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Fixed star alignments (December 27, 2009)

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  • Mark Andrew Holmes
    As of midnight GMT. Asterisks indicate alignments that weren t there a week ago today (with a 1 00 orb). Jupiter *Kuh (Mu Capricorni) Sador (Gamma Cygni) *Sze
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      As of midnight GMT.

      Asterisks indicate alignments that weren't there a week ago today (with a 1 00'


      *Kuh (Mu Capricorni)

      Sador (Gamma Cygni)

      *Sze Wei (Beta Equulei)

      Pherasauval (Delta Equulei)

      Manat (Nu Gruis)

      Zenbazuru (Tau-3 Gruis)

      Haruspex (Beta Horologii)


      *Baxendell's Nebula (NGC 7088 Aquarii; alleged to be nonexistent, an optical illusion)

      Lucida Comae Berenices (Beta Comae Berenices)

      Black Eye Galaxy (M-64 Comae Berenices)

      Nodus Primus (Zeta Draconis)

      Edasich (Iota Draconis)

      Marut (N Velorum)

      Zaniah (Eta Virginis)

      NGC 4472 (Virginis; galaxy w/suspected black hole)

      Lost Galaxy (NGC 4526 Virginis)

      Siamese Twins (NGC 4567 Virginis; galaxies)


      Fetus Nebula (NGC 7008 Cygni)

      Markab (Alpha Pegasi)

      Sadalpheretz (Lambda Pegasi)


      Sadalsuud (Beta Aquarii)

      Bunda (Xi Aquarii)

      Deneb Algedi (Delta Capricorni)

      Sador (Gamma Cygni)

      Al Faras al Awwal (Gamma Equulei)

      Pherasauval (Delta Equulei)

      Manat (Nu Gruis)

      *Tau-1 Gruis (has planets)

      Zenbazuru (Tau-3 Gruis)

      Haruspex (Beta Horologii)


      Atiyah (Omicron Herculis)

      DQ Herculis (cataclysmic variable)

      Dusares (Kappa Mensae)

      *Pi Mensae (has planets)

      Phorbaceus (72 Ophiuchi)

      Emerald Nebula (NGC 6572 Ophiuchi)

      Ira Furoris (Eta Sagittarii)

      Polis (Mu Sagittarii)


      Termes Frederici (Psi Andromedae; marks the olive branch in Termes Frederici,
      the Honors of Frederick)

      FX Cephei

      VV Cephei (cataclysmic variables)

      Revati (Zeta Piscium)


      *Lucida Circini (Alpha Circini)

      *Rutilicus (Zeta Herculis)

      *Kajam (Omega Herculis)

      *Thusia (Gamma Lupi)

      *Aedes (Iota-1 Muscae)

      *Keyhole Planetary (MRSL 252 Normae; nebula)

      *Yed Prior (Delta Ophiuchi)

      *Acrab (Beta-1 Scorpii)

      *Isidis (Delta Scorpii)

      *Vrischika (Pi Scorpii)

      *Fang (Rho Scorpii)


      *Quadrans (Phi Bootis; marks the obsolete constellation Quadrans Muralis, the Mural Quadrant)

      *Gacrux (Gamma Crucis)

      *OU Virginis (cataclysmic variable)

      *Triple Quasar Alpha (LBQS 1429-008 Virginis; the first triple quasar discovered)

      *SY Volantis (cataclysmic variable)


      *Difda (Beta Ceti)

      *Chorion (Zeta Horologii)

      *Sellio (6 Lacertae; an old name for Lacerta the Lizard is Sellio the Newt)

      *Vernalis (Omega Piscium)

      *Galactic South Pole (Sculptoris)


      Chang (Upsilon-1 Hydrae)

      Shir (Rho Leonis)

      *SW Sextantis (cataclysmic variable)

      Spindle Galaxy of Sextans (NGC 3115 Sextantis)

      Alula Boreale (Nu Ursae Majoris)

      Keenan System (NGC 5216/5218 Ursae Majoris; two galaxies connected by a

      *CU Velorum (cataclysmic variable)


      *Sadalsuud (Beta Aquarii)

      Bunda (Xi Aquarii)

      Nashira (Gamma Capricorni)

      *Deneb Algedi (Delta Capricorni)

      Blinking Planetary (NGC 6826 Cygni; nebula)

      Kitalpha (Alpha Equulei)

      *Al Faras al Awwal (Gamma Equulei)

      Gruid (Beta Gruis)

      Aztlan (Kappa Gruis)

      *Tau-1 Gruis (has planets)

      VW Hydri (cataclysmic variable)

      Polophylax (Zeta Tucanae; marks the obsolete constellation Polophylax the Pole

      TY Vulpeculae (cataclysmic variable)

      North Node

      Van Biesbroeck's Star (Gliese 752 B Aquilae)

      *BY Draconis (variable, prototype of the BY Draconis class)

      Sulaphat (Gamma Lyrae)

      Ring Nebula (M-57 Lyrae)

      Cor Pavonis (Sigma Pavonis)

      South Node

      Menkelb Posterior (Omicron-2 Canis Majoris)

      Adhara (Epsilon Canis Majoris)

      Castor (Alpha Geminorum)

      Eskimo Nebula (NGC 2392 Geminorum)

      Medusa Nebula (Abell 21 Geminorum)

      Headphones Nebula (Jones-Emberson 1 Lyncis)

      More later.

      Mark A. Holmes
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