoris)

      *Supergalactic South Pole (Canis Majoris)

      Castor (Alpha Geminorum)

      Eskimo Nebula (NGC 2392 Geminorum)

      *Medusa Nebula (Abell 21 Geminorum)

      *Intergalactic Wanderer (NGC 2419 Lyncis; globular cluster)

      Headphones Nebula (Jones-Emberson 1 Lyncis)

      RW Ursae Minoris (cataclysmic variable)

      More later.

      Mark A. Holmes
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