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Re: More hearts

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  • mahtezcatpoc
    ... I don t know that any of these stars I mentioned would indicate literal heart stuff; it s possible, though, that they may indicate the heart of or like
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 5, 2005
      --- In thefixedstars@yahoogroups.com, "Diana K. Rosenberg"
      <ye-stars@i...> wrote:
      > Date: Mon, 4 Jul 2005 12:19:27 -0700 (PDT)
      > From: Mark Andrew Holmes <mahtezcatpoc@y...>
      > Subject: More stars marking hearts
      > >It looks like the star closest to the heart of Canis
      > Major the Big Dog is Pi Canis Majoris, a
      > fifth-magnitude yellow-white (type F) star at 17
      > Cancer 57. (All star positions in this post are epoch
      > 2000.)
      > >Monoceros the Unicorn (a magical creature which
      > according to legend is attracted to virgins). I think
      > the star marking Monoceros' heart is 19 Monocerotis, a
      > fifth-magnitude blue (type B) star at 16 Cancer 37.
      > >(I have both these stars aligned with my North Node at
      > 17 Cancer 14.)
      > >The heart of Lupus the Wolf is apparently marked by
      > Epsilon Lupi, a fourth-magnitude blue star at 0
      > Sagittarius 08.
      > >It looks as though Arneb (Alpha Leporis) at 21 Gemini
      > 23 is the closest star to the heart of Lepus the Hare
      > (or the Rabbit, if you prefer).
      > >I think you could say Wazn (Beta Columbae) at 26
      > Gemini 25 marks the heart of Columba the Dove. Anne
      > Wright's site says it's on the Dove's back.
      > >Tarazed (Gamma Aquilae), which I mentioned earlier and
      > which is on the back of Aquila the Eagle at 0 Aquarius
      > 56, might be said to mark the Eagle's heart.
      > >Sigma Pavonis, a fifth-magnitude orange (type K) star
      > at 21 Capricorn 40, appears to be the star marking the
      > heart of Pavo the Peacock.
      > >Delta Chamaeleontis, a pair of stars at 5 Sagittarius
      > 44, seems to mark the heart of Chamaeleon the
      > Chameleon. (That position is derived from the midpoint
      > in right ascension and declination between Delta-1,
      > an orange fifth-magnitude star at 10h45m16s/-80 28'
      > 11", and Delta-2, a blue fourth-magnitude star very
      > close by in the sky at 10h45m47s/-80 32' 25".)
      > Mark A. Holmes
      > Thanks for these! I did check them out - no particular heart
      > things so far under those degrees, but while checking
      > Tarazed, I came across another candidate: the heart of the
      > Sea-Goat would be Youe, Psi Capricorni, 7 Aquar 09 - it was
      > the Mars of Dr Christiaan Barnard (1st heart transplant).

      I don't know that any of these stars I mentioned would indicate
      literal heart stuff; it's possible, though, that they may indicate
      "the heart of" or "like" whatever creature is depicted by the
      constellation. E.g., 19 Monocerotis = "pure of heart" (heart of a
      unicorn); Epsilon Lupi = "predatory or wild heart" (heart of a wolf);
      Delta Chamaeleontis = "wherever the wind blows" (heart of a
      chameleon); Sigma Pavonis = "one's heart is in show business" or
      "dramatic heart" (heart of a peacock).

      Or Youe = "heart to attain" (like a goat climbing a mountain).
      Christiaan Barnard's autobiography *One Life* described his ambition,
      particularly regarding surgery, and the toll it took on him and his
      family. For instance, his first wife didn't feel at home in
      Minneapolis while he was studying heart surgery there and went back to
      South Africa with the kids--his two oldest--while he stayed in the US
      for a prolonged period of time, writing infrequently; she was cool to
      him when he finally got back, having just about given up on him. He
      wasn't there when his father died; too busy (I think). His daughter
      Deirdre did competitive water-skiing and he drove her to practice with
      such intensity she came close to throwing it over.

      > How do you feel about your placements aligned with the Dog's
      > and the Unicorn's heart? With the dog, I would think there
      > might be something to do with fidelity and devotion? (Canine
      > virtues).
      > Love, Diana

      Well, I seem to have very high standards when it comes to
      relationships. I also have Wasat (Delta Geminorum) aligned with the
      North Node and relationships that don't meet these standards have a
      way of self-destructing rather than progressing to an unsuitable
      marriage or producing a child. I'm not going to sermonize on the evils
      of single parenthood, especially since no relationship is better than
      a bad one, but a non-dysfunctional two-parent household really does
      seem to work the best (whether the parents are of the same gender or
      of different genders). I consider myself fortunate to have been spared
      fathering a child whose life I don't get to be fully involved in, like
      some men do.

      Mark A. Holmes
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