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London bombings: stellar alignments

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  • Mark Andrew Holmes
    ... Thank you, Bernadette. Alignments: Sun Mekbuda (Zeta Geminorum) (this one s name comes from the Arabic for the pulled-in [paw] ) Mercury Lynx (Alpha
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 7, 2005
      --- Astro Logos <office@...> wrote:

      > The timing of the bombings this morning in London
      > (7th July, 2005)
      > according to the BBC was
      > 8.49 am - Aldgate tube station and then completing
      > at "just before 10am"
      > with the bus explosion
      > I have not yet had a look at any astrology but just
      > putting the data on the
      > email list

      Thank you, Bernadette.



      Mekbuda (Zeta Geminorum)

      (this one's name comes from the Arabic for "the
      pulled-in [paw]")


      Lynx (Alpha Lyncis, in the head of the Lynx)



      (Anne Wright's site on Lynx: "people ascribed to it
      the ability to look through walls...[suggestive of
      invasive tactics against terrorism]...It is said to
      give stealthiness and cunning...")


      Nu Fornacis (in Fornax the Furnace)

      ("Fornax is said to give an ardent, enthusiastic,
      persuasive, practical and pioneering nature with
      fondness for engineering, chemical or metal work."

      Nu Fornacis is in the top of the Furnace, at the end
      opposite the heat outlet, at which a repair technician
      might open a furnace to work on its insides.

      FYI: Alpha Fornacis marks the heat outlet and I think
      Eta Fornacis marks the flame inside the Furnace.)



      Pluma Frederici (Lambda Andromedae, marking the
      chained right hand of Princess Andromeda, or maybe you
      could say the rock it's chained to


      and also King Frederick II of Prussia's celebrated
      quill pen in the obsolete constellation Frederici

      Gladius Frederici (Iota Andromedae, marking--well, you
      know--in Andromeda, and also King Frederick's
      celebrated sword in Frederici Honores)



      Porrima (aka Caphir) (Gamma Virginis), Vindemiatrix
      (Epsilon Virginis)

      (Caphir means "infidel" in Arabic.

      "It gives a courteous, refined and lovable character
      with prophetic instincts...

      "With Jupiter: Trouble through legal affairs or with
      the Church, disputes over inheritance, domestic
      disharmony through intrigue and consequent scandal.

      Vindemiatrix is Latin for "grape-gatherer." [The
      grapes of wrath?]

      "It gives falsity, disgrace, stealing, wanton folly
      and often causes its natives to become widows."

      "Badly placed, and especially so if in conjunction
      with Saturn or Neptune, this star is said to cause a
      tendency to depressive moods, skepticism a distrustful
      nature. Tied up with Mercury, this star, if otherwise
      badly place, will lead to nervous irritability.

      Jupiter is sextile Mercury in the bombing chart. I
      don't know if Ebertin's criteria apply in this case,
      but it sounds interesting.

      "It frequently marks the death of one's partner. It
      figures strongly and regularly in deaths which are in
      some way dramatic, newsworthy or are resented in much
      more than the usual degree by those left behind
      (assassinations, common criminal murders, executions,
      airline disasters etc.). Al Muredin `The One Sent
      Forth in the Faith'. This is often the missionary.
      This is not to say that everyone with this star strong
      in their horoscope will go out and preach the gospel
      to the heathen, although many do indeed feel a strong
      religious calling. [Dr. Eric Morse]

      "With Jupiter: Trouble through law or Church, much
      criticism, many journeys. [Robson])


      Alpha Monocerotis

      (Monoceros: "It is said to give a pioneering,
      persistent, enterprising, ambitious and pushing
      nature." [Robson])


      Eta Aquarii (on the hand of the Water Carrier that
      holds his water jug)


      Sualocin (Alpha Delphini, in the head of Delphinus the

      There's this influence of tantalizing or mastery, and
      also, dolphins have been known to guide ships through
      dangerous waters)


      Rasalhague (Alpha Ophiuchi)

      ("...perverted tastes...mental depravity." [Robson])


      Cor Virginis (16 Virginis--at the heart of Virgo the


      Albireo (Beta Cygni; in the head of Cygnus the Swan);

      ("...gives beneficence in despair."[Robson])

      Beta Hydri (in the tail of Hydrus the Water Snake);

      Sham (Alpha Sagittae, in the feathers at the back of
      Sagitta the Arrow);

      Tarazed (Gamma Aquilae, in the back, or heart, of
      Aquila the Eagle)

      Eta Aquilae (in the obsolete constellation Antinous,
      marking the chest of the youth Antinous being held in
      the talons of Aquila the Eagle)


      ("...associated with...passion, love and

      ...and arrested and detained people like the ones in

      North Node

      Corona Frederici (Psi Andromedae) (lying near the
      chained right hand of Andromeda or marking the crown
      of King Frederick in Frederici Honores)

      South Node

      Seginus (Gamma Bootis) (in Bootes the Herdsman's right
      shoulder, the shoulder of the arm that holds the
      leashes of Canes Venatici the Hunting Dogs)

      ("It gives a subtle mind, shamelessness and loss
      through friends and companies." [Robson])


      Alphard (Alpha Hydrae) (at the heart of Hydra the Sea

      ("It is said to give an emotional and passionate
      nature, threatened by great troubles, and to cause
      some interest in shipping." [Robson])

      Alpha Pyxidis (at the center of Pyxis the Compass, the
      point on which the needle turns)

      (Pyxis: "It is said to give a wise, ambitious and
      steady nature, good judgement and interest in nautical
      and geographical matters." [Robson])


      Alpha Horologii (at the end of the pendulum of
      Horologium the Clock, which is specifically a sort of
      grandfather clock)

      ("It is said to give a steady, patient and industrious
      nature, a well-stored mind and a fondness for
      history." [Robson] )

      Cih (Gamma Cassiopeiae; marking the rear end of
      Cassiopeia the Queen seated on her throne)

      Almach (Gamma Andromedae)

      ("It gives honor, eminence and artistic ability.

      "Honors in military endeavors." [Noonan]

      "...the popularity of these people will bring benefits
      from others." [Ebertin]

      Andromeda: "It is said to bestow purity of thought,
      virtue, honor and dignity upon its natives, but to
      cause battle with chimerical (wildly fanciful, highly
      improbable) fears and a tendency to become easily
      discouraged." [Robson])

      Mark A. Holmes

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